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Breaking The Cardboard Ceiling PowerPoint Presentation
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Breaking The Cardboard Ceiling

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Breaking The Cardboard Ceiling
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Breaking The Cardboard Ceiling

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Presentation Transcript

    1. Breaking The Cardboard Ceiling From the Basement to the Boardroom H. Larry Eiring, CRM, FAI

    2. Our Roadmap Today The Good ol Days...or Where They? Challenges and an Evolution A Once in a Lifetime Opportunity What it Takes Skill, Experience, Attitude Breaking Through Youre In...Now Stay There!

    3. The Way We Were Focused skills managing physical records Service oriented reactive to customer needs Modestly educated no graduate degree necessary Tactical and operational part of the facilities and operations team

    4. And Where We Worked

    5. Then a Serious Thing Happened on the Way to the File Room The economy became GLOBAL Time became a COMMODITY The need for COLLABORATION became critical Organizational KNOWLEDGE was found to be a STRATEGIC advantage TECHNOLOGY became a real tool that enabled and empowered all users COMPLIANCE to legal statutes and regulations for records hit the news

    6. New Challenges The world became electronic and digital Email became the primary form of communication Privacy and security for information became a necessity More and more information was being created Businesses were transitioning to business-driven solutions using technology as the tool Greatest invention in the last 250 years: The Internet!

    7. A New Focus on Value Too much information Not enough time or resources Information Fatigue Syndrome Doing more with less is critical Efficient and effective go together Its all about providing VALUE to stay ahead

    8. A Key Asset

    9. Information Becomes A Valuable Asset Properly managed.... Information has a tangible value as a key asset of the organization Can support and protect the organization Creates competitive and strategic advantage Mitigates liability Improperly managed... Information can destroy an organization

    10. Our Lifetime Opportunity Is Here Too much information not enough time and resources Executives need HELP managing this asset IT can only do part of the job technology Compliance and Risk Management are new areas of concern Policy, process and technology now are equally important A realization that managing the information asset requires professional management

    11. Who Is Worthy? The key is in providing value to the organization that supports its strategic mission and is lasting in impact. Anyone in the organization can do it! Why not YOU?

    12. Can You Break Through the Cardboard Ceiling?

    13. Needed: New Skills Presentation is everything Tactful to a fault Articulate at all times Strategic in thinking Multi-multi tasking required Business savvy gets you noticed

    14. Needed: Broad Knowledge Knowledgeable in: Records Archives Information technology Compliance Risk mitigation Business management. Working understanding of: The integration of records, document management, email and other communication systems How the organization benefits from the strategic value of the information in its possession

    15. Needed: Diverse Experience Different areas of operation Finance Legal Operations Multiple industry perspective Corporate Manufacturing Consulting Broad managerial roles Supervisory Management Senior staff Diverse personal interactions Multi-cultural Multi-educational

    16. Needed: A New Attitude! Confident Belief in yourself and your abilities Positive Bringing solutions not problems Collaborative The collective effort of the team is most important Open minded No idea is a bad idea Respectful We are all human after all

    17. Needed: Thinking BIG! Create a vision Think in conceptual terms Maintain a strategic perspective Have and share big audacious goals Connect your vision and plans directly to the core mission of the organization Communicate concisely the whats, whys and whens

    18. Needed: Leadership Ability Confidence - is a must Commitment - goes without saying Courage - to take a reasonable risk Character to stand behind your vision Credibility to ensure you are heard Dedication to task and people Passion is the solar fuel!

    19. The Strategic Circle - 2000

    20. The Strategic Circle Evolves

    21. The Strategic Circle - 2007

    22. To Open The Boardroom Door Drive the information evolution Be the architect of the future Provide value from the information Prove yourself as a leader Be proactive Be a key player in risk management efforts See technology as a tool...not a solution Think strategically

    23. Staying at the Table Continually provide value to the organization Build professional alliances into the future Be an advocate for excellence Maintain your vision and passion positively!

    24. The Steps to Success!

    25. A Chronicle of Success (mostly) Industrial Engineer Supervisor, Microfilm Department Records Manager Asst. V.P. Information Resources Senior Manager, Records and Information Resources Director, Information Resources National Manager, Records and Risk Management

    26. Questions, Comments ?