Pre application workshop
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Idaho Safe Routes to School Program (SR2S) - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Pre-application Workshop. Idaho Safe Routes to School Program (SR2S). Training Agenda. Introductions Program Background Why we need SR2S Local Programs Idaho SR2S Guidelines and Application Federal Aid and Reporting Requirements Application Deadlines Questions. Background.

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Presentation Transcript
Pre application workshop

Pre-application Workshop

Idaho Safe Routes to School Program (SR2S)

Training agenda
Training Agenda

  • Introductions

  • Program Background

  • Why we need SR2S

  • Local Programs

  • Idaho SR2S Guidelines and


  • Federal Aid and Reporting Requirements

  • Application Deadlines

  • Questions


  • Congress funded SR2S in 2005 SAFETEA-LU

  • Make walking and bicycling to school safer and routine for K-8 Grade

  • SR2S = 5 E’s

    • Education

    • Encouragement

    • Engineering

    • Enforcement

    • Evaluation

Fewer kids walking and biking
Fewer Kids Walking and Biking

  • Kids walking to school dropped 23% -1969

  • 2001- Kids living 2 miles went from 25% to 60%

Source: CDC 2005 and National Household travel survey

Top 4 reasons national center for safe routes to school parent surveys
Top 4 reasons National Center for Safe Routes to School Parent Surveys

  • #1- Distance 62%

  • #2- Traffic danger 30%

  • #3- Adverse weather 19%

  • #4- Crime 12%

Community design
Community Design

Land use patterns have become spread out and disconnected

  • Suburban pattern

  • Traditional town site

Drawing by Duany Plater Zyberk, in ITE Journal 1989;59:17-18

School location neighborhoods
School Location - Neighborhoods

  • Eagle Idaho

Site boundary

½ mile walking radius

1 mile walking radius

Original Eagle School site

Consequences inactive lifestyle
Consequences - Inactive Lifestyle

  • Inactivity contributes to rising health complications

  • 30 hrs of TV or screen time per week average = 4hrs per day

  • Kids need 60 minutes of moderate activity per day

  • Shorter lifespan than any generation before

Youth overweight rates tripled past 40 years
Youth Overweight Rates Tripled past 40 years

(National Center for Health Statistics)

Low activity higher obesity
Low Activity = Higher Obesity

  • Childhood Obesity is reaching epidemic proportions

    = increased Type II Diabetes

Health impacts of low activity

Source: Surface Transportation Policy Partnership, Mean Streets 2000

Consequences air quality and congestion
Consequences - Air Quality and Congestion

Congestion at schools is worsening

  • up to 25% of peak hour trips are created by parents driving kids to school

    = increases of

    asthma and

    other chronic



Consequences air quality
Consequences Air Quality

  • 1996 Summer Olympic Games banned single occupant cars in downtown Atlanta

    • Morning traffic – ä 23%

    • Peak ozone – ä 28%

    • Asthma-related events for kids – ä 42%

      (Journal of the American Medical Association [JAMA], 2001)

Atlanta, GA

Sr2s national movement to reverse this trend
SR2S National movement to reverse this trend

  • Idaho receives $1 million per year

  • Fund projects ranging from $1,000-$100,00 projects since 2007

  • 10-30% Primarily Education & Encouragement programs

  • 70-90% Engineering improvements

  • Partnerships essential

Benefits of sr2s projects
Benefits of SR2S Projects

  • Reduce congestion around school

  • Transportation cost savings for schools

  • Encourages healthy habits

  • Teaches bicycle and pedestrian skills

  • Makes better drivers

Idaho funded projects
Idaho Funded Projects

  • Sandpoint

  • Coeur d’Alene

  • Priest River

  • Troy

  • Kooskia

  • Moscow

  • Nampa

  • Boise

  • Idaho Falls

  • Ririe

  • Wilder

  • Lewiston

  • American Falls

  • Ucon

  • Grace

  • New Plymouth

  • Rathdrum

  • Iona

  • Emmett

  • Rockland

  • St. Anthony

  • Rexburg

  • Aberdeen

  • Jerome

  • Potlatch

  • Mountain Rides TA

  • Middleton

  • Malad

  • Dayton

  • Hailey

  • Bellevue

  • Ketchum

  • Ada County Highway District

  • Driggs

All costs must directly support goals of the program
All costs must directly support goals of the program

  • Eligible

  • Sidewalk

  • Paint upgrades

  • Sign upgrades

  • Multi-use pathways

  • School zone flashing beacons

  • Bike racks

  • Education materials

  • Safety equipment

  • Coordinator salaries

  • Encouragement incentives

  • Ineligible

  • Paid advertising

  • Individual large prizes e.g. bikes

  • Landscaping

  • Law enforcement

  • Crossing guard salaries

  • Prizes or gifts that have not been preapproved

Non infrastructure projects bonneville school district 93
Non-Infrastructure projects– Bonneville School District #93

