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ÉCRITURE. Rights available Fall 2010 . Founded in 1991, our group publishes approximately 180 titles per year. Books appear under four imprints : L ’ ARCHIPEL (mainstream, both fiction and non-fiction) PRESSES DU CHATELET (spirituality, health, self development)

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Rights available Fall 2010

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    1. ÉCRITURE Rights available Fall 2010 • Founded in 1991, our group publishes approximately 180 titles per year. • Books appear under four imprints : • L’ARCHIPEL (mainstream, both fiction and non-fiction) • PRESSES DU CHATELET (spirituality, health, self development) • ECRITURE (literary fiction and essays) • ARCHIPOCHE (massmarket paperback) 34 rue des Bourdonnais 75001 Paris Tél. : + 33 (1) 55 80 77 40 - Fax : + 33 (1) 55 80 77 41 Rights Department : Sandrine Robinet (sandrobinet@ecricom.fr)

    2. L’Archipel Fall 2010 Novels / Narratives J.P.S. Brown FORESTS OF THE NIGHT Sierra Madre, Mexico. Adàn Martinillo is a cowboy and hunter. “El Yoco”, a jaguar (which threatens both men and cattle), becomes his archenemy. Adàn leaves his family and begins a long tracking, which will become an obsession…c.260 pages “I have long considered Brown in the top ten of my favorite contemporary American writers.  Simply enough, no one writes more authentically and beautifully about the American west, and Forests of the Night is among his best work.”Jim Harrison New Alain Le Grand WITHIN THE CRITICAL ZONE (Promenades en zone rouge) In Colombia, nothing is protected and nobody can be saved. These short stories are snapshots of life, violence, despair and corruption: an authentic portrait of a society adrift. Alain Le Grand depicts the daily life of different Colombian characters. Several stories, several tragedies and always the same fear, the same fight. When it was published in Colombia, this collection of short stories has been compared to Borgès’s works. 224 pages New Stéphane Rose LET’S HOPE SHE’LL BE A REDHEAD (Pourvu qu’elle soit rousse) After he broke up with his red-haired girlfriend, a desperate lover tries to find the “smell of redness” again on other red-haired women. Our hero enquires on redheads and all clichésand prejudices that surround them. Throughout his study, the lover examines his own obsession. A bold and erotic first novel. 208 pages New Serge Filippini THE FIGHT OF THE THIRTY (Le combat des Trente) A century from now, Paris is no longer a city because of wars, floods and global warming. Abandoned and ruined, the former city is now a jungle where only two skyscrapers remain, face to face. A war leader rules each tower: Rob and Angst. They are more or less brothers or cousins. Both want Paris back to life. “Murderers” and “ruled” will fight, thirty against thirty. A gothic, medieval and futuristic atmosphere. 288 pages New Eduardo Manet THE THREE CASTRO BROTHERS (Les Trois frères Castro) “He is dead”. The former colonel José Antonio Montes does not need to tell anything more to his friend Salvador. For fifty years, everybody has known to whom this “he” refers: Fidel Castro. The news will only be official at noon but José knows it since four in the morning. This is an opportunity for the old men to forget their quarrels and to talk about the past: Cuba, the Castro brothers who were so different from each others… 256 pages New By the same author:A CUBAN IN PARIS RaphaëlConfiant LOUIS AUGUSTIN’S AMAZING FALL (L’Emerveillable chute de Louis Augustin) RaphaëlConfiant, one of the most famous Caribbean writers, gathers a collection of short stories which depict life in the Caribbean Islands in the time of slavery and sugar-cane plantations as well as nowadays (in a violent Martinique in search for identity). Between tradition and modernity, these short stories are by turns ironical, cynical, moving, funny and thrilling. 224 pages New By the same author: THE OUTER DARKNESS THE RUM TRILOGY: DAMNED SUGAR CANE* - THE RUM FACTIOY** - THE DISSIDENCE*** THE HAPPY BARBARIAN Rights sold in Russia (BSG-Press) MAROON NIGGER AIMÉ CÉSAIRE, THE PARADOXICAL GENIUS 2

