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Georgia s Rivers PowerPoint Presentation
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Georgia s Rivers

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Georgia s Rivers
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Georgia s Rivers

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    1. Georgias Rivers Doug Oetter and Chris Skelton Dept. of History and Geography Dept. of Biology and Environmental Science Georgia College & State University

    3. Georgias Watersheds River headwaters in higher elevations Flow Southeast and Southwest to Atlantic Ocean and Gulf of Mexico

    4. Blue Ridge Constrained channels underlain by bedrock Generally clear and cool flow from forested watersheds High energy but with low flow due to smaller catchment basin Waterfalls

    5. Ridge and Valley

    6. Piedmont

    7. Coastal Plain

    8. Georgias Main Rivers Altamaha Yamassee Indian chief Altamaha, named by DeSoto in 1540 Chattahoochee Creek for flowered stones Coosa Cherokee name for the Upper Creeks of the region Flint Thronateeska, flint-picking-up-place Ochlockonee Hitchiti for yellow water Ocmulgee Creek for bubbling water Oconee From Oconee Old Town

    9. Average Flows

    11. Outline History of Georgias Rivers Native uses Early commerce Steamboat era Flooding River decline Dam-building period River resurgence

    12. Native American Uses Drinking water Food Transportation Settlement Fall Line communities Resources of both Coastal Plain and Piedmont

    13. Early Commerce Exploration Trading Minerals Timber extraction Hydropower (grist and lumber mills)

    14. Steamboat Era Begun in late 1820s Rivers developed for commerce Grain Lumber Manufactured goods Cotton Continued until late 1930s Displaced by road transportation

    15. Flood Damage Severe flooding aggravated by sediment accumulation in river channel from massive soil erosion

    16. River Decline Sedimentation Untreated sewage Phosphates and municipal waste Nitrates Industrial pollutants Removal of riparian vegetation

    17. Dams and Reservoirs U. S. Army Corps of Engineers Reservoirs Allatoona Lake Carters Lake J. Strom Thurmond Lake George W. Andrews Lake Hartwell Lake Richard B. Russell Lake Lake Seminole Lake Sidney Lanier Walter F. George Lake West Point Lake Powerplant cooling reservoirs Other small dams

    18. Resurgence of Georgias Rivers Clean Water Act Pollution control Sewage treatment Recreation and Wildlife Values Riverfront Redevelopment