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SharePoint 2010 in a Multi-tenant and Hosted environment PowerPoint Presentation
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SharePoint 2010 in a Multi-tenant and Hosted environment

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SharePoint 2010 in a Multi-tenant and Hosted environment - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Welcome to SharePoint Saturday – Washington DC. SharePoint 2010 in a Multi-tenant and Hosted environment. John Burkholder. @N8ivWarrior. Welcome to SharePoint Saturday – Washington DC. Thank you for being a part of the largest SharePoint Saturday ever!.

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welcome to sharepoint saturday washington dc
Welcome to SharePoint Saturday – Washington DC

Thank you for being a part of the largest SharePoint Saturday ever!

  • Please turn off all electronic devices or set them to vibrate.
  • If you must take a phone call, please do so in the hall so as not to disturb others.
  • Open wireless access will time out after 40 minutes
  • Feel free to “tweet and blog” during the session
  • Thanks to our Platinum Sponsors:
  • Multi-tenant vs. Hosting
  • SharePoint 2007 vs. SharePoint 2010
  • Multi-tenant SharePoint 2010
  • Installation
  • Upgrades
  • Hosting
  • Tools and Options for Hoster’s
  • Looking forward
multi tenant vs hosting
Multi-Tenant vs Hosting
  • Multi-tenant:
    • Isolation of data, functionality, administration, customizations, and operations.
    • Multiple customers within the same shared set of resources.
    • Corporate, on-premise deployments.
  • Hosting:
    • Same as multi-tenant, plus an integration into other multi-tenant services to include:
      • Exchange, OCS, Project, CRM, UMS, firewalls, control panels, billing systems, and DNS to name a few.
sharepoint 2007 vs 2010
SharePoint 2007 vs 2010
  • Multi-tenant MOSS 2007 was basically non-existent.
  • Multi-tenant WSS 3.0 was available but templates, and web parts were cross-platform.
  • URL Namespaces in multi-tenant was limited.
  • Inbound & Outbound email addresses were limited.
  • No data isolation.
multi tenant sp 2010
Multi-tenant SP 2010
  • SharePoint Framework and SharePoint Server 2010…mostly.
  • Better control of hardware and data storage.
  • Individual Web Applications.
  • Host Headers/URL Namespaces!
  • SSL Load balancer termination.
  • Service Application Partitioning.
  • Feature Sets.
differences msf mss
Differences MSF & MSS

In a Multi-tenant environment -

* Not partitioned

** Partitioned at Web Application

~ Partitioned at Site Collection

differences msf mss9
Differences MSF & MSS

In a Multi-tenant environment -

* Not partitioned

** Partitioned at Web Application

~ Partitioned at Site Collection

hardware data
Hardware & Data
  • Standard Multi-tenant advantages:

+ Tenant Administration

+ Chargeback Capabilities

+ Auditing and Reporting

+ Better Security Controls

+ Move SSL and Load Balancing off the Server

host header collections
Host Header Collections
  • Multiple root-level Site Collections within a Web Application.
    • Allows for “vanity” domain names.
    • Allows for “mix” &‟ match” URL namespaces.
  • Host Header Site Collections now support Managed Paths
ssl load balancer
SSL / Load Balancer
    • SSL Termination Browser Load Balancer (SSL)Load Balancer SharePoint (HTTP).
  • Incoming Email is still a masquerade.
service application partitioning
Service Application Partitioning
  • Service Application can be configured to partition data.
    • Use the same instance to server multiple tenants.
  • Both the Service Application and Service Application Proxy must be configured.
  • Configured via PowerShell.
    • Partition Mode.
service application partitioning14
Service Application Partitioning
  • CANNOT be changed after deployment.
    • Do NOT use the Farm Configuration Wizard.
    • Can’t go from un-partitioned to partitioned.
  • Tenant specific Service Applications and Proxy no longer appear in Central Admin.
service application partitioning15
Service Application Partitioning
  • Store tenant data
    • User Profiles
    • Managed Metadata
    • Business Data Connectivity
    • Search
    • Secure Store
    • Web Analytics
    • Usage and Health
    • Project
    • Subscription Settings
  • Do not store tenant data
    • Access
    • Visio Graphics
    • Word Conversions
    • Word Viewing
    • PowerPoint
  • Cannot be partitioned
    • Excel Calculation
    • FAST for SharePoint
feature sets
Feature Sets
  • Groups of Site & Web Application scoped features.
  • Enabled by Farm administrators only.
  • Configured in PowerShell.
  • Site Templates does not mean installed features.
  • Prerequisites:
    • At least 8GB memory (much more for fully utilized server).
    • Windows 2008 R2.
    • SQL Server 2008 R2.
  • Install SharePoint from the disk and…
  • Run the PowerShell Script!