    3. Novels / Narratives - L’Archipel Fall 2010 Yann Queffélec MY MOTHER’S PIANO (Le piano de ma mère) - Narrative “How did I become a writer? Maybe because I’ve always liked lying… This autobiography will tell you how tempestuous my relations with my father were and a bit about the Quefellecs, a family as discrete as arrogant”. Goncourt Prize 1985 (Les Noces barbares) recounts his childhood till his mother’s death in 1969. 240 pages By the same author: TABARLY Delphine Chanéac WHAT REMAINS OF ME (Ce qu’il reste de moi) Louise, a 18 year-old virgin, travels to Paris to become a prostitute. She discovers her new job with ingenuity: men’s bodies, fantasies, violence, easy money, pain… Crude and emotional, the tribulations of a woman open to anything to live her own life. 176 pages Valérie Hanotel DIVA (La diva) 1914. Emmy Destinn is a famous Czech soprano. While her life gets stuck in a routine, she meets a man committed in a secret struggle against the Austro-Hungarian state. His organization needs someone able to convey documents between America and Europe. Her hate of the Danubian monarchy encourages her to accept. This novel is inspired by the real fate of Ema Destinnova (1878-1930), singer, national poet and writer. 288 pages Marc Alyn Mr CAT (Monsieur le Chat) Leonardo Da Vinci qualified him a “real masterwork”. From the cat-headed goddess Bastet from ancient Egypt to domestic cat, Marc Alyn dedicates this book to the glorious feline. A literary and artistic trip to catland. Prize 30 Millions d’Amis 2009. 288 pages Gerald Messadié New RAMESSES II, THE IMMORTAL (3 vol.) In his new Egyptian trilogy, Gerald Messadié recounts the life and times of the most famous Pharaoh in Ancient Egypt. The first volume relates Pharaoh’s adolescence, when his name was still Pa-Ramessou. The second volume depicts Pharaoh’s reign. In the third volume, Ramesses’s reign ends and a woman, Tausert, succeeds him in a violent surrounding.330 pages each RIGHTS SOLD in Russia (Family Leisure Club) SUCH A STRONG HOPE (3 vol.) The Iron Years*, The Silver Years**, The Golden Years***. 374, 374 and 352 pages SALADIN, WARRIOR AND PROPHET 312 pages. RIGHTS SOLD in Turkey (Dogan Egmont) MARIE-ANTOINETTE, THE WRENCHED ROSE 440 pages. RIGHTS SOLD in Romania (Nemira) JACOB, THE MAN WHO DEFIED GOD (2 vol.) 308 and 330 pages COULD THIS BE JESUS? a novel 330 pages. RIGHTS SOLD in Russia (Eksmo) THUNDERSTORMS OVER THE NILE (3 vol.) Nefertiti’s Eye*– Tutenkhamon’s Masks**– The Thief of Eternity*** Each volume: 360 pages RIGHTS SOLD in Turkey (Everest Yayinlari), Czech Republic (Argo), Hungary (Gold Book), Russia (Family Leisure Club), Spain (Styria), Romania (Nemira) JEANNE DE L’ESTOILLE (3 vol.) La Rose et le Lys* - Le Jugement des loups** - La Fleur d’Amérique*** Each volume: 408 pages RIGHTS SOLD in Turkey (Ithaki Yayinlari), Czech Republic (Argo), Russia (Inostranka) SAINT-GERMAIN, THE MAN WHO DIDN’T WANT TO DIE (2 vol.) 480 and 440 pages. RIGHTS SOLD in Russia (Eksmo) 3

    4. L’Archipel Fall 2010 Thrillers Gérard Delteil SPECULATOR Daniel Batz left his village to work as a trainee in an economic intelligence agency in Paris. This agency works with a firm which has created a software in the field of stock market speculation called Speculator. One day, the boss’s wife hands the USB flash drive containing the program to her lover. If she does not manage to get it back in time, she will be in serious danger. Daniel Batz, helped by three of his colleagues, has to find the USB flash drive. There begins a new challenge for these Three Musketeers of modern times. 396 pages New By the same author: 2011 – THE DAY PARIS WAS FLOODED LOOTERS OF BAGDAD Rights sold in Poland (Sonia Draga), China (Qunzhong Publishing House) Philippe Bouin (National Mystery Award Cognac 2008) PRETEND TO BE (Paraître à mort) 11 may 1981. Quentin Ayssèdre’s dead body is found on a beach in the north of France. He left a child and a young pregnant widow named Angelique. 25 years later, an unknown German is killed near Angelique’s house. She has an alibi but the judge harasses her. She asks an old lover for help, a famous French journalist. Manipulations, secrets… To some people, reputation is something worth killing for. 308 pages LEAD RHYME (Comptine en plomb) 1965. North of France is bloodened by several murders. A cock’s breeder, a butcher, a fisherman are killed, then a retired foreman, without any visible reason. Yet there is only one murderer. His signature: a lead figurine. 330 pages (National Mystery Award Cognac 2008) STILL LIFE (Natures mortes) After genius painter Joaquim Debbas’s death, his work was nearly forgotten till a gallery owner decides to sell 37 of his yet unknown paintings. On that very day, Debbas’ golem begins terrorising painters of Montmartre… Young detective Flora Régnaud tries to solve the mystery… 352 pages. Archipoche MISTER CONSCIENCE Come Ascension Day and the people of Bruges get ready for the ceremony of the Holy Blood of Christ. But this time, a series of symbolically tinged murders disrupt preparations. Inspector Philippe Daysvat’s investigations will plunge him into the world of madness esotericism and terror. His other self, Mister Conscience, starts having gruesome premonitions… 384 pages. Archipoche. RIGHTS SOLD in Russia (Arabesque) By the same author: TRABOULES TROUBLE (La gaga des traboules) Pierre Hédrich MURDER AT THE NOUVEL OBS (Meurtre au Nouvel Observateur) An investigator at newsweekly “Le Nouvel Observateur”, Marianne Schreiber is found dead in her Paris office. Suicide? Murder? A specialist of Russia, she may have been killed by secret services. Laurent Malherbe, a layout designer, owner of the cutter found near the body, was Marianne’s lover. When he runs away, he becomes suspect number one… 216 pages 4

