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Osteoarthritis Treatment in Ayurveda - Shivaya Clinic & Hospital

Osteoarthritis treatment in Ayurveda is very effective, much more feasible and less- painful through panchakarma treatment for osteoarthritis. For more info call us on 9424842988. https://bit.ly/3c7ErGX

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Osteoarthritis Treatment in Ayurveda - Shivaya Clinic & Hospital

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  1. Website: http://shivayahospital.com/ Call: 9424842988 Osteoarthritis Treatment in Ayurveda O Ost steoa eoart rthr hritis itis Treatm Treatmen ent i t in n Ay Ayur urve veda da Ayurveda is an ancient form of medicine developed and founded in India. Ayurveda provides treatments for almost all types of diseases, including osteoarthritis. Osteoarthritis

  2. Website: http://shivayahospital.com/ Call: 9424842988 treatment in Ayurveda is done through panchakarma treatment for osteoarthritis. Panchakarma treatment methods include the usage of various sub-methods for the treatment and detoxification of the human body. In this article, we are going to learn how panchakarma treatment for osteoarthritis works and how it helps cure osteoarthritis through Ayurveda. In Intr trod oduct uctio ion n t to o O Ost steoa eoart rthr hritis itis Osteoarthritis is one of the most common types of arthritis in which the flexible tissues at the end of the bones wear down. It causes pain, reduces joint movements and even makes cracking sound from the affected joints while moving. Osteoarthritis occurs when the cartilage that acts as cushions between two bones at joint wear due to old age or any type of injury. It may get worse with age causing immovability or excessive pain. Pain in the joints of the hand, leg (knee), hip, spine, lower back, are the common symptoms of this disease. Generally, various surgical procedures are used to treat osteoarthritis, which may even include complete replacement of the affected joint with artificial joints. However, these procedures may have their side effects which may reduce the longevity of the joint and can cause permanent damage in the worst case. Osteoarthritis treatment in Ayurveda is much more feasible and less- painful through panchakarma treatment for osteoarthritis. Pa Panc ncha hakar karm ma a Tr Treatm eatmen ent fo t for r Os Ost teoa eoart rthr hri itis tis

  3. Website: http://shivayahospital.com/ Call: 9424842988 Panchakarma is the combination of five treatment methods which is used to detoxify your body and/ or treat certain diseases like Osteoarthritis. The purpose of Panchakarma is to balance the three doshas of our bodies namely the Vata, Pitta and Kapha. The five treatment methods in Panchakarma include the following; Vamanam, Virechanam, Aasthaapana/Niruham, Anuvaasan andNasyam. V Vama amanam: method is used to prompt and eliminate Kapha, which causes excess mucus in the body. These congestions in the lungs are the main causes of repeated bronchitis, cold and cough.Vamanamthera py is the best to eradicate such diseases from the body. Also, this method helps cure nam: This chronic skin diseases such as psoriasis. V Vir irec from the intestines by administering therapeutic laxative or therapeutic purgation. Virechanam is the most suitable treatment method in the case of jaundice and haemorrhoid. echa hanam: nam: This method is used to eliminate toxic matter Aa Aasth sthaap Kashaya Vasti used to combat Vata or colon dominant diseases. Vasti involves the introduction of a herbal mixture aapan ana/ a/Ni Niru ruham: ham: It is an enema using quath or

  4. Website: http://shivayahospital.com/ Call: 9424842988 into the rectum to provide relief from constipation, kidney stones, backaches, sciatica and other types of joint pain. A Anuvaas nuvaasan: diseases including diabetes, obesity and anaemia. Also, All Vata aggravated diseases, such as joint disorders, paralysis, constipation, arthritis, urinary and reproductive disorders benefit from the practice of Anuvaasan. an: This method is used to treat people with

  5. Website: http://shivayahospital.com/ Call: 9424842988 hri iti tis is s is h help elpful? H How ow Pa Panc nchak hakar arma ma Tre Treatme atment nt f fo or r Os Ost teoa eoart rthr ful? Panchakarma is very effective treatment method for Osteoarthritis treatment in Ayurveda. As mentioned above the panchakarma is included of five different processes used for different purposes along with providing treatment for various joint-related problems. The Osteoarthritis treatment in Ayurveda works on the roots rather than just providing temporary relieve from the pain like their allopathic counterparts. The benefits of panchakarma treatment for osteoarthritis are as follows; 1. 1. It w It wo ork treatments provide permanent relief from any disease. The panchakarma treatment for osteoarthritis eradicates the disease from its roots and makes it almost impossible for the symptoms to return. Also, the Ayurvedic method works better on the actual rootcause of the disease and it stops further progression of the disease. rks s o on n th the e ro root ots: s: Unlike allopathy, Ayurvedic 2. 2. Ayu Ayurv just about providing herbal medicines to the sufferer, whereas it is the combination of medicines, diet and exercise. All these actions complement each other and aid the progress of the treatment. rveda eda is is m mor ore e t tha han n j jus ust t me medici dicine nes: s: Ayurveda is not

  6. Website: http://shivayahospital.com/ Call: 9424842988 3. 3. Red Reduce Ayurveda has the utmost benefit that it does not let diseases affect the body again in the future. It works on the whole body and somewhat increases the immunity against almost all diseases which reduces the risk of further infections, even in case of other illnesses other than osteoarthritis. uces s ris risk k of f of fut utur ure i e infectio nfection ns: s: Treatment with For more information, call us on 9 94 42 2484 4842988. 2988. Website: http://shivayahospital.com/ Call: 9424842988 Thank You

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