Get-SPServiceInstance| where{$_.GetType().Name -eq "SPSubscriptionSettingsServiceInstance"} | Start-SPServiceInstance

$acc = Get-SPManagedAccount  “Specific Account Name”

$appPool = New-SPIisWebServiceApplicationPool -Name SettingsServiceAppPool -Account $acc

$app = New-SPSubscriptionSettingsServiceApplication –ApplicationPool $appPool –Name SettingsServiceApp –DatabaseNameSettingsServiceDB

$proxy = New-SPSubscriptionSettingsServiceApplicationProxy –ServiceApplication $app

  • Now you can create sites!

$pool = Get-SPIisWebServiceApplicationPool -Identity 'SharePoint Web Services Default'$meta = New-SPMetadataServiceApplication -HubUri http://website -ApplicationPool $pool -Name 'Tenant Managed Metadata' -DatabaseName O14_TenantMetadataDB -DatabaseServer SP14B -PartitionMode-SyndicationErrorReportEnabled$proxy = New-SPMetadataServiceApplicationProxy-PartitionMode -ContentTypePushdownEnabled -DefaultKeywordTaxonomy -DefaultSiteCollectionTaxonomy -Name 'Tenant Managed Metadata Proxy' -DefaultProxyGroup -ServiceApplication $meta

  • Finally! You can upgrade from WSS 3.0 to SharePoint Foundation & SharePoint Server.
  • Able to upgrade MOSS 2007 to Multi-tenant with Database attached.
  • Able to add the 2010 look and feel to the newly upgraded sites.
  • Not supported by HMC…nor will it ever be.
  • Most control panels do not yet support or integrate with SharePoint 2010.
  • PowerShell allows for easier control panel development.
  • Active Directory integration now allows for custom incoming e-mail.
  • Manual provisioning through Tenant Administration.
tools and options
Tools and Options
  • PowerShell!
  • Tenant administrator console.
tools and options24
Tools and Options
  • Tenant administrator console requires PowerShell to install:
    • ​$tasite = new-spsite –url “http://server/sites/tasite1” –template “tenantadmin#0” –owneralias domain\username. –sitesubscription $sub -AdministrationSiteType tenantadministration.
looking forward
Looking Forward
  • SharePoint not fully ready for hosting integration.
  • Most control panels do not yet support or integrate with SharePoint 2010.
  • PowerShell allows for easier control panel development.
  • Microsoft SharePoint Online expected Sept. 2010…expect multi-tenant changes then.
thank you
Thank You!

John Burkholder

Sr. Project Manager, SharePoint

Digicon Corporation


session evaluation
Session Evaluation
  • Please complete and turn in your Session Evaluation Form so we can improve future events.
  • Presenter:
    • John Burkholder
  • Session Name:
    • SharePoint 2010 in a multi-tenant & hosted environment
ongoing activities
Ongoing Activities
  • Remember to visit the Exhibit Hall
    • Play Sponsor Bingo to be eligible for raffle prizes at the closing session!
  • Visit the SharePoint Users’ Groups in the Lower Gallery and meet the Booth Babes!
  • Talk with other SharePoint professionals in the Upper Gallery for “Ask the Experts”
  • Watch a webcast of free Microsoft training in the Gymnasium