want to know how to loosen nuts screws and bolts n.
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Socket Head Cap Screws

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Socket Head Cap Screws - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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want to know how to loosen nuts screws and bolts

Want To Know How To Loosen Nuts, Screws And Bolts? Here Are A

Few Tips!

When working as a handyman, or doing a handyman’s job, it is imperative that one

knows how to go about the phenomena of tight socket head cap screws, or nuts and

bolts. Once these devices have set in their place, due to factors such as pressure,

temperature and climate, it may become extremely difficult to loosen them. In such

cases, it is advised that one knows about the different methods of loosening these

screws, bolts and nuts. Here are a few tips and tricks which can be applied in such a


Heat, Oil and Hammer

Heat is known for expanding most objects. This is especially applicable for metal or

metalloid objects such as socket head cap screws. Apply enough heat onto the object so

that it is able to expand. For an average sized nut or screw, apply enough heat to last

for at least a minute. Once it cools down, and is easy to touch, penetrating oil should be

poured. Tap the object at least half a dozen times, so that the oil can spread evenly. Let

the oil seep in for another minute or so, and then use a wrench to wriggle the object out.

Adjustable Wrenches

Adjustable wrenches are not the best options available for loosening socket head cap

screws, nuts or bolts. However, if it is the only option, then tighten the wrench around

the head of the object. Make sure that there is no gap at all between the wrench and the

object. Once this is done, turn the wrench towards its lower jaw, and not away from it.

Make sure to do this correctly or it will damage the shoulders on the bolt head.

Cheater Bar

A cheater bar is basically constructed by putting a pipe over the handle of your tool. This

gives you a longer length on the handle, making it much easier due to the added

leverage. However, the caveat is that too much force cannot be used while turning the

socket head cap screws or both the tool and the object can break easily. If possible, use

eye protection and a six point socket so that you can get a better grip on the situation.

Twelve point sockets are not all that effective.

Mangled Head

If the head of the socket head cap screw, nut or bolt is damaged to the point where one

cannot even use a screwdriver, it is advisable to file on both sides. After this, an

adjustable wrench can be used to get a grip

adjustable wrench can be used to get a grip and turn the object all the way. In other

cases, a new slot can be created by using a hacksaw. This is done by cutting the slot at

right angles to the previous one.

Cutting off The Head

Sometimes, it is nearly impossible to catch a grip on a damaged head of a socket head

cap screw, nut or bolt. In such cases, a saw or a drill can be used to cut off the head of

the object totally, with a new slot being created next to it, as per the required


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