blocks used in building materials n.
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Blocks used in Building Material | ConstroBazaar PowerPoint Presentation
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Blocks used in Building Material | ConstroBazaar

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Blocks used in Building Material | ConstroBazaar - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Different types of block & brickwork have been used as a building material. Difference between Concrete blocks, red bricks, hollow blocks, solid concrete block.

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Blocks have been used as a building material for more than a century now.

  • There are different types of blocks available today in the market and are used all over the world for construction.
  • Many different types of blocks are used in India and are known by various names like cement blocks, concrete blocks, hollow blocks & solid concrete blocks.
concrete blocks

Concrete block is a standard size rectangular block used in construction.

  • These concrete blocks are known by different names in various regions.
  • Like, in North America, it is known as cinder blocks, breeze blocks in the UK, hollow blocks in the Philippines and so on.
  • In India, it is commonly referred as concrete blocks or cement blocks.
Concrete Blocks
concrete blocks 1

These concrete blocks are the composition of cast concrete i.e. Portland cement and aggregate, usually sand & fine gravel to form high-density blocks.

  • Concrete blocks are lightweight, extra durable & fireproof, making them useful as construction substances.
  • Concrete blocks are perfect for foundations and basement walls because they are more potent than poured concrete.
  • Partition walls in any home may be positioned up speedy the usage of concrete blocks.
Concrete Blocks
concrete blocks 2

Concrete blocks also provide insulation towards cold and heat climate. Concrete block is unaffected by termites or intense temperatures and is also soundproof.

  • As concrete blocks are very strong, they provide good stability to a structure.
  • The durability and power of solid concrete blocks make them perfect for partitions, and they can also be applied inside the production of load-bearing partitions.
Concrete Blocks
hollow blocks

Hollow concrete blocks carry void area more than 25% of the gross area. Solid place of hollow bricks needs to be extra than 50%.

  • Hollow blocks are fabricated from lightweight aggregates so they are lightweight and easier to install.
  • Hollow blocks are frequently used to construct huge structures like boundary fences. The decreased quantity of concrete used to make every block adds as much as tremendous savings in price for the materials for the whole wall. Their lighter weight also makes them easier to lift and transport.
Hollow Blocks