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Student Enrollment Services

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Student Enrollment Services. Topics. Eagle One Card & Meal Plan Billing Information Financial Aid Student Employment Academic Services Parent’s Web Page & Online Services Contacting Us. Eagle One Card.

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  • Eagle One Card & Meal Plan
  • Billing Information
  • Financial Aid
  • Student Employment
  • Academic Services
  • Parent’s Web Page & Online Services
  • Contacting Us
eagle one card
Eagle One Card
  • It is the official Boston College identification for students, faculty & staff in the BC community
  • It can be used to access many services at the university
eagle one card services
Eagle One Card Services
  • Residence Meal Plans
  • Optional Dining & Eagle Bucks
  • Access to university buildings
  • BC Libraries
  • BC Recreational Complex
  • BC Bookstores
  • Laundry
  • Off-campus dining, retailers and taxi
  • Computer printing
residential meal plan residential dining bucks
Residential Meal Plan & Residential Dining Bucks
  • Residential Dining Plan $1,825
  • Residential Dining Bucks $ 125
  • Total Semester Cost $1,950
optional dining bucks
Optional Dining Bucks

10% discount all day, everyday + additional 10% discount before 9AM and between 4:30 – 6PM

optional eagle bucks
Optional Eagle Bucks

Optional Plan for students to charge at:

  • On Campus Restaurants
  • BC Bookstore
  • Residence hall laundry
  • Selected off campus restaurants
  • Taxi service
  • Retail stores
adding money to dining or eagle bucks
Adding Money to Dining or Eagle Bucks
  • Parents can add funds to the student’s Eagle Bucks account by going to:
  • Click on Eagle Bucks account and follow the instructions. You will need to know the students eagle number or SS# and month and day of birth.
billing information
Billing Information
  • Payment Policy
  • Billing Statements
  • Tuition & Fees – 2005-2006
  • Payment Due Dates
  • Monthly Payment Plan
  • Tuition Stabilization
payment policy
Payment Policy
  • Boston College requires that tuition & fees be paid in full on the due dates each term unless you enroll in the University’s monthly payment plan.
  • The fall semester bill is due August 10, 2005 & the spring semester bill is due December 15, 2005.
miscellaneous fees
Miscellaneous Fees
  • Health Services $362
  • Identification Card Fee $ 30
  • Student Activities $126
  • Orientation Fee $325
  • Lab Fees $145 - $265
medical insurance
Medical Insurance
  • Massachusetts law requires that all undergraduate students are enrolled in a Health Insurance Plan. Students are automatically enrolled in the BC Health Insurance Plan and the charges are added to each semester’s bill - $503 in the fall; $641 in the spring
  • Students who are covered by a family plan may waive this fee by going to Agora and clicking on Uview and then medical insurance.
  • Students enter their insurance information & the fee is credited back on the bill.
  • Student’s under the age of 18 must complete a paper waiver that the parents sign.
health services fee
Health Services Fee
  • All resident students and some commuter students are charged a mandatory health services fee for care at the university health service.
  • Cost is $362 per year.
  • The fee is in addition to the medical insurance.
  • The fee may not be waived (unless the student resides off-campus).
adjustments to your bill
Adjustments to Your Bill
  • Financial Aid Awards
  • Work-Study
  • Pending Credits
  • Outside Scholarships
financial aid vs the bill
Financial Aid vs. the Bill
  • Actual credits
    • Boston College Scholarship
    • Federal Supp. Ed. Opportunity Grant (SEOG)
  • Pending credits
    • Federal Pell Grant
    • Federal Stafford Loan
    • Federal Perkins Loan, MA No Interest Loan, Nursing Loan
    • State Scholarship
  • Aid that does not credit bill
    • Federal Work-Study
outside aid
Outside Aid
  • Outside Aid - aid awarded outside of Student Services
  • Outside Scholarships may affect your financial aid award. While every student’s financial aid may be affected differently, Boston College works to provide the student with as much benefit as possible for these outside awards.
  • State scholarships are NOT considered outside aid and will reduce BC funds first.
tuition stabilization plan
Tuition Stabilization Plan
  • Prepay 4 years of tuition by August 10.
  • Tuition rate is frozen at this year’s rate.
  • May use a MEFA loan to finance any portion.
  • No cancellation penalty if student withdraws from the University.
methods of payments
Methods of Payments
  • ACH / ECHECK Payments
  • Checks
  • AMS Payment Plan
  • Outside Awards (scholarships)
  • Alternative Financing
  • Tuition Stabilization Plan (TSP)
ach echeck payments
  • To make a payment to your students account go to:
  • You will be asked if you want to pay tuition or add money to Dining or Eagle Bucks?
  • Click on the one you want - You will need to know the student’s Eagle or SS# and Month and Day of Birth
  • Follow directions from there
monthly payment plan
Monthly Payment Plan
  • The university offers a monthly payment plan that allows students to pay tuition and required fees in 10 monthly installments.
  • Under this plan, monthly installments are due from May 1, 2005 to February 1, 2006.
  • The plan is managed through Academic Management Services (AMS)
  • May still enroll through 7/25 provided previous payments are made.
alternative financing
Alternative Financing
  • Mass Educational Financing Authority (MEFA)
    • 6.19 Fixed Rate, 4.99 Variable Rate
    • Guaranteed Annual Approval
  • PLUS Loan
  • Total aid including alternative loan cannot exceed the cost of attendance.
  • Other financing options available at the student services website
financial aid
Financial Aid
  • Financial aid awards
  • Application process
  • Determination of eligibility
  • Changes in circumstances
financial aid awards
Financial Aid Awards
  • Sources of assistance
    • Federal, state, institutional, outside/private sources
  • Composed of two basic types of assistance
    • Gift aid - grants and scholarships
    • Self-help aid - loans and work study
returning student application process
Returning Student Application Process
  • Student reapplies annually
  • Form requirements
    • FAFSA
    • Boston College application
    • Parent and student most recent tax returns, including schedules and W-2’s
    • No PROFILE
determination of eligibility
Determination of Eligibility

