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RKA “ RANK” Team. Ryan Hoffman Kelly Johanns Andrew Lamb. Background of E!. E! Entertainment is a cable network owned by Comcast Corp. Leading network in entertainment news and shows. Has an online website at www.eonline.com . Background of RANK.

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rka rank team

Ryan Hoffman

Kelly Johanns

Andrew Lamb

background of e
Background of E!
  • E! Entertainment is a cable network owned by Comcast Corp.
  • Leading network in entertainment news and shows.
  • Has an online website at www.eonline.com.
background of rank
Background of RANK

25 Sexiest Women...and Seven Who Scare Us!

  • Weekly hour show at 7 pm on Saturdays.
  • Counts down elements of popular culture.
  • Inside scoop on the entertainment business.
  • Target market of adults 18-49.
  • Provides ample re-runs.

Most Outrageous Celebrities

The 25 Top Entertainers of 2002

Holiday Movies: Unwrapped

Young Hollywood

focus group conclusions
Focus Group Conclusions
  • Of 8 men ages 18-22, the majority had seen RANK before.
  • Viewed The 25 Top Entertainers of 2002.
  • Positives…

- Brooke Burke.

- Some celebrities being ranked.

- Celebrity input.

- Commercial rankings.

focus group conclusions cont
Focus Group Conclusions Cont.
  • Negatives…

- The show was slow and boring (outcome was obvious).

- Flashy and had no interesting content.

- Dave Holmes was of little interest (random).

- No explanation of why certain celebrities won over others.

- Time frame was terrible.

market analysis
Market Analysis
  • External factors…

- Cable t.v. and satellite.

- Zipping and zapping.

(recording for later viewing or constant changing of channels).

  • Internet…

- Web-casting.

  • FCC rules and regulations…

- Broadcast company that owns two stations in the same market.

  • Time zones.
competitive analysis

- Host (Brooke Burke)

- Current

- Entertainment informative

- Creditable source (E!)

- Comedy incorporation


- Time frame (Saturday evenings) - Genres

- No viewer interactivity - Broad topics

- No validity as to ranking order

- Website address (Go through E!)

Competitive Analysis
competitive analysis cont
Competitive Analysis Cont.
  • Opportunities…

- Provider of inside entertainment scoop.

- Attract advertisers of a wide range due to show variety.

- Connection with E! Online site.

  • Threats…

- Other countdown shows (VH1/MTV).

- Educational programs

- Shows running during same time frame.

- Repetition of content (re-runs).

consumer analysis
Consumer Analysis
  • 18-49 men and women
  • Self-improvers
  • Liking variety
  • Take risks/Follow the crowd
  • Not highly educated
  • Not brand loyal/impulse (Simmons)
  • Likely to be younger and single
  • Avid television watchers vs. print media
target analysis
Target Analysis
  • Women 18-34

- Highest average RANK rating (Exhibit 2).

- Focus group recommendation.

“RANK would be better suited to women because they are the ones who want the inside information…they’re always after something to gossip about.”

  • Concerned with new trends/looks/ideas.
  • Enjoy inside information of entertainment business.
target analysis cont
Target Analysis Cont.
  • Simmons

- 13% about Average Index have graduated high school.

- 51% are employed part-time/ 27 % employed full-time.

- Read at least 1 weekly and 1 weekend newspaper.

- Read magazines such as Mademoiselle (288%),

Glamour (246), Shape (46%).

marketing objectives
Marketing Objectives

Increase RANK rating (central concept).

  • Increase interaction of viewers.
  • Guidelines for rating system.

- Why one artist/actor is better than the next.

  • Adhere more to the target market.
  • Increase promotions.
  • Specify programs to genres and topics.
marketing strategies justifications
Marketing Strategies/Justifications
  • Change of time frame.

- Sunday evenings (7 pm) when people are home.

  • Interaction with call-ins, text messaging, e-mail, and voting before the show airs.

- Viewers feel they have a say in who is ranked.

  • Addition of variety to re-run schedule.

- Hottest couples of 2003 played 7 times the week of 4/7.

- Viewers will get bored with the show topics (new, exciting, and not repetitive).

strategies and justifications cont
Strategies and Justifications Cont.
  • Provide general topics that make rating fair.

- Public is often unaware as to why a celebrity may rank above another.

- Show results of polls of the viewers.

- “What the people in Hollywood think vs. viewers.”

  • Define topics of shows that are less broad.

- Reach target audience with voting of what they want to see (topics of interest).

strategies and justifications cont 2
Strategies and Justifications Cont. 2
  • Promotions…
    • Contests

- Date with Brooke.

- Trip to taping of show.

- Co-host with Brooke.

- Come up with RANK idea (Top party colleges in USA.)

    • Increase on-air advertising (E!, Anna Nicole Show, Revealed).
    • Have a RANK Internet site.
    • Will increase awareness of show and create interest.
strategies and justifications cont 3
Strategies and Justifications Cont. 3
  • Genre specification…

- Some RANK shows don’t focus on just one time era (25 hottest blondes).

- Room for 80’s, 90’s, and today.

- Times have changed and most celebrities can’t be fairly placed against each other.

  • Topic specification…

- Too broad and create diversity.

- The 25 Top Entertainers of 2002 (Alternative vs. country…etc.)


Thank you!