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Mobile app development process PowerPoint Presentation
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Mobile app development process

Mobile app development process

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Mobile app development process

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  1. What does mean mobile phone ? • A transportable(Mobile) could be a wireless hand-held device that permits users to create and receive calls and to send text messages, among alternative. The earliest generation of mobile phones may solely build and receive calls. Today’s mobile phones, however, square measure jam-choked with several extra options, like net browsers, games, cameras, video players and even guidance systems.

  2. Different generations smartphones

  3. About Mobile Phones • When the primary mobile phones were introduced, their solely perform was to create and receive calls, and that they were therefore large it absolutely was not possible to hold them during a pocket. Later, mobile phones happiness to the worldwide System for Mobile Communications (GSM) network became capable of causing and receiving text messages. As these devices evolved, they became smaller and additional options were supplemental, like transmission electronic communication service (MMS), that allowed users to send and receive pictures. Most of those MMS-capable devices were conjointly equipped with cameras, that allowed users to capture photos, add captions, and send them to friends and relatives World Health Organization conjointly had MMS-capable phones.

  4. How mobiles divided in public by Operating system • more than 50% covered by android • 2% to 3% people using windows mobile phone • around 40% people use iOS mobile • Rest of using other platform

  5. Mobile operating systems iOS

  6. Usage of smart phones • Now a days mobile usage is growing more and more so many mobile development and mobile friendly websites are coming into picture • Mobile device adoption is growing 8 times faster than internet adoption.

  7. Usage of smart phones • Smartphones have integrated into our lives faster than any technology in history. As we know in india jio launch with high speed and low rate internet in large number of area. With this usage of smart phone is increasing. • Average user spends 2 to 3hr a day on mobile

  8. Usage of smart phones • Around 28% of websites traffic comes from mobile in now a days • As we know now digital payment transaction also increasing from last few days

  9. About us We Skywave Info Solutions has been working in IT industry since 2017. We higher best web developers and designers to get a quick result. We provide web development such as PHP, dot net , Word press, Full stack, Python and Java web development. We also develop Mobile application developmentincluding iOS app development, Android App Development, Hybrid app development and Flutter App Development.

  10. IOS App Development Process 1.Planning 4.Testing 2.Design 5.Launch/ Maintanence 3.Development

  11. Layers of iOS Architecture Technology • The cocoa touch layer • Core services Layer • The Media layer • Core OS layer

  12. The Cocoa touch layer • Our developer team use Cocoa Touch layer which has contains the frameworks to build iOS applications. • This layer has basic application and support for key technology like multi tasking, touch-based input and so high level system services • Cocoa Touch uses a Model-View Controller(MVC) software architecture

  13. Core Services Layer • The technologies within the Core Services layer area unit known as core services as a result of they supply essential services to apps however don't have any direct concerning the app’s program. • In general, these technologies area unit captivated with frameworks and technologies within the 2 lowest layers of OS X—that is, the Core OS layer and also the Kernel and Device Drivers layer. • Core services includes Address book, Core foundation, Quick look and WebKit

  14. Core OS layer • The technologies and frameworks within the Core OS layer give low-level services associated with hardware and networks. These services area unit supported facilities within the Kernel and Device Drivers layer. • For example: System configuration OpenCL Directory Services

  15. The Media layer • Beautiful graphics and accurate multimedia system are hallmarks of the OS X user expertise. profit of the technologies of the Media layer to include second and 3D graphics, animations, image effects, and professional-grade audio and video practicality into your app. • For instance: Graphic technology Video technology Audio technology

  16. Contact us • India 611, City Centre, Nr. Shukan Mall, Science City Road, Sola, Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India- 380060 • Georgia 400 West Peachtree Street NW Suite #4 – 1103 Atlanta, GA 30308