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All You Need to Know About Jock Itch PowerPoint Presentation
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All You Need to Know About Jock Itch

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All You Need to Know About Jock Itch - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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This article talks about the aspects of the jock itch that you must be aware about in order to avoid and cure it in time.

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All You Need to KnowAbout Jock Itch

If you are a sports person, you’d definitely understand how to feels to be in

men’s jockstrap underwear and the consequences of wearing it more than

intended. Though, the respective men’s underwear style is a popular style

and intends to be fashionable and functional; there are times when you make

some mistakes and problems follow. One of the most common disadvantages

of jockstrap is jock itch.

This article talks about the aspects of the jock itch that you must be aware

about in order to avoid and cure it in time.

Jock itch is a common problem faced by numerous men at some or the other

point of time. It not only is a painful experience to go through, but is equally

embarrassing. The constant urge to itch and keep itching till you start to

bleed or cause skin rashes is what the sufferer goes through.

What is a Jock Itch?

Jock itch or athlete’s itch which is also called as tinea cruris scientifically is


a fungal infection in the pelvic region of the male body. However, it is also a

possibility that women also face the respective problem. It is a very common

problem, but if it persists; it spreads to the thighs and adjacent skin,

including the testicles in males. This popular skin problem is a result of

continuous sweating, rubbing due to moisture and heat as well as sharing of

men’s underwear, and towels. Athletes are at major risk of developing such

infections because of wearing tight jockstraps.

What are the symptoms?

• Itchiness and small red patches in the groin area, shaft, butts and inner


• Itchiness if rubbed leads to burning sensation accompanied by a lot of pain.

• When the area gets dry, the skin peels off and becomes flaky.

Who are the targets?

Well, this fungus reproduces in a moist environment and the people who

sweat a lot are the main targets. Why? The sweat generally swipes away the

natural oils and leaves the skin bare, but moist. It allows the fungus to occur

and reproduce. People who are heavy and big are also accustomed to jock


How can you treat it?

There are times when your jock itch gets severe and spreads across your leg

to your foot and is called “athlete’s foot”. Then you have to take care of both

the areas separately. Some tips for curing it and treating are mentioned


• Do not share your intimate clothing articles like mens sexy underwear or

towels and anything that comes in contact with your bare skin with anyone

else. Make sure you clean yourself properly after using public bathrooms

and moreover avoid them.

• Change the underclothing articles every day. If you workout every day,

make sure you change twice then and wear clean pairs every time.

• Keep the genitals and the adjacent areas dry. Avoid moisture and if you

think the privates are moist; clean them up again.

• Bathe every day.

• Wear right pairs of underwear like mens mini brief underwear, thongs for

men and more. You can continue to wear the right sized jockstrap once your

privates heal.


These are some aspects that should be known by every jockstrap wearer. So

be careful and keep the intimate healthy.