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EMR Update
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EMR Update

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  1. EMR Update By Mohammad Shalaby IFMSA-Egypt NOME 09/10 ISSH International Coordinator 07/09 SCOME-D Regional Assistant 09/10 FathiMostafa IFMSA-Egypt

  2. EMR?! • EMR 5 SCOME Report • MM09 SCOME Regional Meeting

  3. EMR?! Last couple of months

  4. EMR 5 SCOME Report NMOs Participating: • IFMSA-Egypt • IFMSA-Saudi Arabia • IFMSA-Palestine • MedSIN-Sudan • IFMSA-Libya

  5. Objectives • Obj.1 • In depth Discussion of SCOME situation in the different NMOs of the EMR and how to improve it • Obj.2 • Training SCOME members on how to improve their performance and communication, and attract more students to join SCOME • Obj.3 • Orientation about the academic standards and how IFMSA set feedback in that field with formulating a forward plan for future activities in the EMR in this field

  6. Summarized Outecomes • Ground rules& much more freedom and encouragement to share • Enhancing cooperation and sharing projects (3) • Writing Policy Statements Training • The NMOs presented their reports about SCOME activities • The problem of the medical students in Gaza was discussed with the EMR SCORP RA • Agreeing on a forward work plan

  7. We found that most of the NMOs share the same problems

  8. MM09 1st SCOME Regional Meeting 1- Associa-Med Tunisia By Imna • Student-patient dictionary: Translation of the medical terms from French to Arabic to facilitate the communication process.

  9. MM09 1st SCOME Regional Meeting • 2- The Netherlands: !  • "Breaking the Silence": A course that teaches medical students how to communicate with deaf patients. • Book Aid Project: Collecting books and sending them to Ghana and India

  10. MM09 1st SCOME Regional Meeting • 3- IFMSA-SA: By Naif • "PASS": Professional Academic Support for Students which includes two topics "World Diabetes day" and "The art of antibiotics". • International Summer for medical education.

  11. MM09 1st SCOME Regional Meeting 4- IFMSA-Palestine: By Mohanad World Diabetes Day. AIDS Day. Getting books for medical schools from Jordan since there are no medical bookstore in Palestine. CPR training sessions. Breast Cancer campaigns. Cooperation with "Josour" NGO which promotes health in Palestine to teach students in schools about health and food hygiene. New SCOME Logo by Mohammad Chahine which will be suggested as an international SCOME logo. Future Projects include "Zooming into Health Ethics" committee which is already established in Lebanon and is responsible for preparing scenarios comparing ethical and non-ethical situations. It will be suggested as a transnational project in the EMR after August meeting.

  12. MM09 1st SCOME Regional Meeting 4- IFMSA-Palestine: The SCOME projects in Gaza: • Blood donation campaign. • Breast Cancer awareness. • Tests for Thalassemia. • However, these projects have stopped since the Iast war because of restriction on banks, so no money can be transferred to the local committee.

  13. MM09 1st SCOME Regional Meeting 4- IFMSA-Palestine: In Gaza, there are two medical schools one of which was totally destroyed during the war. Gaza medical students can't go on research exchanges, professional exchanges or electives outside Gaza. Nor can they attend GAs and EMR meetings. They definitely need financial support and hopefully a political solution 

  14. MM09 1st SCOME Regional Meeting 5- Jordan: • Changes in the curriculum through a questionnaire that was approved by the Dean. • Implementing evidence-based medicine in the curriculum (still being prepared).

  15. MM09 1st SCOME Regional Meeting 6- LeMSIC-Lebanon: By Fatima Fundraising Christmas Dinner: 50% of the proceeds are donated to a cause Lebanese Sign Language Course: A 20 hours course taught by a certified professor Dr. Hussein Ismail who is himself deaf. It was adopted from "Breaking the Silence" done in the Netherlands

  16. MM09 1st SCOME Regional Meeting 6- LeMSIC-Lebanon: Orientation week: A series of lectures that include lectures on international USMLE exams, residency programs and electives in Lebanon and other interesting topics in public health or any other medical field First Aid Sessions given by the Lebanese Red Cross teams

  17. MM09 1st SCOME Regional Meeting 6- LeMSIC-Lebanon: -Student Curriculum committee: Forming a professional student body that can write proposals concerning any change to be implemented in the curriculum andpresent to the faculty body. -Zooming into Health Ethics committee. -First World Autism Awareness on April 2nd 2009

  18. MM09 1st SCOME Regional Meeting 7-IFMSA-Egypt C’estMoi 1-Students& Research The project is build on the idea of training medical students the basics of scientific research with giving them the opportunity for application of their gained knowledge in real researches in specialized institutes all under supervision of research trainers& doctors 2-Influence of Studying in Students' Health ISSH An international project with the aim of the project is to determine the level of deterioration of health among medical and non-medical students) as a result of stress-related factors and to develop programs to reduce or even prevent it

  19. MM09 1st SCOME Regional Meeting 6-IFMSA-Egypt 3-SCOME National Awareness Campaign NAC Awareness campaign on Medical Education topics that carried on a yearly basis 4-Wrong Medical Believes WMB Detecting the wrong medical believes and practices within both public and among the medical communities and trying to solve out ways to deal with it from SCOPH and SCOME points of view and working on topics

  20. MM09 1st SCOME Regional Meeting 6-IFMSA-Egypt 5-Continous Medical Education CME Build on the idea of awareness of undergraduates about the CME system applied worldwide together with working on finding the possible official channels for putting a concrete system for CME in Egypt 6-Teaching Methodologies in Lectures TeMeLe For evaluation of the teaching methods evaluation and hopefully it will continue to include the whole medical education system evaluation within Egypt

  21. MM09 1st SCOME Regional Meeting 6-IFMSA-Egypt 7-Medical Education Summer School An Initiative within the federation, build on training international together with Egyptian students on Medical Education related topics 8-SCOME Library Buying Medical Education Books& applying for organizational membership in renowned Medical Education Organizations in order to overcome the lack of information about Medical Education topics

  22. Thank You !