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Self Exclusion at New Zealand Casinos PowerPoint Presentation
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Self Exclusion at New Zealand Casinos

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Self Exclusion at New Zealand Casinos - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Self Exclusion at New Zealand Casinos. Simon Tam Justice of the Peace NZ Dip.Alc.Ds; MANZASW, MDAPAANZ South Island Asian Services Project Leader Counsellor/Community Social Worker. A comparison self-exclusion programmes between :. America Canada Australia New Zealand.

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Presentation Transcript

Self Exclusion at

New Zealand Casinos

Simon Tam

Justice of the Peace NZ


South Island Asian Services Project Leader

Counsellor/Community Social Worker


A comparison self-exclusion programmes between:

  • America
  • Canada
  • Australia
  • New Zealand
self exclusion in usa
Self Exclusion is left to individual states to regulate.

In Missouri:

Self exclusion - gamblers attend in person to sign forms

Full name, date of birth, height, weight, hair, eye and skin colour

Social security number, occupation, current home, work address ,phone numbers & financial situation

A recent photo and any other noticeable physical characteristics

Exclusion is for life

Missouri Department of Public Safety (2003)

Self Exclusion in USA
self exclusion in usa5

Requires the Self-excluded persons to pledge to not enter the gaming area

Agree to be removed from all mailing, marketing and promotional list and data base

Exclusion can be for life, or up to 5 years, in some cases can be reviewed after 2 years

Illinois Gaming Board 3000

Self Exclusion in USA
consequences for self exclusion breaches in usa
Self-excluders to report breaching to help avoid them to trying to deflect & blame for their relapse on gambling operators

Arrest for trespassing

1 year imprisonment, $1,000.00 fine or both

Forfeiture of jackpots, chips in play and all money owed by the casino

© 2006 National Council on Problem Gambling, Inc.

Consequences for Self Exclusion Breaches in USA
self exclusion in canada
British Columbia:

Self exclusion for 6 months, 1, 2 or 3 years

Applies to all venues with slot machines, commercial bingo halls across BC and /or the PlayNow sites

Refused admittance

The person who breaches may be liable for a $5,000 fine

It is the self excluder’s responsibility to honour the commitment they made to themselves

British Columbia Lotteries Corporation (2002)

Self Exclusion in Canada
canadian american model
Self exclusion is an aid to self control

Consequences are with the gambler

Industry responsibility to assist the problem gambler to stay away

Canadian & American Model
self exclusion in australia
Self exclusion is organised and promoted by the industry

The intention is to exclude: to achieve harm minimisation

Offers abstinence rather then controlled gambling

No consequence for breaches

The South Australia Centre for Economic Studies (2003)

Self Exclusion in Australia
australian model
The industry embraced self-exclusion as addressing problem gambling.

The industry does not accept obligation.

Exclusion is: effective support for an abstinence regime.

Australian Model
new zealand the gambling act 2003
Four main purposes:

The harm caused by gambling is prevented or minimised

That the growth of gambling is controlled

There is local involvement in decisions about provision of gambling

Facilitate responsible gambling

New Zealand The Gambling Act 2003

Self Exclusion in NZ

Gambling Act 2003

  • Section 308: Requirement to develop policy for identifying problem gamblers.
  • Policy must be developed for:
  • Every holder of a class 4 venue license.
  • Every holder of a casino operators license who is conducting casino gambling.

Self Exclusion in NZ

Gambling Act 2003

Section 309: Exclusion maybe issued to problem gambler identified under section 308.

The venue manager or holder of a casino operator’s license, or

a person acting on behalf of either of those persons, must,

after identifying a person under section 308(4) who he or she

has reasonable grounds to believe is a problem gambling,

approach the person and offer information and advice to the

person about problem gambling


Self Exclusion in NZ

Gambling Act 2003

Section 310: Exclusion order must be issued to self-identified problem gambler

A venue manager or the holder of a casino operator’s license,

or a person acting on behalf of either of those persons, must,

promptly after being requested, issue an exclusion order to a

person that prohibits the person from entering the gambling

area of the class 4 venue (as the case may be) for a period of

up to two years


Self Exclusion in NZ

Gambling Act 2003

Section 312: Offences relating to breach of exclusion :

If a self excluded gambler enters a gambling area they committed an offence and can be fined up to $500

If a venue allows a self excluded gambler to enter the gambling area they can be fined up to $10,000 and may lose their licence


Self Exclusion in NZ

Exclusion Options

Venue Exclusion or Self-Exclusion

  • Self –Identified Exclusion:
  • Self exclusion at PGF office
  • Self exclusion at New Zealand Casinos
  • Mailed Application

Self Exclusion in NZ

Exclusion Options

  • Third party to sign the self exclusion needed? No.
  • Spouse, family members and partners or even friends
  • You can self exclude from all casinos in New Zealand

Self exclusion in New Zealand

  • The Problem Gambler identifies him/her and asks for a self exclusion
  • The venue issues an exclusion from 3 months up to 2 years
  • Once an exclusion has been issued it remains in force and can not be revoked

Self Exclusion in NZ

Consequences of breach

  • If you get caught first time- a warning from the Casino. Exclusion will be extended for another two years
  • Second time- a trespass order issued
  • Caught the third time- Police involved and get charged
  • Appear in Court a fine of $500.00 or community work

Self Exclusion in NZ

Positive Rehabilitation at PGF Christchurch

New Zealand

  • Agreement between PGF, Casino and Police in Christchurch:
  • Self exclusion breachers (first time offender) will be sent to Police Diversion Schemes.
  • Referred to PFG by Police Diversion Schemes for counselling & educational programme.

Self Exclusion in NZ

Re-entry to Casino

  • After exclusion expired- You must meet these criteria:
  • No breach of your exclusion agreement.
  • Provide proof that you have attended at least six counselling sessions with a counselling service provider.

Self exclusion in

New Zealand

The self exclusion model emphasises

consumer protection, Controlled



The NZ Gambling Model is

a Public Health Model

Problem gambling viewed as a public health issue:

The community as a whole bears social and financial costs arising from problem gambling.



  • Self Exclusion can be an effective treatment tool
  • To be effective there needs to be shared responsibility by Gambler & Industry
  • The Public Health - Consumer driven approach works
  • It may be that effective consequences are needed to motivate the industry