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  1. PRISMA HOME8 SECURITY AND MEDICAL ALERT SYSTEM Prisma Home8 Security and Medical alert system are a wireless ‘easy to connect’ home security alarm a system which can also work as a medical alert system connected to your smartphone. It’s ’two in one’ action view video-verified alarm system. In other words you get push notifications directly to your mobile phone and can visually verify if there is a false alarm or true emergency, be it burglary or a medical emergency and act accordingly. The Prisma Home 8 systems give your house, office or retail area an additional level of protection. Most people are aware of the normal house alarm. Prisma Home8 is not only an alarm but also acts to identify the problem in real- time and alerts you via your mobile phone. Not only can you deter a possible burglary but, you also combine professional monitoring of the aged living at home. Seniors living

  2. at home can be monitored via CCTV and immediate action can be taken to alert the relevant authorities should an ever emergency ensue. The Prisma Home8 Advantage The Prisma Home 8 system does not only secure your home but also your family and it does so in a less expensive way than the conventional CCTV systems which require. It is an affordable home alarm and medical alert system. There is no wiring or configuration required. All that is required is to connect the system to your home Wi-Fi, place the cameras and sirens in the required position ensure that the old folks at home are wearing their medical alert bands and the system is up and running The Overcloud Processing Unit (OPU) is a smart hub at the heart of this system. It interconnects with the Cloud and automatically manages all the security sensors, CCTV cameras, storage devices and the Mobile App on your phone, which allows you to control the system ad view real-time video no matter where you are. Zero-pairing technology, meaning that there is no configuration required, enables you to install the system in minutes in your home or office. This ‘Do - it -Yourself’ (DIY) and ‘Manage - it- Yourself’ (MIY) the system is a cost-saving enhancement to your home security and at the same time acts as a medical

  3. alert system. All you need to do is download the app on your phone, connect the OPU device to your Wi-Fi system and it’s a go! The Prisma Home8 System is easy to expand to fit your specific needs for enhanced home security and automation, safety and video surveillance. From a basic system with 2 cameras and 2 door/window sensors you can build up and enhance your security and medical alert home system by adding on various types of CCTV cameras, outdoor cameras, activity trackers, panic button, sirens etc. The Prisma Home8 system allows for multilocation and multi-purpose video-verified protection management. The automated multiple location capabilities of the system are useful for business owners covering home, 2nd home, and businesses using one app for multiple premises’ collaborative protections. As the Prisma Home8 system is a DIY and MIY based system the cost of installation and monitoring is reduced to make this system not only affordable but also flexible in that it can be used by homeowners and businesses too cover both security and aged care.

  4. Based purely on the customer's requirements, be it for home security, business security and/or medical alert requirements, there are a number of products that can be added on, also as a DIY the system, to enhance your system such as:  Fire and siren alert sensor  Water leak sensor  Activity trackers  Medication tracking sensor  Automatic medication dispenser  Mini cube camera  360-degree panoramic camera

  5.  Fall and panic alert device  Garage/ Gate controller with camera  Infrared motion sensor  Outdoor siren. An Affordable Security and Medical Alert System for Home or Business The Prisma Home8 security and the medical alert system allows for 24/7/365 monitoring of ones premises, be it home or business and allows for real-time contact and monitoring of the aged. The customer has the option to choose a tailor-made system and as per requirements, add on to enhance the system and make it as foolproof as possible. Give your home and your loved ones extra, enhanced protection. Call or E- mail Prismabytes and we will only be too happy to aid you to set up your new enhanced home security and aged care system. CONTACT US Phone +60379846781 E-Mail Address PRISMA BYTES SDN BHD (506560-H) Unit 17-03 &17-04, Tower 1, Faber Towers, Jalan Desa Bahagia, Taman Desa, 58100 Kuala Lumpur