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Teaching with the Tablet PC

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Teaching with the Tablet PC - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Teaching with the Tablet PC. Dr. Roger Von Holzen Ms. Darla Runyon. Northwest Missouri State University. The Tablet PC. Debuted over three years ago Has made steady inroads into the notebook computer market

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teaching with the tablet pc

Teaching with the Tablet PC

Dr. Roger Von Holzen

Ms. Darla Runyon

Northwest Missouri State University

the tablet pc
The Tablet PC
  • Debuted over three years ago
  • Has made steady inroads into the notebook computer market
  • Industries such as health care and insurance have embraced tablet PC’s, which can speed the process of records and forms
  • Area that shows the most promising uses for the Tablet PC is in the classroom
  • Surprising—people in education still purchase traditional notebook computers
    • Price overriding functionality*
key educational features
Key Educational Features
  • Inking capability
  • Built-in wireless technology
  • Handwriting and speech recognition
  • Note taking and research
  • Specialized software*
inking capability
Inking Capability
  • Primary “killer app”
  • Extremely valuable for grading and presentation purposes
    • Allows an instructor to electronically grade digital versions of assignments
    • Grade in a paperless environment
    • Employ all of the best features of the traditional “red pen” grading process
    • Files can be saved and returned to students via the dropbox*
inking capability5
Inking Capability
  • Works in Word, Excel and PowerPoint
  • Non-Office files can be “printed” to Windows Journal
    • An image of the file is “printed” to Windows Journal by selecting Journal Note Writer as the printer option
    • Marked up files can be exported as
      • Web archive files—MHTML
        • Viewed by students with Internet Explorer
        • Retains color
      • Tagged image files—tif
        • Viewed using Microsoft Office Document Imaging program
        • Image only in black and white*
inking capability10
Inking Capability
  • Markup Options
    • Pen size
      • Ballpoint
      • Felt tip
      • Highlighter
    • Pen color
    • Eraser
    • Line color (works only with felt tip)
    • Line style (works only with felt tip)
  • Markups can only be viewed in Print View option
    • Students do not need a Tablet PC to view markups
    • Will need related Office product
  • Grading example*
classroom presentations
Classroom Presentations
  • Incorporation of a Tablet PC with a classroom projector provides an instructor with the following features
    • notebook computer
    • electronic whiteboard
    • much lower price
  • Wireless technology built into the Tablet PC gives the instructor
    • added flexibility within the classroom environment
    • enhanced lectures and discussions using the inking features*
windows journal
Windows Journal
  • Electronic overhead projector
    • Templates
    • Handwritten notes can be converted to text*
classroom presenter
Classroom Presenter
  • Free presentation system for the Tablet PC
    • Whiteboard environment is much like a SmartBoard system
    • http://www.cs.washington.edu/education/dl/presenter/
  • Convert PowerPoint presentation to the .csd file (option in PowerPoint)
  • Open .csd file in Classroom Presenter
    • Annotate on slides or in the white space surrounding the slide
    • Example*
classroom presenter14
Classroom Presenter
  • Present using the blank slide deck
  • Able to export marked up slides or whiteboard images as .gif files
  • Post .gif files to course management system
  • Example*
unique features
Unique Features
  • Built-in handwriting and speech recognition
  • Convert handwritten notes to text
    • Not possible to train handwriting capability
    • Languages recognized:
      • UK English, U.S. English, French, German, Spanish, Japanese, Korean, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese
  • Input commands and notes via speech
    • Need to train system to recognize your speech pattern
    • Languages recognized:
      • English, Japanese, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese*
unique features16
Unique Features
  • Example—Theatre direction notes
    • Input notes via speech into Word
    • Convert to text
    • Provide up-to-the-minute notes to actors*
beyond the killer app
Beyond the Killer App
  • Countless other features of the Tablet PC that can greatly add to the instructional atmosphere of the classroom
    • Microsoft OneNote,
      • Complex, user-friendly software
      • Contains an array of electronic file cabinets and folders available at the touch of the digital pen
      • Built-in voice and handwriting recognition features can be valuable for both note taking and for research*
  • Improved note taking
  • Software provides one location to store notes
  • Digital organization tool for research, projects and meetings*
  • Capture information in multiple ways
    • Typed or handwritten notes
    • Audio notes recordings
    • Video recordings
    • Drawn diagrams
    • Information inserted directly from the Web
      • Source URL automatically included*
  • Organize information
    • Create notebooks and folders by customized topics
    • Search notes quickly
    • Create and search for Note Flags which highlight important information
    • Rearrange notes using drag-and-drop operation*
  • Reuse and share notes
    • Easily move notes from notebook to notebook
    • Use notes in other programs
    • E-mail notes or publish them to a Web site
  • OneNote Video Demo
  • OneNote File Demo*
  • Shared note taking sessions using OneNote
    • With connection to the Internet or network
    • View and work on notes collaboratively with team members
      • Notes can be shared in presentation mode, but can not be modified*
collaborative learning spaces
Collaborative Learning Spaces
  • Collaborative learning spaces provide motivation for
    • Construction of knowledge through groups rather than passively absorbing information as an individual
    • Synchronous or asynchronous methods for student engagement and interaction*
other tablet pc features
Other Tablet PC Features
  • Capable of using inking feature with Outlook e-mail messages
    • Handwritten notes appear as images to e-mail recipient
  • Sticky notes
    • Electronic version of Post-it Notes
    • Accepts handwritten and voice recorded notes
  • eBooks
    • Capable of reading eBooks on screen
    • www.gutenberg.org/catalog/
    • Search for “free eBooks”
  • Snipping Tool for Tablet PC
    • Allows you to easily “cut out” anything on screen and share it with others*
microsoft downloads and powertoys
Microsoft Downloads and PowerToys
  • Additional programs that can add fun and functionality to the Tablet PC experience
    • www.microsoft.com/windowsxp/downloads/powertoys/tabletpc.mspx
    • www.tabletpcpost.com
  • Variety of education-related software available
    • Calculator for Tablet PC, FractionPractice, MathPractice, Art Tool for Tablet PC*
microsoft downloads and powertoys26
Microsoft Downloads and PowerToys
  • Additional examples:
    • Physics Illustrator
    • Tablet PC Music Composition Tool
    • Word Search Game
    • Writing Practice Tool for Tablet PC*
tablet pc tips
Tablet PC Tips
  • Two types of Tablet PCs
    • Convertible
      • Bulkier and larger screen
      • Keyboard and other peripherals included
    • Slate
      • Less weight, smaller
      • Need for external peripherals, such as keyboard, CD-ROM drive
  • Screens can be scratched but doesn’t impact viewing*
roger von holzen rvh@mail nwmissouri edu darla runyon drunyon@mail nwmissouri edu

Roger Von Holzenrvh@mail.nwmissouri.eduDarla Runyondrunyon@mail.nwmissouri.edu

Center for Information Technology in EducationNorthwest Missouri State University