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CDG Grant Helps to Grow Your Business - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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CDG means Capability Development Grant that helps to grow your business both locally and globally across several development areas such as brand development, innovation and also the service excellence.

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Innovation and Capability Voucher in Singapore

ICV stands for Innovation and Capability Voucher scheme that greatly supports in businesses for

both productivity improvements and solutions. The ICV Grant in Singapore can support the

SMEs in order to take their early steps in the capability and innovation development. These

voucher schemes are mainly used to engage the services in consultancy in the four main

capabilities areas such as financial management, productivity, innovation and resource

development management. Each SME can apply for almost two vouchers in the specific area and

also may extend up to maximum of eight vouchers for the scheme period.

Normally, the ICV can apply by anyone, if the company meets the following criteria that


The company is physically present and registered in Singapore

The company should have minimum 30% of local shareholding

The company should have a team annual sales of turnover not exceed S$100 million and

the team employment size should not exceed 200 workers.

To apply for ICV, you should do the following steps:

Apply online through the ICV online portal

Once your application is approved, you will get an email notification that sent to your

email address.

The examination of disbursement and claims should be processed within 6 weeks that

requires submitting the essential documentation.

The funds will be reimbursed to the company through GIRO to the designated bank


About CRM system and its features

CRM stands for the Customer Relation Management, which is a comprehensive solution that

operates your customer services, core marketing processes and sales activities. It enables the

people to run the business systematically, so the CRM can be considered as the popular CRM

System Singapore for initiative, engaging and also immersive in nature.

The CRM is completely a web based that can update your process, business and also combines

them along with technology and human resources. This kind of system is mainly designed for

making the paperless offices and also free up the administrative works. Thus, CRM can ensure

100% client’s satisfaction and business success. Some of the effective CRM software features

are mentioned below:

No installation

Web based system

24/7 accessibility and availability

Access anywhere on windows, Apple Mac, Smart phones

Centralized records

Unlimited company setup

Biometric finger scan and live feed in the system

Unlimited document uploads

Purpose of CDG scheme

CDG means Capability Development Grant that helps to grow your business both locally and

globally across several development areas such as brand development, innovation and also the

service excellence. If you apply for CDG Grant scheme, the small and medium level enterprises

should meet the following criteria that include:

Registered and operating in Singapore

Local shareholding of minimum 30%

Group annual sales turnover less than or equal to S$100 million or the group employment

of less than or equal to 200 employees

To apply for CDG scheme, you should meet the above eligibility criteria and then identify your

specific development area related to your project. For more details, you can refer the CDG

Singapore site.

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