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Global Food Safety Initiative PowerPoint Presentation
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Global Food Safety Initiative

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Global Food Safety Initiative - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Global Food Safety Initiative Recent developments in the private standards STDF Information Session 26th June 2008 Kevin Swoffer – GFSI Chairman of Technical Committee. Global Food Safety Initiative .

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Global Food Safety InitiativeRecent developments in the private standards STDF Information Session 26th June 2008Kevin Swoffer – GFSI Chairman of Technical Committee

global food safety initiative
Global Food Safety Initiative
  • GFSI launched at the CIES Annual Congress in 2000, following a directive from the food business CEOs.
  • food safety was then, and is still, top of mind with consumers. Consumer trust needs to be strengthened and maintained, while making the supply chain safer.
  • managed by CIES – The Food Business Forum
gfsi mission and objectives
GFSI Mission and Objectives

“Continuous improvement ......

Confidence in the delivery of

safe food to consumers”

  • Convergence between food safety standards
  • Improve cost efficiency throughout the food supply chain
  • Provide a unique international stakeholder platform
convergence means confidence
Convergence means confidence
  • benchmarking work on four key food safety schemes (BRC, IFS, Dutch HACCP and SQF) reached a point of convergence
  • all schemes were completely aligned with the GFSI Guidance Document Version 5 requirements
  • this meant increased confidence in the schemes and comparable audit results
gfsi convergence of standards
GFSI Convergence of Standards

“Once certified, accepted everywhere”

gfsi technical committee
GFSI Technical Committee
  • an international multi-stakeholder group
  • over 50 food safety experts
  • open to key experts by invitation
  • works on common-interest projects to ensure continuous improvement in food safety
food safety knowledge network
Food Safety Knowledge Network
  • Priming the Human Capital Marketplace
    • defines and harmonises food safety competency requirements for all players in the supply chain
    • sets aspiration and global food safety qualification
    • realigns educational system to future needs
    • framework for knowledge transfer to emerging markets
  • Individual Accountability
    • appropriate economic incentives and sanctions
  • Corporate Brand and Private Label Protection
    • appropriate governance and controls along all levels of the marketing and procurement channel
gfsi adding value
GFSI Adding Value …
  • less duplication
  • driving continuous improvement in the content of the food management systems
  • healthy competition between existing schemes, driving continuous improvement in the delivery of the standards
  • more cost efficiency in the supply chain.
  • comparable audit approach and results
  • confidence in sourcing and safer food for the consumer
www cies net

Catherine Francois- +33 1 44 69 99 21

Kevin Swoffer- +44 1 732 849230