    5. For Young Readers L’Archipel Fall 2010 New Chantal Grimm THE LITTLE RUNAWAY OF THE ANIMALS (La Petite Fugue des animaux) Chantal Grimm tells the story of animals which want to leave a farm. Rings any bell? Indeed, it reminds us of a famous tale, but there is a difference here: the characters dream of singing at the Paris Opera rather than in the Bremen brass band. The book, which is illustrated with realistic and appealing drawings, is for 3 years old and above. 48 pages Lorris Murail REALITY GIRL Aurore, 14, lives at her grandmother’s since her parents divorced. When both decide to participate in a reality TV show to find true love, the girl, who has nobody to confide in, creates a blog where she can talk about her problems. Through this virtual diary, she tries to communicate with the outside world remaining hidden. Thus, she meets an Australian boy who shares the same passion: butterflies. …One day, she meets him in real life. 288 pages. RIGHTS SOLD in Vietnam (Cong Ty co Phan XYZ) New By the same author: WHAT CLOUDS SAY Marie Bertherat LET’S MEET AT THE DATCHA (Rendez-vous à la Datcha) July 1977. Mouchka, 14, is the daughter of “La Datcha”’s owner, a Russian restaurant in Montparnasse. Gabriel, 16, works at the “Grenier à rêves”, an antique shop. They don’t know each other but both lost one parent. When Mouchka pushes the door of the antique shop she enters at the same time Gabriel’s life. A love story in Paris. 256 pages Anne-Marie Pol A GHOSTLY LOVE (L’amour fantôme) So as to be able to marry Yvan des Barres, a 30-year-old writer, young Agnes, 19, leaves her family, friends and studies. She follows him in his forlorn family manor. A frightening situation occurs when Yvan’s past revealed to her. 288 pages Sarah Cohen-Scali SNAP-DRAGON (Gueule de loup) Since his parents divorced, Arthur, 9, lives with her mother. His father, a policeman, lives a life full of adventures that fascinate his son. When Adrien, alone at home, is kidnapped, his father is ready to do anything to get him released…288 pages Mouloud Akkouche GIANTS’ SILENCE (Le silence des géants) Julie discovers that when her father was young, he assaulted a man who was left dead. This man did survive, but he suffers of amnesia. Julie leaves her home and becomes obsessed by this man. 256 pages Jean Luc Bizien WONDERLANDZ Wayne, in spite of is human appearance, is a dragon. A dragon that lived over millenaries thanks to famous authors’ imagination. But a malefic dragon tries to kill the very authors that enable Wayne to live. With a young writing girl, our dragon will stage a fight against his long-standing rival. 304 pages Noël Simsolo CROQUET’S SECRET (Le Secret du professeur Croquet) EVILNESS GENIUS (Les Génies du mal) Two adventures of Adrien Destouches, a young burglar-detective in the 30’s. 288 pages each volume 5

