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Schools & Corporations unite in a partnership that helps to fund school programs - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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“America’s Schools” Program Under one recognized “Symbol”. Schools & Corporations unite in a partnership that helps to fund school programs. Objective.

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“America’s Schools” ProgramUnder one recognized “Symbol”

Schools & Corporations unite in a partnership that helps to fund school programs

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To maximize funding for school programs, by branding an image that represents corporate support of schools, without school endorsement of specific companies or products

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Sources of Revenue

  • Corporate Partnerships

  • Licensing

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Corporate Partnerships

…the signing of major corporations as national and state partners of K-12 school programs.

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Corporate Partnerships

Why not America’s schools?This can be the “Symbol” of America’s schools.

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…the granting of the right to display the Symbol (“your symbol”) on products and services.

School Symbol

Company Symbol

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Licensing Examples

U.S Ski Team

U.S Youth Soccer

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Program Features

  • Provides funding for school programs through off-campus retail sales of everyday products and services.

  • Provides all schools access to corporate funding

  • Does not interfere with any other school funding programs

  • No cost to schools

  • Creates heightened awareness among corporations as to how they help America’s schools

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Similar Business Concepts

  • Collegiate Licensing Company

  • NCAA

  • National Football League

  • Major League Baseball

  • National Basketball Association

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Can ISLC Deliver?

ISLC’s high profile board members, management, and corporate affiliations have the prerequisite skills and experience to be highly successful

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Alan Rothenberg- Chairman

  • Partner, Latham & Watkins

  • Founder, Major League Soccer

  • Chairman, FIFA Women's World Cup

  • Chairman & CEO, World Cup USA 1994 & 1999, Inc.

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Joel Rubenstein - Board Member  

Principal Partner of Oracle One, Inc.

  • Former VP Los Angeles Olympic Organizing Committee

  • Former Executive VP Major League Baseball

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Shirley Thornton - Board Member

ISLC National Director, School Programs

Associate Professor, CSU

  • Deputy Superintendent, Specialized Program Branch, California Department of Education.

  • Director, Public Education

  • State Director, Special Education

  • Colonel, U.S. Army (retired)

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Donald G. Baird - CEO & President

  • 20 years experience in sports marketing.

  • Founded concept of corporate sponsorships for HS sports.

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How does the “America’s Schools” Program work?

  • Schools unite behind the “Symbol”

  • Public recognition campaign

  • Companies pay for the right to display the “Symbol”

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Schools provide support and visibility for the “Symbol” that is consistent with school policy

Examples of support:

  • Display poster

  • Web sites

  • Encourage local support with PTA’s, boosters, etc.

  • Letterhead, PO’s, newsletters

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State Associations provide support and visibility for the “Symbol”...

…But, also

  • exercise approval authority over companies

  • national governing body has been formed for national partners and marketing

  • develop the criteria for distributing funds to schools

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Barns “Symbol”...

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Bus Advertising “Symbol”...

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Billboards “Symbol”...

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Sharing of Funds “Symbol”...

  • ISLC pays all costs(no costs to schools)

  • 50% of sponsorship revenues go to participating districts to support school programs

  • 52.5% of licensing fees go directly to participating districts to support school programs

  • Funds distributed to participating districts based on student enrollment

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Participating Districts “Symbol”...




Marketing & Promotion

Corporate Partner Fee Distribution

Participating Districts 50.0%

Secondary 5.0%

Marketing & Promotions 30.5%

ISLC 4.5%

Primary 10.0%

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Licensing Fee Distribution “Symbol”...



ISLC 5.8%

Participating Districts 52.5%

Participating Districts


Marketing & Promotion


Marketing & Promotions 39.2%

Primary 2.5%

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National Revenue Distribution “Symbol”...

  • Prorated for participating States

  • National partners not allowed to select States a-la-carte

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Estimated District Revenues “Symbol”...

Participating districts share in revenues based on student enrollment

A 10,000 student district may receive $30,000 per year from corporate partnerships*


Licensing revenues from national, state and local licensees

* Estimate based on the participation of 5 national and 5 state corporate partners

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Estimated District Revenues “Symbol”...

  • Provides additional revenue for school programs; arts, music, athletics, etc.

  • Revenues are generated through everyday off-campus retail sales

  • Revenues will grow as Program grows

  • No costs to districts

  • Only requirement - show symbol

  • No interference with any other district fundraising programs

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  • Currently being restructured “Symbol”...

  • Provides an additional source of revenue for schools

  • Provides schools with a high quality magazine

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CONCLUSION “Symbol”...

  • This is a non-intrusive, common sense approach for schools and businesses to work together.

  • Offered through your State School Boards Association

  • Governed by schools

  • We are asking for your district’s support and participation by displaying the Symbol.