Mobilizing communities to prevent violence against women hiv aids
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Mobilizing communities to prevent violence against women & HIV/AIDS - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Mobilizing communities to prevent violence against women & HIV/AIDS. Tina Musuya Center for Domestic Violence Prevention PO Box 6770 Kampala, Uganda Tel/Fax: +256 41 4531249 CEDOVIP Building a movement to prevent VAW in Uganda.

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Mobilizing communities to prevent violence against women hiv aids l.jpg

Mobilizing communities to prevent violence against women & HIV/AIDS

Tina Musuya

Center for Domestic Violence Prevention

PO Box 6770 Kampala, Uganda

Tel/Fax: +256 41 4531249

Cedovip building a movement to prevent vaw in uganda l.jpg
CEDOVIP HIV/AIDSBuilding a movement to prevent VAW in Uganda

  • Underway since 2000

  • Based on the Resource Guide & SASA! developed by Raising Voices

  • Phased-in approach

  • Supported by NGO, lead by community members

  • Multiple strategies & activities

Community context kawempe rubaga makindye divisions l.jpg
Community Context: HIV/AIDSKawempe, Rubaga & Makindye Divisions

  • Low income areas in the main divisions of Kampala District

  • Unsupportive law enforcement, legislative, judicial, social services environment

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SASA! aims to prevent VAW & HIV by addressing the root cause of both: power imbalance between men and women.

Start:foster the power within ourselves to address VAW and HIV

Awareness:encourage discourse on men’s use of power over women and the community’s silence about it

Support:help individuals and groups join power with others to give support to women, men, activists

  • Action:encourage community members to use their power to prevent VAW and HIV, resulting in new community norms

Engaging the whole community to set pace for social change l.jpg
Engaging the whole community HIV/AIDSto set pace for social change

Men part and parcel of SASA!, no separate ‘male involvement’ piece.

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Local Activism HIV/AIDSA team of 62 (half men & half women) every day activists engage men, women and youths through creative activities

  • Drama

  • Public events

  • Quick chats

  • Community conversations

  • Health chats

  • Soap opera discussion guides

  • Video shows

  • Community action groups

Communication materials l.jpg
Communication Materials HIV/AIDS

  • Using creativity & fun things like posters and comics to engage people spontaneously during their day to day activities, or to start a discussion with organized groups

Slide8 l.jpg
Media & Advocacy HIV/AIDSSpreading provocative facts & stories across the air waves, newspapers & in the offices of leaders & policy

  • Working with Journalists/Editors:

    • Build skills for more objective and ethical reporting

    • Give story ideas and facts, networking, and involvement

    • Encourage watch dog role

  • Increasing VAW coverage in media

    • Press conferences and press releases

    • Newspaper publications

    • Conduct radio and TV talk shows

Slide9 l.jpg

Training HIV/AIDSStrengthenunderstanding of VAW & HIV using interactive & provoking exercises including specialized training for health care workers

  • Modules

  • Exercises

  • Health provider interview guides

  • Games

  • Activities

Why sasa engages men l.jpg
Why HIV/AIDSSASA! engages men

  • VAW is about men’s use of power over women – men must be involved for change to happen

  • Bringing men on board, alongside women, at the onset reduces backlash

  • Men need support to unlearn many aspects of ‘traditional’ masculinities and to create new positive masculine identity

  • SASA! explores men’s influence over their peers to have men take lead in creating equitable gender norms

How sasa reaches out to men l.jpg
How HIV/AIDSSASA! reaches out to men

  • A benefits-based approach embedded in the dialogue

  • Effort to bring men on board as allies not perpetrators

  • Broader discussion of power and different types of power

  • Linking women’s experience of lack of power with men’s – and the implications of this

  • Avoids men vs. women discourse

  • Uses activities and at venues of interest and convenience to men – not the organization

Where sasa engages men l.jpg
Where HIV/AIDSSASA! engages men

  • At their work places i.e. carpentries, garages etc

  • Leisure places i.e., drinking joints & video halls

  • Any of their hang out places at the trading centres

  • Sporting events

  • Through local and opinion


  • Radio talk shows

Reflections l.jpg
Reflections HIV/AIDS

  • Unpack GBV and focus on power imbalances between women and men to avoid setting a contest between VAW and men’s experiences of violence.

  • There is widespread justification of men’s use of power over women as natural and cultural, it’s a long-term effort.

  • Get practical! Help men explore ways to balance power in their relationship e.g. at home: help men to reflect on what a good husband is and how to be a good husband, the benefits of partners making joint decisions and how to do that

  • Meaningful change requires time, we must get better at learning what milestones along the way demonstrate progress toward ultimate goal

Thank you l.jpg

Thank you! HIV/AIDS