what is 365kin the sharepoint self service portal l.
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What Is 365Kin?

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What Is 365Kin? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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What Is 365Kin?- The SharePoint Self-Service Portal

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What Is 365Kin?

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the sharepoint self service portal
The SharePoint Self-Service Portal

Are you looking for a way to fasten repetitive processes and greatly reduce the amount of paperwork you generate on a daily basis?

  • The solution is 365Kin SharePoint solution, a web basedhuman resources system developed to meet the needs of your HR department.
  • This user friendly technology will allow your company to automate timely repetitive processes and reduce your daily paperwork load by providing a variety of helpful web based applications.
  • By using 365Kin, you will find immediate solutions to your personnel management challenges and develop more efficient internal processes for your company.
the sharepoint self service portal3
The SharePoint Self-Service Portal
  • There are many benefits to using 365Kin SharePoint in your business.
    • First, you will see improved productivity throughout your workplace. When your human resources team uses the 365Kin self service portal, they will reduce the amount of time that is spent on repetitive tasks allowing more time for other important activities.
    • Your business will be able to provide better and faster service to your employees through the easy to use, web based format that can be accessed from any computer.
    • The 365Kin system improves team member morale and job satisfaction by providing user friendly tools, such as the ability to request time for holidays and vacations in an electronic format.
the sharepoint self service portal4
The SharePoint Self-Service Portal
  • Next, 365Kin will improve your company's data management techniques by providing quick and easy access to a variety of digital files, including resumes, letters, job descriptions, contact information, benefits, organizational policies, performance evaluations, interviews and more.
  • The human resources team will also have the ability to centralize employee records and personal information in a secure setting, as well as record all of the self service transaction requests that come from all of your team members.
  • The 365Kin self service portal is flexible and easy to use. This software is based on the Microsoft SharePoint 2010 Foundation. It is a web based solution that can be accessed from any computer with Internet access. This unique program is scalable and fully customizable to meet your specific business needs.
the sharepoint self service portal5
The SharePoint Self-Service Portal
  • This employee self service portal SharePoint is your solution to digital data management. By making the switch to this user friendly, web based technology; your human resources team will develop more efficient processes by automating repetitive process and also eliminate unnecessary paperwork. You'll enjoy immediate solutions to your personnel management challenges and the benefit of developing more efficient internal processes for your company.
  • 365kin allows your workforce to manage company information in one secure an easy to access location. The SharePoint based HR solution allows your staff to function more efficiently and devote more time to other strategic activities.