  • Parent lead Walking School Bus

  • Student Safety Patrol

  • International Walk to School Day District wide

  • District #93 and #91

Boise school district ymca
Boise School District & YMCA

  • Largest non-infrastructure project

  • 39 schools

  • Steering committee meets every other month

    • ACHD, School District, DEQ, Boise Police Department, PTO, School Principals

  • Treasure Valley Cycling Alliance

Idaho safe routes to school program

The bike rodeo…90 minutes

  • The layout

    • Six stations

      • Bike check

      • Helmet fitting

      • Rules of the road

      • Starting, signaling, stopping, turning (on-bike)

      • Straight line riding and scanning (on-bike)

      • Healthy treats/parents station

Treasure Valley

Cycling Alliance

Street Smart Cycling

Sr2s application planning
SR2S Application Planning

  • 3E’s

    • Education

    • Encouragement

    • Evaluation

  • 2E’s

    • Engineering optional

    • Enforcement encouraged

      Well planned projects can hit

      the ground running!

Lewiston s program
Lewiston’s Program

  • Started in 2007 - McGhee Elementary

  • 2008 – Centennial Elementary and the Boys & Girls Club

  • 2009 – McSorley Elementary

  • 2010 – SR2S Coordinator hired

  • Today 7 schools focus – encouraging students to walk and bike, parents to allow students to participate, and educate drivers on traffic laws in school zones

Idaho safe routes to school program

FY 2009 and 2010 – Burrell Avenue – Centennial Elementary and Boys & Girls Club $50,000 for sidewalk $5,000 for Non-infrastructure SR2S constructed 1/4 mile sidewalk; City constructed 1/4

Moscow s polar walk february
Moscow’s Polar Walk- February Elementary and Boys & Girls Club

“Morning Laps”- all can participate

Parents serve Hot cocoa

Helmet use for brain safety
Helmet Use for Brain Safety Elementary and Boys & Girls Club

WSU Speech and Language Professor, Amy Meredith, presents brain and bike safety education in classrooms and helmet fitting on Walk and Roll days.

Fill the racks may bike month
Fill the Racks- May Bike Month Elementary and Boys & Girls Club

Idaho safe routes to school program

University of Idaho Graphics Design Student Intern Elementary and Boys & Girls Club

Application summary sheet p 1
Application Summary Sheet - P.1 Elementary and Boys & Girls Club

  • Who is the sponsor?

  • How many schools altogether?

  • How many total students will be reached?

  • What is the average walking distance?

  • How many of students living within walking distance?

  • What are the project goals for walking and biking?

  • Title-Infrastructure must be the location of project?

  • Brief project description

Application summary p 1 continued
Application Summary P.1 Continued Elementary and Boys & Girls Club

  • Funding Amount Requested

  • Maximum infrastructure $100,000

  • Maximum non-infrastructure $50,000

  • How much of total for coordinator position?

  • List years previously funded and total awarded?

  • One original and one photo copy- no staples please!

Contact sponsor information p 2
Contact/Sponsor Information- P.2 Elementary and Boys & Girls Club

  • Who can I contact for questions about the application?

    • Federal Identification Number if you have one

      • Metropolitan Planning Organization - Letters

      • Funding commitment - Reimbursement

      • Progress reports - Required

      • 5EAP - Required

      • Will non-infrastructure be a stand alone project if only part funded?

    • Sponsor certification statement-

      • Agree to pledge funds to the project

      • Enter into State/Local Agreement

      • Comply with Title VI Equal Employment Opportunity employer requirements for Federal-Aid projects

    • NO match, NOT a grant

    • REIMBURSEMENT program

Application section 1 p 2
Application Section 1-P.2 Elementary and Boys & Girls Club

  • Why is active transportation a priority?

    • School Site Assessment Form

      • Know what the issues impeding active transportation choices

      • Create an inventory of the school site and surrounding streets

      • Look at issues that arise during school arrival and dismissal times

      • “Appendix J” of SR2S guidelines

Application section 2 p 3
Application Section 2- P.3 Elementary and Boys & Girls Club

  • Partnerships and Stakeholders

    • Decision makers and local leaders

      • School principal, city leaders, law enforcement, bicycle and pedestrian advocates, health care, and local transportation agencies

    • People who can commit local resources to making it possible for students to walk and bike to school

    • What is their role?

