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Latest Kalamkari Sarees Designs PowerPoint Presentation
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Latest Kalamkari Sarees Designs

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Latest Kalamkari Sarees Designs - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Latest Kalamkari Sarees Designs

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  1. SHATIKA Presents Kalamkari Sarees

  2. KraftedKalamkari Sarees A craft that originated over 3000 years ago, kalamkari art is full of life. Naturally dyed and exclusively hand painted, the Kalamakari silk sarees and kalamkari cotton sarees are unique and colorful. The complexity of the art, the motifs and the colors used and the way they are all placed so busily close to each other and yet making it look very beautiful and lively, women tend to take an instant liking towards kalamkari sarees, one of the reasons why they are also very popular among current generation designers. The two main regions where pure Kalamkari sarees are made in Andhra Pradesh are Machalipatnam and Srikalahasti. While on first glance, the sarees made in both these places look similar, their design concepts and techniques vary. While handloom kalamkari sarees made in Machalipatnam host designs inspired by nature like the trees, flowers, leaves animals and birds, the sarees from Srikalahasti portray fragments from the epics of Ramanaya and Mahabharata.

  3. Devika Peacock Naturally Dyed and Hand-Painted Kalamkari Pure Cotton Saree An epitome of elegance and grace this Hand Painted Kalamkari Cotton Saree in Black and White is a must in your fashion wardrobe. Undaunted by the modern trends, these kalamkaricotton sarees redefine traditional fashion.

  4. Bhoomija Blooming Naturally Dyed And Hand-Painted Kalamkari Pure Cotton Saree Graceful and Fancy naturally dyed, kalamkari hand painted saree in black and red. The floral prints and ornate pallu, make this Kalamkari saree with pretty border a great ensemble.

  5. Nikita Blooming Naturally Dyed And Hand-Painted Kalamkari Pure Cotton Saree Look chic with this modern hand painted pure kalamkarisilk sareesfrom Andhra Pradesh, with indian mythological figurines painted on the pallu. The multi color combination gives that extra edge to this cotton saree

  6. Aisha Chessboard High Class Naturally Dyed Hand-Painted Kalamkari Pure Silk Saree The kalamkari cotton saree has a hand painted border of bell flowers and leaves. The two tone checks painted on the saree is dramatic. The pallu has peacocks which stand out, painted on a dark background.

  7. Seethe Epic Naturally Dyed And Hand-Painted Kalamkari Pure Cotton Saree Bright yet with a rustic look to them, Kalamkari Pure Silk Sarees are visually arresting. Naturally Dyed and Hand-Painted, these Kalamkari sarees are premier and ritzy. Woven in Srikalahasthi, the temple town of Andhra Pradesh, the beauty of these Kalamkari silk sarees lies in their bold busy yet beautiful motifs

  8. Shatika Handloom Sarees Unveil the Beauty of Indian Heritage through Indian Handloom Sarees Since the dawn of civilization, handlooms have been associated with excellence in India’s artistry in textiles and fabrics, and sari which is considered to be the most ancient piece of clothing has been inspiring generations of artists and craftsmen to weave their dreams and visions into creating exquisite handloom sarees. However with passage of time, just like the clacking sounds of the looms, the dreams and visions of these weaves too are fading away. In an attempt to bring handloom sarees back in vogue, Shatika has begun a revolution; a six yard sari revolution is a humble attempt at bringing back the lost love for handloom sarees. Dedicated to creating a unique interpretation of the age old craft, we travel to all colourful corners of the country visiting weavers, guiding them on the latest trends so they weave out the age old tradition with a modern touch and bring them online so you can savor the delights of hand picking them from the comfort of your homes.

  9. Want To Check Out Latest Collections of Kalamkari Sarees Phone: +91 9425705766 WhatsApp: +91 8823886555 Visit Thank You