5 powerful social media hacks to ramp up your digital strategy
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5 Social Media Hacks to Follow - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Consider the audience and your branding strategy on social media. These 5 social media hacks will fetch you desired results. Contact Brandwizz communications to be a brand online. Reach us @ 91 33 4004 3990 or visit our website @ http://www.brandwizz.com/.

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5 powerful social media hacks to ramp up your digital strategy

5 Powerful Social Media Hacks to Ramp Up Your Digital Strategy

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1 embrace content curation
1. StrategyEmbrace Content Curation

  • By curating content, you can also share more complex forms of content with your audience without overcoming any learning curve.

  • Here are a few things to keep in mind as you curate.

5 tricks to content curation
5 Tricks to Content Curation Strategy

  • Focus on industry influencers and thought leaders when searching for content.

  • Add your own thoughts and insights.

  • Invite the source of the content to the conversation.

  • Use BuzzSumo or another similar tool to find what’s trending.

  • Consider your audience and your branding and select content that fits.

Few things you can do to reward your vip followers
Few Things you can do to Reward Your VIP Followers Strategy

  • If they are trying to establish their own social media presence share and comment on their posts.

  • Invite them to build up their own following by allowing them to Write a Guest Blog for your website.

  • Look at their posts and figure out what interests them. Then use that to influence the content that you create and share.

  • Offer discounts, rewards or other incentives to followers who share or comment.

  • Start a hashtag marketing campaign to earn more brand enthusiasts.

3 balance your knowledge and instincts with the rules
3. Balance your knowledge and instincts with ‘The Rules Strategy

  • One common rule of social media marketing is that posts should be customized for each social media platform. This fashion retailer doesn’t do this. Instead, they post the same content to each social media platform where they are present.

  • The consequence of breaking that rule is that they are one of the 20 most popular brands on Facebook. This is why relying on data and your own experiences to determine your approach to social media is key to getting the best results from social media marketing.

4 give influencers their due
4. Give Influencers Their Due Strategy

  • Become one of their VIP followers. Establish yourself as someone they can count on to share, link, engage and promote

  • See if they are accepting guest blogging content and offer up a few insightful posts

  • Learn what interests their followers

  • Let them know when you have shared their content

  • If you’ve created longer form content such as Ebooks or Whitepapers, ask influencers for quotes or reviews

  • Invite them to guest blog for you

Approach to social media marketing
Approach to Social Media Marketing Strategy

  • Defining the target audience along with their values and interests.

  • Establishing guidelines to ensure that social media participation does not go counter to branding.

  • Determining which social media platforms are best.

  • Integrating the social media strategy into the overall marketing strategy.

  • Establishing an individual or team as the social media strategist/point of contact.

  • Getting feedback and buy in from all business areas not just marketing.

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