      • Are they actively involved in some capacity or serve on the school task force

    • Have partners help conduct school site assessments to help them understand the issues

    • Provide letters of support, at a minimum get signatures

Application section 3 p 5
Application Section 3 P.5 Elementary and Boys & Girls Club

  • Public input process

    • What kind of outreach has been conducted to involve the public and garner community support

    • How do you plan to inform the public about the future planned project

    • Are there local policies that support connectivity

    • What has already been accomplished

Application section 3 p 6
Application Section 3- P.6 Elementary and Boys & Girls Club

  • Identify existing safety measures already in place

  • Identify existing Health and Wellness policies in place at participating schools

Application section 4 p 6
Application Section 4 P.6 Elementary and Boys & Girls Club

  • School arrival and dismissal procedures

  • Existing policies

  • Planned changes

    • Pedestrians

    • Bicyclists

    • School buses

    • Private vehicles

    • Current traffic counts- Local Highway Technical Assistance Council (LHTAC)

    • Will the SR2S project help to fix current issues?

Application section 5 p 7
Application Section 5 P.7 Elementary and Boys & Girls Club

  • Identify current barriers to active transportation

  • Prioritize list of items here H-M-L

  • Provide details on at least top three High priorities

  • Use School Site Assessment form from guidelines

School site assessment
School Site Assessment Elementary and Boys & Girls Club

  • Sidewalks and Bicycle Facilities

  • Student pick-up and drop-off areas

  • Bus Loading Zones

  • Visibility (adjacent to school site)

  • Traffic Signs, Speed Control, Signals, and Pavement Markings

Application section 6 p 8 12
Application Section 6- P.8-12 Elementary and Boys & Girls Club

  • 5E’s of SR2S

    • Suggested, but not limited to, list of strategies that can be used to address the issues identified in Section 5, to help achieve the goals established in Section 1

  • Use worksheets to illustrate the following:

    • Issue , Strategy, Action Item, Responsible Party, Timeframe

  • Worksheets are expandable to allow detail and combine to create the 5E Action Plan (5EAP)

  • Example completed worksheet in the guidelines P. 14

5eap encouragement organize a special walking event
5EAP Encouragement Elementary and Boys & Girls Club: Organize a special walking event

  • Plan the first Wednesday of October every year

    • Register your school 1-3 mths

    • Send home flyers, hold assembly: 1-3 mths

    • Get public officials involved: 1-3 mths

    • Required to have two special events fall and spring 6-9 mths

    • PTA/PTO names

International walk to school day get officials involved
International Walk Elementary and Boys & Girls Clubto School Day Get officials involved!

Application sections 7 8
Application Sections 7& 8 Elementary and Boys & Girls Club

  • 7: School Data

    • How was date collected?

    • How many students on free or reduced lunch, what’s the average community income?

    • How are students getting to school?

  • 8:Task Force

  • Small steps-success that can be duplicated

Section 9 maps
Section 9 Maps Elementary and Boys & Girls Club

  • Make color maps of your choice to show the walking and biking attendance boundaries

  • Aerial photos must be provided for infrastructure proposals

  • Show any relevant information that will help the SR2SAC understand the situation

  • Use Google Maps to show the preferred walking and biking map routes or aerial photos

  • Instruction through an easy tutorial on how to create custom Google maps is available on YouTube.

Application section 10
Application Section 10 Elementary and Boys & Girls Club

  • Cost Estimate for Non-Infrastructure

  • Local coordinator funding- wage, benefits, stipends

  • Educational materials, Encouragement incentives, Special Event costs

  • Indirect cost requests must be accompanied by a letter from the organization's accountant

  • Appendix I-Coordinator’s role and work plan, supervisor name and what kind of services will they need

  • Timesheets must be submitted with the supervisor’s signature for reimbursement

Bike helmets
Bike Helmets Elementary and Boys & Girls Club

  • Donna M. Vasquez

    • Bike/Ped Grants/Contracts Officer

    • Phone(208) 334-8102

    • Fax (208) 334-4430

    • Office of Highway Safety

    • Idaho Transportation Department

  • Local business

Infrastructure sections 11 12
Infrastructure Sections 11-12 Elementary and Boys & Girls Club

  • 11:Types of engineering improvements

    • Appendix II

    • Maintenance

    • Utilities,

    • Project design

    • Jurisdictional feedback

  • 12:Cost Estimate

    • Appendix III

      • Sidewalk/Multi-use path

    • Appendix IV

      • Crosswalks

  • ITD Forms

    • 0166 Concept Report

    • 0211Environmental Checklist

Roadway prism
Roadway Prism Elementary and Boys & Girls Club


    • For the purpose of this manual, the roadway prism is defined as the portion of the graded roadway upon which the sub-base, base, surfacing, pavement, shoulders, curb, sidewalks, median or other incidental facilities that are constructed on the National Highway System (NHS). If the project is constructed off of the NHS the roadway prism excludes curb, gutter and sidewalks.

