1 history of cf policy development in cambodia l.
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1- History of CF Policy development in Cambodia PowerPoint Presentation
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1- History of CF Policy development in Cambodia

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1- History of CF Policy development in Cambodia - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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CF Policy Development in Cambodia. 1- History of CF Policy development in Cambodia. Context of CF Management Policy. Concepts and Method of CFM have initiated by Local Community; Government Institution and NGOs initiatives.

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1 history of cf policy development in cambodia

CF Policy Development in Cambodia

1- History of CF Policy development in Cambodia

Context of CF Management Policy

  • Concepts and Method of CFM have initiated by Local Community; Government Institution and NGOs initiatives.
  • First draft of CF Sub-Decree have drafted by DFW since 1996, it was not consulted with relevant institutions involved in CF activities.
  • Second draft of CF Sub-Decree have redrafted by DFW and Concern organization and all PFO in country since 1999. It was submitted to Council Ministers, but it have not appropriated with Land Law and Draft of Forestry Law.
Other draft of CFSD have drafted by ADB project since 2000.
  • The third draft of CFSD have agreed by MAFF to revise the draft of CFSD, that submitted to Council ministers since 1999, it was have consulted with all relevant stakeholders in differences levels. Now it is discussing internal of MAFF.
  • CF Strategic Plan was developed by DFW and involved from some NGOs that have experiences on CF in the field .
  • CF Guideline was drafted by DFW and NGOs and supported by ADB project. It was still in the draft, but it was tested in the field for feedback to improve.
2 major of force and actors in forestry sector policy
2- Major of force and actors in forestry sector policy
  • Scope of Forestry Law have included with right of community to use the forest products through their traditional used.
  • Role and task of DFW in MAFF have responsible to establish CF.
  • To determine the right of local community in organizing the CF.
  • Local community has right to use and manage the forest resources.
  • Not require the premium and royalty from local community in CF agreement and in the traditional use.
CFSD have scope to cover all of type of forest areas in country; process of establishing CF and CFA; and the organizing the CFMP.
  • Statement of the Royal Government on Forestry Policy have commitment of endeavor to accomplish the national forest goals have as follow:

. To improve conservation and protection strategies such as protected forest, watershed management genetic and wildlife resources conservation and eco- tourism with a maximum participation of the local population.

. To conduct education, training and public awareness campaigns in particular regarding the participation of the local population within conservation and sustainable forest management schemes.


. To legally recognize and protect the traditional rights of the local population to use forest resources under the framework of food security and poverty reduction considerations.

. To optimizes the benefit to the local population from the use and management of forest resources through the implementation of the concept of forestry and wildlife conservation based on the participation by the local population.

3 environment policy and economic support and inhibiting the cfm
3- Environment, Policy and Economic support and inhibiting the CFM.
  • Still limited of technical guideline to support the initiated CF in local level.
  • Initiated local people have not capacity to organize or establish CF implementation by themselves and also not self-confident.
  • Not budget support to implement CF activities by government.
  • Capacity of practitioners to implementing still limited.
1 mechanism of cfm policy development process
1- Mechanism of CFM Policy development process.

Strategy of CFM in Cambodia

  • CFSD
  • CF Participatory Inventory Methods.
  • CF Benefit sharing Methods.
  • CF Monitoring and Evaluation Method.
  • Declaration of CFA’s format.
  • Declaration of CFMP’s Guideline.
  • Declaration of CF Statue’s format.
2 who participate in this process
2- Who participate in this process
  • All practitioners of CF in country.
  • Technical experts of CF in country.
  • Local community initiatives in country.
  • Policy makers in country.
3 oppose the approval of cfm policy and their concerning
3- Oppose the approval of CFM policy and their concerning
  • CF practitioners:

.Not participation in CFM development process

. Not centralization approaches

  • Local Community:

. Not clear on user right

. Concerning on natural resources disaster

  • Decision makers:

. Local People not have capacity to manage forest resource

. People not self-confidence in their own CF

. More political parties