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Email Header Analysis Tutorial | Email Header Analysis Steps | Cyber Security

In this presentation, we will understand how the different fields explain the email. Through the email header analysis steps, you can do the analysis of an email, and it will be easier to prevent any email attacks from cybercriminals. To understand more about the topic, take up our cyber security tutorial from Simplilearn.<br><br>The topics covered in this email header analysis presentation are:<br>1. What Is an Email?<br>2. Basic Flow of an Email<br>3. Parts of an Email<br>4. Risk of Email Attack<br>5. Steps to Analyse an Email<br>6. Parts of Email Header<br>7. Importance of Email Header Analysis<br>8. Demo

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Email Header Analysis Tutorial | Email Header Analysis Steps | Cyber Security

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  1. This is a spam mail.

  2. Click here to watch the video

  3. Topics to Cover • What is an Email? • Basic flow of an Email • Parts of an Email • Risk of Email Attack • Parts of Email Header • Importance of Email Header Analysis • Steps to analyse an Email

  4. What is an email?

  5. What is an Email? Sending and receiving of information through internet is known as an E-mail. Sharing an email is done through the use of email address.

  6. Basic Flow of an Email

  7. Basic Flow of an Email MTA SMTP Internet Sender Receiver SPF Access Mail SMTP

  8. Parts of an Email

  9. Parts of an Email Email Address is aunique address for the delivery of messages.

  10. Parts of an Email Body, this section contains the actual content of the message. Email Address is aunique address for the delivery of messages

  11. Risk of an Email Attack

  12. Risk of an Email Attack To obtain target information or send virus programs are also done through email spam. Spam, is nothing but unwanted mail or junk mail. Use of email spam is done mostly for scamming purposes through marketing mails.

  13. Steps to Analyze an Email

  14. Steps to Access Email Header Step 1: Access any email, to see header.

  15. Step 2: Click on “More”

  16. Step 3: Select “Show Original” option to open header details.

  17. Step 4: Email header details is open in new window.

  18. Parts of Email Header

  19. Parts of Email header analysis Basic parts of email header Return-Path DKIM Signatures Message-ID MIME-Version Received X-Spam Status

  20. Basic fields The Fromsection displays the sender’s name and email address.

  21. Basic fields The Datefield provides with Date-Time of delivery.

  22. Basic fields This Tofield represent the receiver’s email details, containing CCand BCC.

  23. Basic fields The Subjectfield gives the topic of the mail’s content.

  24. Return Path This header field, display the email address of return-path, which display the return address.

  25. DKIM The Domain Key Identified Mail (DKIM), are signatures that is used to identifyandauthenticate emails.

  26. Message ID It’s a unique combination of numbers and letters, used to identify each mail, no emails have the same Message ID.

  27. MIME-Version This internet standard changes non-text content such as images, videos attachment into text, so they can be sent through the mail.

  28. Received • This field lists the servers that an email traverses through before arriving at the receiver. • The top is the last server that goes through, and the bottom is originating email.

  29. X-Spam Status • This field informs about the spam score, • If the score crosses a certain point, the mail is termed as “Spam”.

  30. Importance of Email Header Analysis

  31. Importance of an Email Header Analysis Protection against Spam and phishingattacks due to several fields that help identify the legitimacy of the email. Identification of Sender and Receiver information, using From and To fields along with Subject field and date. Helps in tracking the email’s route from sender to receiver.

  32. Spam Mail Normal Mail SPF (Sender Policy Framework) DKIM (DomainKeys Identified Mail)

  33. Demo for Email Header Analysis

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