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Unit 2 IDEALISM. Idealism. Most diverse Different kinds of Idealism Many different views. Idealism: http://www.newadvent.org/cathen/07634a.htm http://www.coping.org/control/idealism.htm http://au.encarta.msn.com/encyclopedia_761575556/Idealism.html.

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  • Most diverse
  • Different kinds of Idealism
  • Many different views

Idealism: http://www.newadvent.org/cathen/07634a.htm



plato founding father of idealism
Plato - Founding Father of Idealism
  • The apparent world - The world in which we live; Flawed; Changes
  • Real World – World of ideas; Somewhere where there is absolute perfection, beauty & loveliness; Standard of perfection; Static

Plato: http://www.philosophypages.com/ph/plat.htm

doctrine of reminiscence
Doctrine of Reminiscence


  • Knowledge is innate; sometimes is vaguely remembered; latent or dormant
  • Need to help people remember this lost knowledge
  • Spend all our lives searching for Truth
  • Thoughts come from the Real World

Immanuel Kant:


religious idealists
Religious Idealists
  • Real World – Heaven
  • Supreme Being – Perfection
  • We must search out and develop the perfection of that Supreme Being
  • We have to look inside to find Perfection
  • Mission is to emulate the Absolute
dialectic critical thinking
Dialectic – Critical Thinking
  • Thesis – a main theme, or point

War is evil; Knowledge is power

  • Antithesis – (or opposite of thesis) –

War is good; Power corrupts; Absolute power corrupts absolutely

  • Synthesis – Resolve the two

War is evil and war is good

Knowledge corrupts

metaphysics of idealist
Metaphysics of Idealist
  • Nothing is real here—only in Real World
  • Apparent world is a reflection
  • Search for Ultimate Truths; want to know what is perfect
  • Ideas


  • Ways of knowing
  • Major concern is how you and I can communicate with the Real World

“Self” Communicates with “Absolute self”

epistemology coherence theory
Epistemology: Coherence Theory
  • Is it harmonious with what you already believe?
  • If you believe it coheres with your concept of truth and the universe, then coherent and acceptable
  • If yes, then it coheres
  • If no, they you should reject the statement
epistemology introspection
  • Look inside yourself
  • The more you find out what is inside yourself the more you find out about the Real World
  • Prayer – communicate with Supreme Being
  • Intuition – a flashback to the Real World
  • Revelation – something which is revealed to us
  • Reasoning – advocates of the dialectic, reason things out
axiology morals
Axiology - morals
  • Categorical Imperatives – Kant’s universal moral laws - “G”
  • If you don’t follow the rules, you get guilt
  • How do you know the moral laws?

Reason out, and make harmonious with the “Real World”

  • The values are already there

See Civic Idealism: http://www.iscv.org/

axiology aesthetics
Axiology - aesthetics

See Larger

  • What is beautiful? The ideal!
  • What is good art & literature?

Those things which have stood the test of time

Artist make love, death, beauty go overboard perhaps better than it is.

  • What is good taste?

Classic literature, clothes, music, etc.

Perspectives on Idealistic Art: http://www.painterskeys.com/getquotes.asp?fname=fl&ID=138

  • Idealism is interested in those things that have stood the test of time
  • “What exists or has being is not matter; it is Spirit, Idea, or God”
  • The existence of anything being dependent upon a perceiving mind.
  • Heavy dose of literature and history
  • Science is at the secondary level

Other thoughts on Idealism: http://www.annabelle.net/topics/idealism.php

american idealism
American Idealism
  • Norman Rockwell

Freedom of Speech

Illustration for

The Saturday Evening Post, February 20, 1943