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View Tuesday Night’s with Pharmanex like NEVER Before! PowerPoint Presentation
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View Tuesday Night’s with Pharmanex like NEVER Before!

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View Tuesday Night’s with Pharmanex like NEVER Before! - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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View Tuesday Night’s with Pharmanex like NEVER Before!.

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View Tuesday Night’s with Pharmanex like NEVER Before!

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Tuesday Night’s with Pharmanex

like NEVER Before!


This presentation will tell you step-by-step how to connect your computer to your television so you can view, complete with audio, LIVE OTG Broadcasts, I Connect Broadcasts or any archived Broadcasts alone or with your team in the comfort of your own home. This same set-up will also work to run any computer program through your television including PowerPoint presentations.


I only ask for you to keep in mind that my computer is a 2000 Dell Inspiron 5000 notebook. My operating system is Windows 98. Therefore, you may (and probably do) have a newer computer with Windows XP and may need to adjust some of the information to suit your specific needs. But the information should be good either way. So, let’s get started!

My Antiquated Hardware:


This is a 6” S-video mini DIN cable. The one I have (like the one shown) is a 7-pin. They also come in 4 pin. You will have to look at your s-video connection on your computer to find out which connector you need.


This is the rear view of my computer. #4 is my video out port. Yours should be in a similar location, that is if you have a laptop. The S-Video mini DIN cable plugs into port #4.


The other end of this s-video mini-DIN cable is for a composite video cable. Since my computer is completely across the room from my television, I had to purchase longer than average cables but let me impart a little additional knowledge to you on this subject.

You will hear about how the longer the cable, the more resolution of picture you will lose. This is false. Dell support has assured me that this isn't true, and I have proven it to myself. So, don't worry about the length of cable you need. My composite video cable is 50' and the bulk of it is still coiled and my video is fine.

The cables I am going to steer you to are BELKIN. They are my favorite cables and the top of the line. Feel free to 'ebay' as much as you need. I won't be insulted. But remember that 24K gold connectors work best and are well worth the extra money.


Product ID CDW Part:  708676

Mfg. Part:  AV21200B50

UNSPSC:  26121606

Cost: $39.99

Belkin PureAV Composite Video Cable RCA/RCA 50'

This composite video cable plugs into your S-video mini DIN cable (from the back of your computer) and then plugs into your composite video jack on your television.


Belkin RCA Audio Cable 2RCA/2RCA 20'

Product ID CDW Part:  571592

Mfg. Part:  AV20300-20

UNSPSC:  26121604

Cost: $29.99

This is your audio cable. It connects (via couplers) from your RCA adapter and jack on your computer (see next slide) then to your audio-in on your television. This will give you excellent stereo sound through your television.


RCA Stereo "Y" Adapter Plug (AH205)

RCA   AH205

This is a 3.5mm Plug Y Adapter to RCA Plugs. The 3.5mm stereo plug (black) will go into the audio-out port on your computer.

• Y-adapter

• 6 feet

Available at Circuit City

Cost: $9.99

This is the adapter you will need to run the sound from your computer through your television speakers.


The 3.5mm end of the Y adapter will fit into the stereo out on your computer. Mine happens to be the farthest right port under #2 below.


Since the "Y" adapter shown only comes in 6', you will need a pair of audio couplers in order to join it to your longer audio cable. These can also be purchased at Circuit City for$11.99

Monster Cable Phonolink® Female-to-Female RCA Barrel Connectors (AFRFH)



The RCA stereo adapter plugs into your computer. Plug the RCA plugs into the Barrel Adapters. If you purchase the same ones I have shown here, which are the ones I have, the adapter with the ‘blue’ band becomes your ‘white’ connector. (Note: the color codes on the audio cables are red and white)

Into the other end of the barrel adapters, plug in your audio cable Making sure to match the colors.

Then, plug the other ends of your audio cable into the audio-in on your television.


Now, let's discuss the broadcast itself.  You will need to download Windows Media Player 9 from Microsoft at :


Any questions on Windows Media Player 9 can be addressed by going to:


To view the broadcast in full-screen, you must first go into the settings on your computer and then to the display settings. Windows Media Player will not run full-screen on 2 monitors at the same time so you must make your television your primary display and your laptop or monitor your secondary.


Once you have done this, place your arrow on the broadcast window and right click. Scroll down to 'Zoom', click that and then click on 'Full Screen'.

To leave full-screen mode, hit 'escape' on your keyboard.



You will also need to make sure that you have updated your video drivers on your computer in order to make this whole process work. The appropriate video drivers can be downloaded for free from your computer manufacturer's web site.


Make sure your television and computer system are turned off while you are attaching the cables and adapters.

After the cables are attached to both components, power up your television first, then power on your computer.

This should allow for everything to be ‘read’ properly.


This knowledge has not come easy. I have spent countless hours on the phone and online with CDW, Dell (my computer manufacturer), made multiple trips to Circuit City where they in turn made multiple phone calls on my behalf and have finally made sense of this whole thing!

I sincerely hope that this information is of a great help to you. It has been compiled and distributed to you with love for we truly are One Team Global!

This PowerPoint and its contents designed and distributed by: Cyndi Taylor, OTG US8232593

*I am in no way financially affiliated with Dell, Belkin, RCA, Monster Cable, CDW, Circuit City or Microsoft. I only recommend them because they have been so very good to me. 03/2005


Feel free to contact me with any questions you may have in regard to setting up and maximizing your OTG Broadcast Viewing at or 317-774-1132.