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Web Development Company in delhi, India PowerPoint Presentation
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Web Development Company in delhi, India

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Web Development Company in delhi, India
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Web Development Company in delhi, India

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  1. AboutAisMobileApps! We are AisMobileApps, A Software development company the world’s leading Technology Services provider, specialized in Artificial Intelligence,Machine Learning, Data Science, Automation, Mobile Apps & Game Designing andDevelopment. We have won many premier awards for pioneering game-changing ideas and products in the digital space. We create long-term values for ourclients by identifying both risks and opportunities in the marketplace. Let us address your short-term and long-term changes and long-term IT challenges and see your business emerge as a result. With 750+ mobile apps andgames,400+top-notchwebapps,100+ successful IT projects, and a deep-rooted presence in New Delhi, Hyderabad, India and Chantilly, Dallas, USA, we are recognised as a game changer in the world’s IT landscape. Find out what makes us the world’s leading Technology Services company for multipleplatforms

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  13. TechnologyPartner

  14. F ROM OUR CLIENTS " I appreciate the entire The AisMobileapps team for helping us stabilize our marketingenvironment. These guys have showngreat patience and stretching ability. Mysincere thanks to all of them on behalf of the Operations Team“ " I have been impressed with The AisMobileapps level of commitment, responsiveness & the desire to createlong term relationship with clients. They arguable have some of the best expertise and dominknowledge” -KumarAbhishek

  15. NishanDean CTO & Cofounder NishantDeanB.Tech & M.Tech From IIT,KHARAGPUR Nishant Dean has got experience with.NET Technologies in developing desktop applications based on Winforms &WPF. He hasworkedonbuildingrestfulwebservices with Asp.net web API using for front end development. Nishant holds an B.Tech & M.Tech From IIT,KHARAGPUR Avinash KumarSingh COO & MD AisMobileApps B.Tech (Electrical Engineering) fromJNTU Avinash Kumar has vast experience in Business Development and Clientservices. He has worked atvarious positions ranges from Quality Analyst to Project Manager. He is excellent in Planning & Execution of project in the Industry. His mission is to provide enterprise-quality services and meet the demands ofClients to growexponentially Ashish KumarPrajapati CEO & founder AisMobileApps B.Tech (Computer Science ) FromMIT Ashish Kumar has vast industry experience is software&productdevelopment.Hehasworked invariousrolesrangingfromcoreteammembers to team leader, supporting IT product development companies. He has domin knowledge of the industry including its latest disruptivetrends&iswelladeptin Android, iOS,Java, Pyton, PHP, Analytics& Algorithem. B.Tech (Computer Science) FromMIT

  16. http://www.aismobileapps.com ashish@aismobileapps.com