study skills and reading strategies for content area reading l.
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Study Skills and Reading Strategies for Content Area Reading PowerPoint Presentation
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Study Skills and Reading Strategies for Content Area Reading

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Study Skills and Reading Strategies for Content Area Reading - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Study Skills and Reading Strategies for Content Area Reading. Suzan B. Nunn.

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Teachers must guide students to learn to the best of their ability. Each student will have a different style in which he or she learns the best. In this presentation, I will share with you study skill and reading strategy websites that will be beneficial to students, teachers, and parents.
“The nobles exercise of the mind within doors, and most befitting a person of quality, is study.”~Sir William Ramsey~

Students must have a variety of strategies to be effective in their studying and learning. Teachers should instill in students important cognitive and metacognitve processes such as being able to:

  • Select important ideas and restate them in their own words.
  • Reorganize and elaborate on these ideas.
  • Ask questions concerning the significance of targeted information and ideas.
  • Monitor when you know and when you do not understand.
  • Establish goals and define your task.
  • Evaluate plans and reflect on the strategies you selected.

Brozo, W.G., & Simpson, M.L. (1999). Readers, teachers, learners: Expanding literacy across the content areas (3rd Edition). New Jersey: Merrill Prentice Hall.

university of north carolina at chapel hill counseling and psychological services
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Counseling and Psychological Services

Improving Your Study Skills

This website gives guidelines on how to improve study skills.

The first piece of advice is to Review Regularly and Plan to Study Ahead. This will keep the student from having an “All-Nighter.” Instead, all that will be necessary from the student is to simply review.

Other information is broken down into three parts:

  • Study Habits
  • Preparing for an Exam
  • Ten Traps of Studying
university of st thomas study guides and strategies
Preparing to learn


Classroom participation

Learning with others

Project Skills

Reading Skills

Taking Tests

Writing Basics

Math and Science


University of St. ThomasStudy Guides and Strategies

Study Guides and Strategies

This website has many different links listed to helped students become more active learners. They include:

virginia tech s department of student affairs cook counseling center
Virginia Tech’s Department of Student Affairs & Cook Counseling Center

This site gives information on study skills and self-help. Click on the hyperlinks below to view information.

glencoe online teaching today education up close
GLENCOE OnlineTeaching TodayEducation Up Close

Reading in the Content Areas:

Strategies for Success

This website gives content teachers guidance in how to structure their lessons in order to assist struggling readers, boosting them to proficient performance when reading content-based material.

meeting the secondary reading challenge
Meeting the Secondary Reading Challenge

Meeting the Secondary Reading Challenge

This website was designed to help secondary teachers in the state of Florida increase the reading abilities of their students. The site has many links to other sites that would be beneficial to teachers, students, and parents. They include:

  • Program Guide
  • Best Practices
  • Teaching Reading
  • Interdisciplinary Reading in the Content Areas
  • Reading Teachers
  • Content Area Teachers
  • Teachers of ESOL Students
  • Parents
  • Students

There are also special links to forms, self-checks, a glossary, journals, and media center.