Single parent statistics point to the necessity of higher education
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Single Parent Statistics Point to the Necessity of Higher Ed - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Single Parent Statistics Point to the Necessity of Higher Education

Being a single parent is tough. When the government releases single parent statistics it is always shocking to see the challenges faced by both single mothers and fathers. The impact of being a single parent financially places a much larger burden on women than men. Let us take a look at a few of the startling statistics about single parents and why getting additional education may be your best option.

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  • Poverty Strikes Single Mothers Education

  • Every time the single parent statistics are released the numbers show a very unsettling trend for single mothers. Here are some of the recent statistics:

  • 30.4% of all single mothers are living in poverty in the USA.

  • 41.3% of single mothers are on public assistance.

  • These facts are then followed up by statistics on how many single mothers receive child support. You would believe the number would be near 100%, but the statistics paint a much uglier picture as you can see in these single parent statistics which show how few single mothers and father receive child support:

  • Only 47.4% of single parents over 40 receive child support

  • 43.5% of single parents with a college degree receive child support.

  • 42.4% of single parents who work full-time get child support

  • A measly 30.2% of single parent without a high school diploma get child support.

  • These figures combine to make the financial burden of being a single parent extremely high. Without having a good paying job the burden can be almost insurmountable. Over 20% of single mothers cannot afford to live with their children independently and must stay with parents, relatives, or friends. There is a solution to this issue.

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Education Plus Higher Career Opportunity Can Rescue Single EducationMothers

Recent statistics for single mothers shows the median household income at just over $25,000 annually. When single mothers elect to attend college to further their education they can quickly move their income levels upwards and step out of the poverty levels.

Educational opportunities are available for single mothers in the forms of grants, student loans, and scholarships. Nursing scholarships are available for single mothers and fathers in most parts of the nation. A nursing career is often ideal for many single mothers. Jobs are plentiful in the nursing field, the pay is high, and most employers expect the positions to be filled with women. This is one career path which may favor women slightly over men.

Nursing scholarships can be found which cover tuition, books, and on occasion living expenses. Some of these scholarships are offered through hospitals and clinics that then require the graduate to work for their facility for 2 to 5 years. The median salary for nurses is currently over $65,000 per year, or more than $40,000 per year higher than the median income of single mothers.

Getting higher education can help you break free from the single parent statistics and start living a full life. Check to see if you qualify for a nursing scholarship or other advanced degree and create the life you want.