Impressionist research project
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Impressionist Research Project - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Impressionist Research Project.

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Impressionist Research Project

The study of the arts enhances brain development and learning. Using the Internet as a research tool, small groups of students were asked to learn about specific Impressionist artists. As a culmination of their learning, each group designed a PowerPoint presentation to be shared with the other members of the class. The following slides are the visual results of the their research. Oral presentations will take place in late May. In addition, each group recreated a famous work of art originally painted by the artist they had studied.

Eugene boudin l.jpg

Eugene Boudin

Madonna Attalla

Jeff Novotny

Wesley Almon

Lindsay Brouwer

Lindsey Jones

Selena Baltazar\

Sara Jansma

Impressionism l.jpg

  • A change in painting and music

  • Paris, France

  • The late 1800’s

  • Boudin,Cezanne,Degas,Manet, Monet, Pisarro,Sisley, Renoir

  • To show the reflection light has on objects

Personal history l.jpg
Personal History

  • Born- July 12, 1824

  • Honfleur, France

  • Son of sailor

  • First jobs- stationer and bookseller

  • Died August 8, 1892 in Deauville, France

Artistic life l.jpg

Claude Monet

Impressionist painter

Jean-Francios Millet

Art Framer’s Shop

Beach scenes



Luxemburg Gallery

Legion of Honour-1892

Claude Monet,Troyon, Baudelaire,and Courbet

Famous Lifetime

Artistic Life

Bibliography l.jpg

  • Impress.html


Renoir l.jpg



Christina Ross, Don Nunez, Andrew Anaya, Anicia Lopez, Amanda Parks, Jackie Palomino, Michelle Porte,& Megan Miller

Impressionism9 l.jpg

  • Style mostly done outside

  • Started in Paris,France

  • Mostly happened between 1867-1886

  • Eight main artists

  • Tired of dark colors

Pierre auguste renoir s biography l.jpg

Born France -Feb. 25,1841

Age 2- chalk drawing

Married Aline Charigot

Died- Dec.3,1919

Pierre Auguste Renoir’s Biography

Artistic life11 l.jpg

Age 13-flowers on dishes

1862-Art School Taught by Charles Gleyre

Joined Secret Impressionist Group

Portrait Painter-Women Children



Artistic Life

Slide12 l.jpg

Well-Known Artworks

On the Terrace-1881

Girls at the Piano-1892

Girl with a watering can-1876

Madame Charpentier and her children-1878

Bibliography13 l.jpg