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Exhibitors. Meeting. 2002. May. Geneva. ITU T ELECOM A SIA 2002. ITU T ELECOM A SIA 2002. Hong Kong SAR, China 2 to 7 December 2002 Sixth regional event for the Asia-Pacific Has attracted very healthy interest from exhibitors. A SIA 2002.

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    Presentation Transcript
    1. Exhibitors Meeting 2002 May Geneva

    2. ITU TELECOM ASIA 2002

    3. ITU TELECOM ASIA 2002 Hong Kong SAR, China 2 to 7 December 2002 Sixth regional event for the Asia-Pacific Has attracted very healthy interestfrom exhibitors

    4. ASIA 2002 Hosted by the Government of thePeople’s Republic of China Organized by the International Telecommunication Union In the world’s largest market – with nearly 400 million fixed-lines and over 330 million cellular subscribers by the end of 2001

    5. ASIA 2002 – Why an Asian event in 2002? Because Asia is still the world’s hottest marketplace Because Asia is home to more than half of the world’s people Because every country in Asiawill be represented at the event

    6. Asia – Population

    7. Asia – Subscriber Growth

    8. Asia – Subscriber Growth

    9. China vs. USA – Cellular Growth

    10. ASIA 2002 Full support of the Governments of PRC and HKSAR Taking place in one of the world’s finest venues, the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre (HKCEC) Allowing you to build on thesuccess of ASIA 2000

    11. ASIA 2002 – Exhibition Around 19,000 m2 of net exhibition space sold to date Making full use of Halls 1, 2, 3 and 5 at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre Meaning the event looks set to surpass ASIA 2000

    12. ASIA 2002 – Prices Pre-registration Daily Pass – HK$ 50 Pre-registration Weekly Pass – HK$ 100 Adult Daily Pass – HK$ 100 Adult Weekly Pass – HK$ 200 Public Day (Sat 7 December) – HK$ 20

    13. ASIA 2002 – Online Exhibitor Manual The Exhibitor Manual is online now! This allows you to book many servicesthrough the website Please see the Deadline Checklist – this gives you important dates, and explains which forms are mandatory and which are optional

    14. ASIA 2002 – Online Exhibitor Manual You should already have your usernameand password to access the order forms All the order forms you need are online A summary of these is in your folders

    15. ASIA 2002 – Forum Accompanied by an unrivalled Forum Already have an excellent list of high-level potential speakers Forum programme will be definedin Geneva on 12, 13 and 14 June

    16. ASIA 2002 – TDS & Youth Forum The ASIA 2002 Forum will also feature: a Telecom Development Symposium (TDS) a Youth Forum

    17. ASIA 2002 – Telecom Development Symposium The Telecom Development Symposium will bring two people from eachof Asia’s Least Developed and Lowest Income Countries(LDCs and LICs) to Hong Kong on a fellowshipto participate in the event Why not become a TDS sponsor?

    18. ASIA 2002 – Youth Forum The Youth Forum will bring 110 of Asia’s brightest students – two from each country in Asia – to the event, on a fellowship Every university in Asia is nowaware of the event PCCW is the global sponsor for the Youth Forum Cisco, NEC, Intelsat and Vodafone are co-sponsors Why not join them?

    19. ASIA 2002 – Contacts & Service Providers Important contacts and service providers for the event are with us today They will be available in the foyer this afternoon to answer your questionsabout the services they offer

    20. ASIA 2002 – Technical Service Provider Arts & Sales Shell scheme stands – rates start at US$17/m2, a big discount on ASIA 2000 Also non-exclusive provider for other services, including furniture, electricity, water, A/V, plants, photography etc.

    21. ASIA 2002 – Freight Handling Agent Schenker Exclusive for all on-site operations (with the exception of labour) Tariffs reduced from ASIA 2000 (to US$13/m3) More information online and in your information packs

    22. ASIA 2002 – Accommodation & Travel ICC and PC Tours ICC is looking after accommodation – with favourable rates negotiated for ASIA 2002 PC Tours & Travel can help with travel and pre/post event sightseeing Booking forms are in your folder – also visit for full details

    23. ASIA 2002 – Exhibition Catalogue Telemates Printed catalogue containing full Exhibitor details to be distributed free to all participants Exhibition Catalogue website continuously updated through to December Separate Floorplan distributed free of charge

    24. ASIA 2002 – Daily Newspaper Advanstar Asia 15,000 printed copies a day, with the latest global news and stories from the show floor Distribution throughout the venue and on selected Hong Kong hotels Essential reading for visitors to ASIA 2002

    25. ASIA 2002 – ITU TELECOM TV MCI On-site event TV service Original programming, broadcast live every day – keynotes, debates, news and analysis Video News Release (VNR) service and on-site production facilities available for Exhibitors

    26. Exhibitors Meeting 2002 May Geneva