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Welcome to our Quiz Show

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Welcome to our Quiz Show. You and the Law. Living on Your Own. You and Your Car. Driving and the Law. Is That a Law . Alcohol. Marriage and Domestic Relations. The Courts. Qualifications of Jurors. Age of Majority. Here Comes the Judge. Peek. FINAL EXAM. Copy. Save.

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Welcome to our Quiz Show

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Living on Your Own

You and Your Car

Driving and the Law

Is That a Law


Marriage and Domestic Relations

The Courts

Qualifications of Jurors

Age of Majority

Here Comes the Judge






You and Your Car

True or False

It is unlawful to play your car stereo so that the sound can be heard 25 feet or more from the car.




It is unlawful to play your radio or other device too loud so that people outside the vehicle hear it from a distance of 25 feet or more.

F.S. 316.3045



If a passenger in the car you are driving has an open container of alcohol, who will be violating the law?

A) The driver

B) The passenger

C) Neither

D) Both



The correct answer is

D) Both the driver and the passenger will be in violation of the law.

F.S. 316.1936


Driving and the Law

True or False

A person under the age of 18 may not be eligible for a drivers license if he or she drops out of school.




Also, a person under the age of 18 may not be eligible for a drivers license if he or she has a poor attendance record at school or drops out of school.

See F.S. 322.091


Qualifications of jurors

True or False

You must be at least 21 years of age or older to serve on a jury.




You must be at least 18 years of age.

F.S. 40.01


Landlord Tenant Issues

If you sign a lease that states you cannot have pets on the premises but several weeks later you decide to buy a dog, what action can the landlord take against you legally?

A) None under Florida law;

B) The landlord can contact the local shelter to take the animal;

C) The landlord can tell you to move out in 24 hours;

D) The landlord can advise you that you have seven days to resolve the issue or the lease is terminated.



The answer is D.

According to F.S. 83.56, if the tenant fails to comply with the rental agreement, the landlord may deliver a written notice to the tenant specifying the noncompliance including a notice that if the issue is not corrected within seven days from the date of the written notice, the landlord shall terminate the rental agreement.


Marriage and Domestic Relations

According to Florida law, what age must you be to get married without parental permission?



F.S. 741.04 provides that both parties shall be over the age of 18 years to be married without parental consent except under special circumstances provided under section 741.0405


Is there a law??

Is it against the law for me to have a fake ID or to use someone else's ID to get into a club or bar?



Yes according to F.S. 322.212, this could be a third degree felony.


The Courts

What level of court would you go to if you needed to file a small claims action to collect $2,500 from a college roommate?



County courts handle small claims of amounts less than $15,000.

F.S. 34.01

age of majority
Age of Majority

In Florida, when you legally become an adult at age 18, you can:

1. Serve on a jury

2. Vote

3. Enter into contracts

4. Sue and be sued

5. Drink alcoholic beverages

6. All of the above

7. Only answers one and two

8. Only answers one through four

9. None of the Above


8) Only answers one through four.

1. Serve on a jury

2. Vote

3. Enter into Contracts

4. Sue and be sued

here comes the judge
Here Comes the Judge

If you are arrested and placed in jail, how soon afterwards must you appear before a judge?


If you are arrested and placed in jail, an "initial appearance" before a judge must occur within 24 hours. At an initial appearance, you will be informed of the charges against you, and asked if you understand the charges. Bail will be set and you will be asked if you can afford an attorney.

choose your final exam question
Choose your Final Exam Question:



final exam question
Final Exam Question

Does a contract have to be in writing to be legal?

final answer
Final Answer

No, not necessarily. However, if the contract is for your payment of another person's debt, if it concerns real estate, or if it lasts more than one year, it must be in writing.

final exam question27
Final Exam Question

What happens if I sign a contract but cannot complete the contract or I cannot make the payments?

final answer28
Final Answer

If you fail to complete the contract or miss payments, you can be sued. You will be given a chance to defend yourself and the court will then determine if the claim is valid. If it is valid, you may have to pay money for breaking the contract.