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Ikat Patola Silk Sarees Online Shopping

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Ikat Patola Silk Sarees Online Shopping - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Ikat Patola Silk Sarees Online Shopping - Looking to buy a handloom patola silk saree in variety of designs? Visit our website today to find handpicked handloom patola sarees from gujarat online at exclusive discounts

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Patola Silk Sarees

grand patola silk sarees
Grand Patola Silk Sarees

The small town of Patan that is situated 127 Kms North of Ahmedabad inherits the rich cultural heritage of Gujarat and is world renowned due to its Patolas saree that is a sacred silk cloth tie and dyed in double ikat which took to different forms over time. Since its creation and advent more than 700 years back, PatanPatolas today take form in the shape of handmade saris draped by women on important religious occasions and wedding ceremonies. The most important process involved is making of Patola silk sarees is that of tie and dye using natural dyes like catechu, cochineal, indigo, turmeric, Natural Lakh, Harde, madder roots, manjistha, ratnajyot, katha, kesudo, pomegranate skin, henna, marigold flower, etc to display vibrant colours in the silk sari or fabric. Alum, copper sulphate, ferrous sulphate, tin chloride, potassium dichromate and other mordents are also used in the tedious dyeing process. A unique feature that distinguishes hand dyed Patola sarees from other textiles is that the saree even after heavy wear and tear will never fade in colour or design! 

fancy golden patola silk saree
Fancy Golden Patola Silk Saree

Make a fashion statement with this fancy golden ikat patola silk saree with circular colour prints all over the saree and golden zari border

double colour patola silk saree
Double Colour Patola Silk Saree

Crafted using the handloom ikat and silk fabrics, this double color patola silk saree in bottle green and dark gold is a feast to the eyes and are perfect for the wardrobe of the handloom textile lovers

pure off white ikat patola saree
Pure Off White IkatPatola Saree

A classic example for a glorified and unique weave, this grand off white ikat patola silk saree needs no more embellishments. Adorned with a pink broad border and pallu gets its beauty from the simplicity of its design and texture

small bootis patola silk saree in yellow
Small BootisPatola Silk Saree in Yellow

When the simplicity of the small bootis meets the well defined ikat pattern pallu, it creates magic such as this bright yellow patola silk saree. One can see visually enchanting traditional designs like geometrical figurines on these Patola silk sarees online.

classic black patola silk saree
Classic Black Patola Silk Saree

Resplendent looking classic black patola saree is enlivened by well defined floral figurine on the pallu of the saree. The art of hand weaving PatanPatola silk sarees is a taxing, complicated and laborious task that involves four or five of a family of artisans labor who toil for more than 5-6 months

shatika handloom sarees
Shatika Handloom Sarees

Unveil the Beauty of Indian Heritage through Indian Handloom Sarees

Since the dawn of civilization, handlooms have been associated with excellence in India’s artistry in textiles and fabrics, and sari which is considered to be the most ancient piece of clothing has been inspiring generations of artists and craftsmen to weave their dreams and visions into creating exquisite handloom sarees. However with passage of time, just like the clacking sounds of the looms, the dreams and visions of these weaves too are fading away. In an attempt to bring handloom sarees back in vogue, Shatika has begun a revolution; a six yard sari revolution is a humble attempt at bringing back the lost love for handloom sarees. Dedicated to creating a unique interpretation of the age old craft, we travel to all colourful corners of the country visiting weavers, guiding them on the latest trends so they weave out the age old tradition with a modern touch and bring them online so you can savor the delights of hand picking them from the comfort of your homes.


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