Many people would argue that poster advertising is a dying art form, but it can
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Why posters are good for advertising

Many people would argue that poster advertising is a dying art form, but it can

be very effective in some industries. Poster Perth advertising is most commonly

used in entertainment to inform the public of the latest act or event held at a

popular arena. Grocery stores, politicians and sort news of company may also

use posters to advertise. Poster advertising is more effective in attracting

visitors walking or driving in a high-traffic area.

We are look poster displays many times, in many places, but it never really

struck me that not only am they are a very effective method of sharing

knowledge, they also support staff engagement. Show very useful posters

advertise like bellow some point of advantages for posters.

1 Simple Designs are best

People who are unfamiliar with marketing often think that they should include

as much information as possible on a poster. The key to an effective poster

design is large font and only basic information. In marketing it is often said, “A

picture is worth a thousand words.” If advertising for an artist, the artist’s

photograph, name, date, location of the event and maybe one other piece of

information will suffice for an effective poster design.

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Why posters are good for advertising

2. Low Costs art form, but it can

The creative process of a poster involves a copywriter, a graphic designer and a

printer. You can hire a poster distributor or simply hang the posters yourself. It

is a simple process that won't cost an arm and a leg. However, you need to be

mindful of local laws that may prevent posters from being displayed in certain


3 Visibility

You can hang multiple posters in one location to increase brand visibility. It's

quite normal to see entire rows of the same poster lining the side of a street or

subway. Bombarding people with imagery will ensure the message is going to

sit in their heads long after they have viewed the poster.

4 Repetition

When in a subway station, it's not unusual to see the same poster more than

once, sometimes even to the point of two posters alternating along the

platform. And why not? People tend to be exposed to posters repeatedly in the

same location. People who are part of a captive audience, such as those riding a

subway train or standing in line at a bank, are going to look at the posters

around them. Seeing the same message repeatedly helps to drive that message

home. Just remember to change the poster occasionally so it doesn't become

part of the scenery.

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