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Rowing Ireland Strategic Plan Draft PowerPoint Presentation
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Rowing Ireland Strategic Plan Draft

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Rowing Ireland Strategic Plan Draft - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Rowing Ireland Strategic Plan Draft. AGM, Sports HQ 13 Sept 2008. Backdrop. Modest growth Expectations Balance: Home, Int’l Improved facilities (NRC) Weather challenges. Overview. Progress: Grow: the numbers or rowers involved, the quality of development of those rowers,

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Rowing Ireland Strategic Plan Draft

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rowing ireland strategic plan draft

Rowing Ireland Strategic PlanDraft


Sports HQ13 Sept 2008

  • Modest growth
  • Expectations
  • Balance: Home, Int’l
  • Improved facilities (NRC)
  • Weather challenges
  • Progress: Grow:
    • the numbers or rowers involved,
    • the quality of development of those rowers,
    • development of a wide, solid base from which international success may be pursued.
  • Domestic and International activities:
    • part of an integrated whole,
    • geared toward the health of both endeavours.
    • One must not be allowed prevail to the detriment of the other.
key issues
Key Issues
  • Recruitment and Retention
  • Long Term Athlete Development
  • Domestic Events, Clubs
  • International Rowing.
  • Rowing Ireland Structures
  • Communications
  • Identify the key issues
  • Identify the Critical outcome required for success
  • Determine the key initiatives required in order to deliver those outcomes
  • Identify annual key performance indicators
recruitment and retention
Recruitment and Retention

Improving the stream of new recruits both at Junior and Novice level; Retaining rowers in the sport as they leave school.

  • Desired outcomes:
    • Retain higher percentage of ex-Juniors
    • Recruiting Novices;
    • Healthier club, stronger competitors,
    • Enhanced pool of potential coaches and committee workers.
    • Increased need for coaches. Later, an increased pool of coaches.Broadened base/greater pool at Senior and International levels
long term athlete development
Long Term Athlete Development

A structured approach to the development of rowers over a number of years. Ideally, world class athletes emerge from the end of the process. This is a multi-year investment and is integrated with club, regional and International efforts.

  • Desired outcomes:
    • Pathway to assist all rowers in reaching their highest potential over time.
    • Coach Ed will drive the future development of the sport.
    • LTPAD will optimise training programmes, competition structure, how we recruit and develop athletes to reach their potential
domestic events
Domestic Events

A more structured approach to the rowing calendar is indicated, as is a rethink of how regattas offer a pleasurable experience. The challenge of foreign regattas and the impact of national trials need to be addressed or catered for.

  • Desired Outcomes:
    • Calendar better structured to integrate with development towards championships, key international events, Inter’l development.
    • Regattas tailor the events and specialising in sprints, Juniors, etc;
    • Regattas broaden the attraction to become a social event beyond pure rowing – i.e. a festival; improved attendance and support.
    • Clubs better structured to manage their human and other resources
international rowing
International Rowing

The new coaching and development structures post-Beijing need to be put in place to develop toward London 2012 and beyond, but also encompassing competition on the world stage at Junior and U23 as well as senior. The efforts of international development will need to operate hand in glove with the activities domestically.

  • Desired outcomes:
    • Developed existing crop of rowers to achieve best performance at 2012.
    • Irish Rowing consistently compete at World level at Senior, Under 23 and Junior with medals at all levels a real prospect.
    • Crews competing at A-finals at World cup, world championships; Gold medals at Coupe, Home Internationals.
    • Much expanded U23 squad; Expanded Senior squad
    • Refer to the forthcoming High Performance plan for further detail
rowing ireland structures
Rowing Ireland Structures.

The view of Rowing Ireland as “the Board” needs to be changed. Local, regional or provincial resources need to be better engaged in the delivery of a cohesive, integrated structure for management of Irish Rowing

  • Desired outcomes:
    • An ongoing positive relationship with the sport’s sponsors and partners – ISC/Sport-NI; maximised revenue from key supporters.
    • Full engagement with: all participants, individual members, clubs and provincial branches.
    • Integrated delivery of projects/ programmes to develop Rowing through Branch/regional organizations.
    • The appropriate coaching structures to identify/develop talent and teams for Home Internationals, Coupe, U23, world and Olympic regattas.
    • Management and control structures manage the sport at all levels, deliver quality coaching and assure child protection and an ethical approach in all aspects.

Irish Rowing needs to “get the message out” with respect to domestic events, regatta results, International developments and success etc. This needs to be done extensively and professionally

  • Desired outcomes
    • Regular coverage Irish national newspapers and broadcast media.
    • Informed press officers at national and Branch level regularly interacting with the media
    • A website attractive and informative to both public and rower alike
in conclusion
In Conclusion

Each of these Strategic Areas will be developed further with outcomes, initiatives and key performance indicators to be developed for each.

We would welcome feedback to this process.

The implementation of the plan may also be dependent on changes to the relevant Rowing Ireland rules