    6. L’Archipel Fall 2010 History Philippe Delorme UNMASKED HENRI IV (Henri IV démasqué) “Good king Henry” is famous for his qualities: tolerant, seducer, good towards his people… Some even say he is one of the best French sovereigns. But who was the real Henry? Through various sources, Philippe Delorme brings into light the hidden face of the so-called “Great King”and reveals his darkest side. The author uncovers unknown aspects of this mythical figure. 418 pages New François Flohic CLOSE TO DE GAULLE – THE STORY OF A CAMP ASSISTANT (De Gaulle intime – Un aide de camp raconte) François Flohic, de Gaulle’s camp assistant from 1959 to 1963 and from 1965 to 1969, does not only depict the well known General, but the man he experienced daily: a man very different from the image we usually have, who had doubts, fears, someone human. Through various historical events, the reader discovers de Gaulle’s habits, words and thoughts. 160 pages New Gérard A. Jaeger HENRY DUNANT, THE MAN WHO INVENTED THE RED CROSS On July, 24th, 1859, France and Austria were fighting around Castiglione, a village of the Lombard countryside. Henry Dunant (1928-1910) witnessed the battle and all the suffering it implied. A few years later, he convinces several governments to rescue wounded soldiers on battle grounds. Hence the creation of the Red Cross. In 1901, he is awarded the first Nobel peace prize. 312 pages Bernard Vincent LINCOLN Abraham Lincoln (1809-1865) not only embodied the ‘American Dream’ and the ‘self-made man’, he also won the Civil War, ended slavery in America and led a life that combined success and misfortune. Bernard Vincent, a specialist of American politics, is also the author of 1492, the Admirable Year and Thomas Paine. 440 pages By the same author: The Power of words, by Abraham Lincoln (anthology of speeches and letters) Biographies Brigitte Hemmerlin and Vanessa Pontet MIKA He sold more than seven millions records. What is the secret of the dazzling success of Michael Holbrook Penniman, the Anglo-Israeli rock star known as Mika? Through portraits and interviews of personalities rises the portrait of the little prince of the pop planet. 176 pages Stéphane Koechlin MICHAEL JACKSON, WHEN THE ANGEL FELL On June 25th, 2009, the most famous showman in the world died. A rock critic, Stéphane Koechlin, recounts his life and times. 240 pages 6

    7. L’Archipel Fall 2010 Literary essays Patrice Delbourg CENDRARS ODYSSEY (L’Odyssée Cendrars) Fifty years after Blaise Cendrars’ death (January 1961), Patrice Delbourg pays tribute to the famous writer. Each of the characters Cendrars embodied lives throughout this work: the reporter, the poet, the writer, the failed director… from A – like Alfa Romeo (the one he bought to Braque) – to Z – like Zone, Apollinaire’s famous poem which can be paralleled with La Prose du transsibérien. A Renaudot Essay Prize 2010 nominated 224 pages New Jean-Luc Moreau CAMUS ABOVE ALL (Camus l’intouchable) A controversial author, Albert Camus (1913-1960) kept provoking debates alive and dead. Jean-Luc Moreau recounts all literary fights he led in the 50s. 264 pages Frédéric Vitoux CÉLINE, THE ANGRY MAN (Céline, l’homme en colère) Controversed, anti-Semitic, obsessed… Céline is yet one of the prominent writers of the XXth century. Frédéric Vitoux offers a detailed study of a modern classic, 50 years after his death (July 1961). 312 pages Frédérick Tristan A REBEL NAMED DON JUAN (Don Juan le révolté) Does the mythical fortune of Don Juan come from the fact that he is seen as the eternal lover, the frivolous heartbreaker? Or does his behaviour hide other aims? Studying Dom Juan by Molière, Don Giovanni by Mozart, Casanova and contemporary incarnations of revolt, such as Camus or Bataille, Frédérick Tristan, 1983 Goncourt Prize laureate, tackles with the western idea of transgression and progress. 288 pages Illustrated books Michel Pascal BEAUTY OF ZEN (Beauté du Zen) This book gathers the most beautiful Zen sentences (Thich Nhat Hanh, Lao Zi, etc.) illustrated by 150 superb pictures: the tea ceremony, monks rituals, landscapes that look like engravings, purity of noble material, harmony of gardens, absolute grace of pureness, evanescence of cherry trees…224 pages New By the same author: BUDDHIST WISDOM (Sagesse du bouddhisme) WORLD’S BEAUTY (Beauté du monde) Foreword by Marina Vlady ETERNAL RUSSIA (Russie éternelle) Beautifully illustrated, this work makes the reader travel across Russia through different landscapes, portraits and traditions, conveying the spirit of the Slavonic soul. Along 150 photographs, this book offers quotations drawn from Russian writers, playwrights and poets. A lavish collection of pictures displaying the beauty of Russia. 272 pages New François-Xavier Héry - Thierry Enel EGYPTIAN WONDERS (Beauté de l’Egypte) From the source of Nile to Alexandria, 209 pictures bring us to the heart of eternal Egypt. Pictures are associated with words of wisdom, by modern and classical writers… 384 pages 7

