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Sheep & Goat Production (Page 46) PowerPoint Presentation
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Sheep & Goat Production (Page 46)

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Sheep & Goat Production (Page 46) - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Sheep & Goat Production (Page 46). When we talk about sheep and goats, we often call them . Sheep and goats are similar in size, but have different eating habits. sheep are goats are. Small ruminants. Grazers (eat the pasture). Browsers (eat shrubs, weeds, & trees). Term Sheep Goats

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Sheep & Goat Production (Page 46)

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When we talk about sheep and goats, we often call them .

Sheep and goats are similar in size, but have different eating habits.

sheep are

goats are

Small ruminants

Grazers (eat the pasture)

Browsers (eat shrubs, weeds, & trees)


Term Sheep Goats

adult male

adult female

young female

castrated male

newborn animal

term for giving birth

Ram Buck

Ewe Doe

Ewe lamb ---------

Wether Wether goat or steer goat

Lamb Kid

Lambing Kidding


What has happened to the number of sheep in the US?

Why has this trend occurred?

Where in the U.S. are most of the sheep located?

There are several breed types of sheep we should mention:



hair sheep

Declined, less than 1/2 compared to 1972

low lamb/mutton consumption, low wool prices, predator problems

California, Colorado, Texas & Utah

wool breeds, ewe breeds

meat breeds, sire breeds

evolved in tropics, no wool, heat resistant, parasite resistant & breed year round!


In North Carolina, what are sheep raised for?

club lambs

wool production

meat production

grazing between Christmas trees

shown at fairs

not in NC except for small specialty markets

small amounts

Used a lot in NC … used instead of harsh chemicals

New one … don’t forget pets! This is a big area now!!


Most ewes and does will raise twins or triplets. There is a practice some use to try to get the sheep or goats to have twins/triplets. What is it?

Most sheep are "seasonal breeders." What does this mean?

Flushing … give them extra nutrients before and at breeding to increase # of eggs ovulated

breed only in the Fall (when there is decreasing daylight)


Some people are interested in raising hair sheep because:

1. breeding season

2. shearing

3. parasite resistance

4. heat tolerance

Why don't all sheep producers switch to hair sheep?

breed year round (3 lamb crops in 2 yrs)

don’t have to do it!

fewer die from parasites (like worms)

do better in hot summer climates

not very meaty!


Sheep and goats have a similar gestation length, which is months long.

If you raise sheep or goats, are a major problem, especially if you live near a well-populated area.

Why is it that sheep can graze closer to the ground than cattle?


breed year round (3 lamb crops in 2 yrs)


dogs can run them to death (whippet story)

split upper lip


Types of goats:

meat goat:

dairy goat

Angora goat

pygmy goat

Spanish or "brush" goat

Boer goat (meatiest)

High milk production (managed like a dairy cow)

Produce mohair


weed eaters … not meaty, little wool & little milk


The most popular type of goat in North Carolina right now is:

(go to the OK State web page to see a picture of it!)

Employment opportunities in the sheep and goat industries:


show circuit

Boer goats (growing industry)

breeding, feeding, fences

clip/wash & show

Not a lot of opportunities in NC (but some exist)

  • What is scrapie?
  • Kind of like BSE in cattle … look at this website …
  • This is part of why we have export problems