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How to Buy the Right Bracelet? PowerPoint Presentation
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How to Buy the Right Bracelet?

How to Buy the Right Bracelet?

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How to Buy the Right Bracelet?

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  1. How to Buy the Right Bracelet? Bracelets are essentially a type of jewelry or ornament that is worn around the wrist. It can be rigid or flexible, plain, or colorful and can be made of a wide array of materials. Some of the materials from which bracelets are usually made are as follows:  Gold, silver, and other precious metals  Pearls  Thread  Wood  Plastic  Leather

  2. Bracelets have been in vogue for centuries and they can be worn for a number of different reasons. Some of these are:  As a form of identification  As an accessory or a type of ornamentation  As an expression of religious faith or devotion  As a good luck charm or amulet Just as there are many reasons why you might want to wear a bracelet, there are also many distinct types of bracelets. Different types of bracelets are suitable for different occasions or events. It is therefore important to know the different kinds of bracelets available and when each of them should be worn. Types of bracelets Charm bracelets are usually flexible and inexpensive. They consist of many charms, tassels, and beads linked to a single metal or thread chain that is worn around the wrist. They are perfect for casual gatherings with friends. Tennis bracelets are usually made of diamonds or cubic zirconia and are, therefore, mostly worn at professional events or formal occasions. They are more expensive that most other types of bracelets and add elegance and sophistication to the appearance of the wearer. Bangle bracelets consist of a single, rigid ring without any openings that is worn around the wrist. These are the ideal accessory for any ethnic outfit and should be worn during weddings, engagements, etc.

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