social media marketing is very powerful marketing n.
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Social Media Marketing | Optimization Services | Chandigarh PowerPoint Presentation
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Social Media Marketing | Optimization Services | Chandigarh

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Social Media Marketing | Optimization Services | Chandigarh - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Social Media Marketing, internet-based software & interfaces include social components. Social Media Marketing promote brands, ideas & assets | Chandigarh

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social media marketing is very powerful marketing

Social Media Marketing is very powerful marketing tool where we enhance our business and refers to the

process of increasing traffic through social media sites. It is the search engine optimization and it is

trending marketing service. It is a platform or website where we increase the brand awareness and to

increase customer engagement. In today’s world everyone is engaged on internet with social media

platforms. It is totally internet-based service to grow our business. We can share the information, posting

ads and images on different platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Youtube and LinkedIn. It is that

service where we interacting with the audiences via internet and also know their interest. This service

creating bonding with audiences and get more audiences on social media networks. The key element of

success in marketing is the social media marketing. In research of social media examiner, now days, 96%

of marketers are involved in this. But many of the participants (about 85%) are not use about the tools

which are best to use. Now-a-days, customers have many active social media accounts. For brand

awareness, it is the best way to bond with audiences and directly initiate a two-way communication which

makes them more confident in their decision to trust our business, and it inspires them to choose our

brand in future.

Twitter Marketing- Twitter is that platform where you can connecting with people and it can helps you

to grow your business online. You can share your information, images and offers special deals to twitter


LinkedIn Marketing- LinkedIn is social networking platform where you can connect with professional

profiles and increase traffic. You can grow your business by posting ads and sharing content.

Facebook Marketing- Facebook is very popular social network and it has billion users. It can promote

your brand and business by sharing links, videos, images and ads. If we do in correct way, facebook

marketing can be useful for growth of our business.

Pinterest Marketing- Pinterest is social media marketing strategy which is used as scrapbook to promote

our business. It is usually image based marketing strategy. By using pinterest we can interact targeted

audience and can boost traffic to our website. Pinterest is pinboard style photo sharing technique.

YouTube Marketing-YouTube has the top ranking in all online video streaming sites. Youtube is the

largest platform for the growth of business. It provide a way to promote our business by making videos

and ads on the interested areas for the targeted audience.

Instagram Marketing- Instagram is personify and is a great source of association among people. In this

marketing strategy we follow three steps that are Generate Traffics, Leads and Drive Sales which help our

business to grow.

There are many benefits are given below:

Benefits of Social Media Marketing:

1.Increasing Brand Awareness

2.Improved Audience Vision

3.Improved Customer Bonding

4.Increasing Ranking

5.Increasing Traffic on Social Media

6 promote the product and service 7 sharing easy

6.Promote the Product and Service

7.Sharing Easy Content

8.Build trust

9.Associate with long term customers

10.Involves non-interesting customers

11.Two-way communication

12.Increasing brand loyalty

13.Large audiences

14.Customers feedback

15.Audience satisfaction