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3 Keys to a Successful Warehouse Management System Implementation PowerPoint Presentation
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3 Keys to a Successful Warehouse Management System Implementation

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3 Keys to a Successful Warehouse Management System Implementation - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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3 Keys to a Successful Warehouse Management System Implementation
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  1. ABOUT US We are currently one of the most famous Software Development Companies in our area. The business state of affairs is constantly changing at a fast pace, and new technologies are being introduced on a daily basis. This sets the bar for development higher, which suits the client’s requirements, and requires that existing software must match the latest tech requirements, without altering the already proven methodologies. Our teams have over 7 years of experience in this field.

  2. 3 Keys to a Successful Warehouse Management System Implementation

  3. Purchasing a new warehouse management system (WMS) can bring levels of uncertainty and elicit questions such as: Did I make the right investment? Is this project going to be completed on schedule? Will my employee adapt to the new system? No need to worry. The software experts from Bastian Solutions are here to help you through the process of implementing a warehouse management system .

  4. 1. Rewarding the Top Warehouse Performers Within any warehouse, there are operators who showcase operational excellence with every function they do. These individuals should be major components in the early phases of a WMS implementation. These super star individuals can provide the following significant information: The operator will have first-hand knowledge of what gaps in functionality are in the current system that should be brought forth with the new software. The operator could advise what features are crucial for day-to-day operations versus what features are “like to haves”. This alone could greatly impact software delivery.

  5. 2. Agile Module Demonstrations/Conference Room Pilots When the latest and greatest video console or cell phone is getting ready to launch to the end-user, nine out of 10 times consumers want to get their hands on the technology even before it’s fully functional. Having something tangible that the end-user or stakeholders can see early on in the implementation cause reap a number of benefits. By demonstrating the standard components of modules, the stakeholders can have intelligent conversations on tying in business objectives and requirements with the workflow of the modules presented. As demonstration notes are the major notes for the upcoming iterations, the end-user will see a closer alignment of business requirements to operational processes on the warehouse floor.

  6. 3. Keep the End-User in Mind Real-world data analysis indicates that software is quickly abandoned if employee interaction with the software is deemed “hard to use”. With the growing number of temporary employees within the warehousing industry to fill seasonal order surges, a WMS needs to be easy to learn. By keeping user interfaces and experience in line with current UI/UX methodologies, the WMS software will be easier to adopt. For example, Windows 10 uses “toast notifications” as non-intrusive, auto-expiring windows that display information to the user. This feature is commonly used in WMS software. As most end-users are familiar with Windows applications, this provides a common ground.