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Men’s Underwear Evolution PowerPoint Presentation
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Men’s Underwear Evolution

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Men’s Underwear Evolution
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Men’s Underwear Evolution

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  1. Men’s Underwear Evolution Underwear is the most basic article of any clothing; be it for men or women. Since the remains of loincloth were found some 7000 years ago and the first pair was crafted, there have been numerous changes and revolutions that have changed the face of men’s underwear industry. The evolution in the men’s underwear industry is very visible. The styles, patterns, tastes and likes are changing according to the awareness among the sexes. If we compare both men and women apparel industry, there have been more changes in the men’s apparel industry. Earlier for men, there were few options to choose from. Initially, all you could find was men’s boxers or tighty whitey men’s brief underwear. Very few elite people got the privilege of owning a pair of vibrant, printed underwear. The evolution in men’s designer underwear is pretty visible now with styles that go all the way from briefs to male thongs and even men’s c-string underwear. The revolutionary step in the right direction has brought changes that men are now willing to accept. This was a giant leap by the various designers that understood the psyche of men and their male anatomy needs apart from just comfort. Some of the very popular names that brought about a revolution

  2. were Calvin Klein, Jockey, Joe Snyder, Good Devil, Cover Male, Agacio, C-IN2, Candyman and many more. They consistently updated their inventory in order to match current trends and fashion quotients while keeping the needs of the manhood in mind. With all the everyday styles such as boxers, briefs, jockstraps and men’s bikinis, g-strings, thongs, c-strings are now more widely accepted and are now a part of the latest collection. Till not long ago, men’s jockstrap underwear (fashion version) and pouch enhancement underwear were seen. However with the evolving trend, athletes and men involved in heavy physical activities opted for jockstraps for better support and protection of the genitals. One of the aspects that changed the underwear industry is the newly introduced fabrics. Initially, cotton was the only fabric that made guys feel comfortable because they had no other option. Now you’ll find new fabrics such as leather, bamboo, modal, and many more. Newer materials are high on elasticity without compromising with comfort. Underwear fabrics with moisture-wicking characteristics are in demand by men now. Today, we also have specialized underwear for men that provide better enhancement. Shapewear have been exclusive to females but eventually men also felt that looking good is very necessary. Hence, butt lifters, sculpting tank tops and more were introduced to get the right appeal any clothes. In terms of color, black and white have always been the traditional choices for men. Now you can find them wearing pink, purple, yellow, green, blue, fuchsia, red and so many more. Different colors have different meaning for specific occasions. Men wear various colors according to their taste and mood. Over the years the styles, colors, shapes of men’s underwear has

  3. been customized and crafted in accordance with the need of the package and the trend. However, the history of underwear has shaped the way how we feel and how we look today. You can find any style of men’s underwear at Skiviez and a plethora of brands that work in order to get the best of you.