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Shoemagnifico - Shoemagnifico Luxury Shoes Shoemagnifico Best Shoes Ever

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Shoemagnifico - Shoemagnifico Luxury Shoes Shoemagnifico Best Shoes Ever - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Welcome to Shoemagnifico! Shoe Magnifico have highly experienced stylists for making shoe. Select your shoe style and order online at For any support contact us at [email protected] or contact at (855) 700-0588.\n

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Online Luxury Shoes Collection of 2016

5 Cool Ways To Make Your Shoes Less Slippery

Everyone has faced this terrible situation at the moment you get slipped because of your

shoes. These conditions arise mostly in rainy season and damp places. Although the

season and damp grounds are culprits but above all it's the material quality of your

shoes that does not provide enough friction to resist these kinds of slippery forces.

Shoes with plastic or leather soles and smooth surface lining are more prone to get

slipped. Minor slips are okay but major ones can be too risky for you, might get you an

injury or real fracture so better be prepared yourself and your shoes against such

situations. Below are some tips for you to make your shoes less slippery:

1) Scuffing The Soles On Aabrasive Grounds

The newly purchased shoes have smooth soles so they are slippery. Once these new

soles get scratched a bit, they can make a firm contact with the ground. So to make

these soles rough, scratch them on rough solid ground and to do so, you can walk long

on concrete, textured surface and rocky pavements.

2) Use Sand Paper to Scuff Better

Well if you need quicker results, then take a sand paper and rub it on the soles,

particularly before wearing them. Make the soles harsh, rubbing the sand paper

continuously for 25-50 times back and forth will bring solid results. Rub those parts

only which comes in direct contact with the ground, no need to work on every corner.

3) Try Using Grip Pads

This will cost you, but rather more effective. Particularly for older pair of shoes whose

soles have become too smooth. Add some material like grip pads, consider using

textured pads and glue them together.

4) Try Out Spray Coats

This extra material actually forms a sticky rough layer that holds the grip. Spray coats are

exclusively designed for shoes only. You can use any hair spray or paint spray but make

sure they are not oily in nature.

5) Buy Only High Quality Shoes With Solid Gripping Soles

Well this is one stop solution for all, if you have the right pair that does not slip easily,

you will enjoy wearing them and luckily you won't need the above mentioned tips.

Grab a pair of high quality gripping shoes at and enjoy walking with

no worry of slipping down.