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Prerequisites to Good School Management PowerPoint Presentation
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Prerequisites to Good School Management

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Prerequisites to Good School Management
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Prerequisites to Good School Management

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    1. Prerequisites to Good School Management Trust Rapport Common vision

    2. Know what is going on at your school Probe; dont cross examine Probe; dont coach Inquire; dont challenge Uncover; dont trap Draw out; dont pump Guide; dont dominate

    3. Get out of your office and see what is going on Walk the halls Get into classrooms Talk to teachers and other school employees in a tactful, nonthreatening manner

    4. Create a Positive Atmosphere Dont let the desk be a barricade Begin conversations in a friendly and informal manner Be goal oriented and accomplish identified tasks, but remembering people are people first!

    5. Practice active listening Paraphrase feelings accurately Paraphrase content accuratelyrepeat the content of what is heard in own words Use door openersTell me more; Sounds interesting Use acknowledgment responsesMm-mm; Yes; Right; Certainly Use non-verbalsLook at the person; nod head; lean forward

    6. Teacher begins crying Let the teacher cry; then try to reassure Offer a tissue; remain silent for a while; use a soothing tone of voice In extreme cases, stop the conversation and reschedule for another time Try to change the subject; find something in common or something positive to discuss

    7. Teacher is angry Smile and give positive responses Ask, Is there anything you would like to discuss before with me before we.. State, Remember, we are here to work together Be confident; maintain good eye contact Put some distance between you and the teacher DONT Argue DONT allow the teacher to be abusive Ignore offensive language Remain CALM

    8. Teacher shows confusion Ask --Would you like for me to clarify something? Rephrase the statement Ask --What is the nature of your confusion? State --Ill help if I can, or if I dont know, Ill find the answer

    9. Teacher is frustrated Try to minimize stress by talking informally for a brief time Take a short break, if possible Explain that perfection is not expected Emphasize strengths Try to identify the cause of frustration Be supportive Try to make a positive statement

    10. Teacher receives suggestions, but becomes defensive Use another term for need, such as area to strength, area for refinement, or area for improvement Prepare the teacher during orientation to expect suggestions Emphasize that everyone can improve State-- This is one area I noticed that you might want to work on Ask-- Could you add something to this suggestion? Encourage the teacher to express his feelings

    11. Be an Empathetic Listener Demonstrate an open, accepting attitude through body language and furniture placement Give the staff member complete attention and concentrate on the their words and body language Limit remarkslet the staff member do most of the talking Listen and look for feelings Help the them stay on the subject

    12. Be an Empathetic Listener Dont think ahead planning an answer think about what the person is saying Dont attempt to analyze the person Dont judge or categorize the person or form a biased opinion Dont tell a someone not to feel that way that is beside the pointthe fact is the they do feel that way Dont complete sentences for them