Eligibility reassessed each year - aid may change due to:

  • Changes in family income
  • Changes in number in college or household
  • Change in cost of attendance

(resident vs. off-campus apt. vs. commuter)

  • Change in status or program (International Study, RA)
student employment
Student Employment
  • Federal Work-Study Awards
    • Awarded to student as part of the financial aid package
    • Student was notified in the financial aid award letter
    • Eligible students receive preference for available positions
    • Positions are available on & off campus
    • It is the student’s responsibility to secure a position
    • Federal work-study awards are not deducted from a student’s tuition bill – student is paid weekly through Direct Deposit to a checking or savings account for the hours worked.
Students without Federal

Work-Study Awards

  • Positions are available on campus for students who do not have federal work-study and they follow the same hiring process.
  • Students may access which is an online resource for people in the area who are looking for students to hire.
finding a job
Finding a Job
  • The 2005-2006 academic year job listings will be available on the web Friday, Sept 2.
  • Positions are filled on a first come, first serve basis.
  • Student should contact the supervisor for an interview.
  • Jobs continue to be added to website so students should continue to check if they don’t secure a position immediately.
When employment is agreed upon:
  • Student completes the I-9 form which

identifies & proves eligibility to work.

  • Student must present original social

security card or birth certificate or U.S.

passport or permanent resident card.

  • Student may not present photocopy.
  • Student downloads tax forms from the

HRSC website.

academic services
Academic Services
  • Provides registration services to students
  • Provides certification of enrollment letters
  • Provides degree audits to students
  • Records and reports grades
  • Issues transcripts
degree audit
Degree Audit
  • Matches courses to degree requirements to show academic progress
  • Distributed at registration each semester & students may request on-line through agora
  • Degree audit includes:
    • Core
    • Language (A&S, CSOM)
    • Major
    • Minor
    • Electives
grades transcripts
Grades & Transcripts
  • Professors post grades to the student system & they are available to students immediately.
  • Students may request on agora that grade mailers be sent to them.
  • Students may request transcripts online.
parents web page
Parents Web Page
  • Go to
  • Select: New Student Services Parents’ webpage
  • Check on financial aid application
  • Make E-Payments
    • pay tuition & fees
    • add money to Dining & Eagle Bucks
  • Parent Information and Important Links
contact us
Contact Us
  • Contact us
    • By telephone at800-294-0294
    • By fax 617-552-4889
    • By email at
    • By mail at:

Boston College

Office of Student Services

Lyons Hall

140 Commonwealth Ave

Chestnut Hill, MA 02467