  • Local roads can use local or ISPWCstandards if not impacting roadway prism

  • ITD standards must be used on state highways

  • Work outside of the roadway prism off a state highway it excludes the curb, gutter and sidewalk

Federal aid project requirements
Federal-Aid Project Requirements Elementary and Boys & Girls Club

  • All projects must follow Title 23 rules and regulations

    • State/Local Agreements

    • Authorization to proceed prior to incurring costs, etc. 

    • Davis Bacon prevailing wage rates

    • Comply with Title VI Equal Opportunity Employer provisions and ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act)

    • Materials Phase Reports

    • Cultural & Historical Reports

    • Cat Ex

    • ADA


Infrastructure project requirements
Infrastructure Project Requirements Elementary and Boys & Girls Club

  • Work must be competitively bid regardless of cost, local agencies cannot do the work themselves (no Force Account)

    • Competitive bidding, even for projects not located within the right-of-way of a federal-aid highway

    • 30 days to advertise after authorization is given

  • Pre-project conference with ITD District contacts Page 35 guidelines

    • See SR2S Project Manual at :

Obligation v award p s e
Obligation V Award & Elementary and Boys & Girls ClubP.S.&E.

  • Awarded projects are not funded until they are actually obligated

  • To obligate a complete Plans, Specifications and Estimates Package (PS&E) must be approved by ITD

  • PS&E is due to ITD HQ by October 1

  • Once approved the sponsor has 30 days to advertise the project

  • Fiscal Year 13 projects are due October 1, 2012

  • First reviewed by ITD Districts, so they need 1-2 months to review and catch issues that would cause it to be rejected at Headquarters

Sr2s 5e action plans 5eap
SR2S 5E Action Plans (5EAP) Elementary and Boys & Girls Club

  • Each of the issues identified in Section 6 must have the following

    • Strategy

    • Description

    • Action Item

    • Responsible Party

    • Timeframe

    • Status

  • 5EAP Worksheets submitted with the application

    • Updated periodically as the project develops

    • Working document that helps demonstrate what the project accomplished

Non infrastructure reimbursement
Non-Infrastructure Reimbursement Elementary and Boys & Girls Club

  • Prior approval to purchase goods or services

  • Provide proof of payment and invoice

  • 2 Progress reports on non-infrastructure projects with the 5E’s Action Plan updated

  • 2 Newsletters per year

  • 1 Final report summary with the 5E’s Action Plan

  • If we have a “Failure to Communicate” will mean no reimbursement until repots are submitted

Nampa monthly newsletter
Nampa Monthly Elementary and Boys & Girls ClubNewsletter

Evaluations Elementary and Boys & Girls Club

  • Why do we need to evaluate?

  • NCSRTS Surveys

    • Parent surveys

    • Student surveys

    • Directions on how and when to distribute the surveys at:

    • /index.cfm

Application deadlines
Application Deadlines Elementary and Boys & Girls Club

  • Infrastructure projects

  • March 1, 2011

  • ITD District office

  • Environmental and Concept Report

  • ITD HQ by March 31,2011

  • Non-infrastructure only projects

  • Must be submitted March 31, 2011 to ITD HQ

Essential elements of a sr2s application
Essential Elements of a SR2S Application Elementary and Boys & Girls Club

  • Read the Guidelines

  • Answer Application questions completely

  • Good partnerships

  • High potential to increase walking and bicycling

  • Demonstrate realistic 5E’s Action Plan

National resources

National Center for Safe Routes to School ( Elementary and Boys & Girls ClubNCSRTS)

On Line Training

National Partnership for Safe Routes to School (NPSRTS)

National Resources

First lady s lets move initiative
First Lady’s “Lets Move” Initiative Elementary and Boys & Girls Club

  • "We’re working to get more nutritious breakfasts and lunches and snacks into school lunchrooms so that you have more fresh fruits and vegetables in school and less sugar, fat and salt. We’re trying to get kids to exercise more every day –- at recess, at gym, and by walking and biking to school and maybe doing some more stuff at home."

Regional training
Regional Training Elementary and Boys & Girls Club

  • ITD (HQ) D3 November 30, Boise and January 20.

  • ITD D4 December 2, Twin Falls

  • ITD D2 December 7, Lewiston

  • ITD D1 December 9, Coeur d'Alene

  • ITD D5 December 14, Pocatello 

  • ITD D6 December 16, Idaho Falls 

Idaho safe routes to school
Idaho Safe Routes to School Elementary and Boys & Girls Club

  • Tips for a successful application: Page 9 of the guidelines!

  • One original and one photo copy.

  • Please call or email with questions, thank you.

  • 208-334-4475

  • Question time