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Moving from Compliance to Quality Control PowerPoint Presentation
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Moving from Compliance to Quality Control

Moving from Compliance to Quality Control

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Moving from Compliance to Quality Control

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  1. Moving from Complianceto Quality Control • Focus on nuances of teacher delivery and student response during instruction • Integration of important and effective instructional techniques across the curriculum • Teachers plan for instructional intensity, while maintaining fidelity • Effects of teacher behaviors directly correlate to student performance • Non-negotiables are truly non-negotiable, allowing the school to move beyond compliance issues Jackson Consulting, 2007 (C) 2007 by the Oregon Reading First Center Center on Teaching and Learning

  2. Setting Schoolwide “Look For’s” Select common “polishers” that were identified across classrooms. Create schoolwide targets that you will “Look For” during all of your classroom drop-ins. Examples: • Partner reading and responses will be occurring in every room. Post these partnerships and change as necessary. • Quick, smooth, and clean transitions need to be occurring. • Provide more opportunities for students to practice by reducing the amount of teacher talk.

  3. Reflecting on “Look For’s” Activity (use handout): Work together with your morning group and identify “Look For’s” based on your observations this morning. Continue to work with your group to set a plan for communication and follow up on “Look For’s” during the school year in your own building.

  4. Non-NegotiablesThe “non-negotiables” will NOT be discussed (debated) during the school year!! Examples: • We agree to create and adhere to the pacing plans for our core and intervention program. If we anticipate a change in the pacing plan, we will arrive on a solution and plan of action in conjunction with the coach. • We agree to teach the full reading block and differentiated block daily from August 23, 2006 to June 4, 2007. • We agree to administer and report the assessment results for the Theme Skills Tests for each unit and DIBELS progress monitoring tests and input the scores into the database within 3 days of test administration.

  5. Reflecting on Non-Negotiables Activity (use handout): Work together to go through each of the questions to begin to generate non-negotiables, set a plan for communication and planning for follow up on non-negotiables during the school year.