    8. L’Archipel Fall 2010 Politics and Society Dr P. Duterte and G. Messadié THE HUMAN FERTILITY CRASH (Le krach du sperme) Over the past decades, many studies have revealed a decrease in the number of spermatozoa and an increase in the number of diseases (cancers, obesity, autism…). The main causes of this situation are the phthalates used in plastic and cosmetics. Our everyday environment is polluted with these toxic substances. The investigation led by Pierre Duterte and Gerald Messadié describes this appalling situation and proposes possible solutions. 288 pages New Jean-Louis Baroux AIRLINES: THE FAILURE OF THE PATTERN (Compagnies aériennes: la faillite du modèle) The biggest the airlines are, the more they lose money and the more they want to grow so as to gain market shares. In a growing sector, how can be explained that the biggest air carriers are still in deficit, despite technological progress? Jean-Louis Baroux goes back over the history of air transport, from the 80’s to its current crisis. 240 pages New Philippe Papin and Laurent Passicousset LIVING WITH THE VIETNAMESES (Vivre avec les Vietnamiens) With 90 millions of inhabitants and as an important intermediary between South-West Asia and East Asia, Vietnam is a major country, but it is not well known. The authors of this book try to explain that Vietnam is more modern than the image people usually have: technology, fashion, entertainment, business are part of this country. The Vietnamese society is in constant evolution. 384 pages New François Clemenceau LIVING WITH THE AMERICANS (Vivre avec les Américains) Terrorism, obesity, the revival of the black community and the dying car industry are many examples of a changing society which François Clemenceau, a French journalist working in Washington since 2003, claims. An essay which reveals Obama’s America. 312 pages In the same collection: LIVING WITH THE CHINESE by Philippe Rochot RIGHTS SOLD in Taiwan (Lohas Traveler Inc.) True accounts Regina Ubanatu WILL I DANCE AGAIN? (L a petite fille qui dansait dans sa tête) Mary, born 1965 in Biafra, is 3 when she is evacuated to the Sainte-Marie camp in Gabon far from the war. She is paralysed and nobody thinks she will survive. Two years later she flies away to France. A new life begins after many surgeries. At 12, she discovers her parents still are alive and she has brothers and sisters in Africa. She now will do all she can to meet her Nigerian family. 240 pages Maurice Grosman THE KICK (N’habite plus à l’adresse indiquée) 1942. Maurice, a 12 year-old boy, receives a kick to the leg in the schoolyard. Bullied as a Jewish boy, he doesn’t know this blow will save his life. The injury degenerates into tuberculosis and Maurice spends the rest of the war in a hospital. At the same time, all his family is exterminated. When war ends, he believes he has been left alone in the world –until his aunt is able to track him… 240 pages RIGHTS SOLD in Italy (La Giuntina) 8

    9. L’Archipel Fall 2010 Psychology Evelyne Ridnik, Jacqueline Bonifay, Annette Coulon ADDICT-TEEN (Ado accro) Addiction is now everywhere: binge drinking, drugs, anorexia, bulimia, tattoos, piercing, sex, sport, Internet, video games… Leaning on case studies, authors explain how psychoanalysis can help dependant youth cope with thin addiction and find the origins of it. 320 pages By the same author: LET’S TALK PSY Isabelle Moley-Massol PATIENT, ILLNESS AND CLOSE RELATIVES In a society where youth and health are worshipped, a severe disease always causes a psychological trauma. This book is aimed at patients and their close relatives so as to help them live better with an ailment or handicap. 336 pages Thierry Gallois NO LONGER A VICTIM (Victime attitude) Thanks to his experience as a psychiatrist working with firemen, Thierry Gallois explains and studies the status of victim. To escape the infernal twirl, changing our way of thinking or acting is necessary and this book helps us succeed. 240 pages By the same author: PSYCHOLOGY OF MONEY - RIGHTS SOLD in Korea (Dongmoon Sun Publishing), China (Beijing World Publishing Corporation) Armelle Oger LIFE CRISIS AND HOW TO SURVIVE THEM (Etats de crise) Teen age, adult age, old age… at all ages we must overcome crisis. As we see our body change, we experience revolt… or depression. Sometimes, all members of the same family face crises… at the same time. Armelle Oger explains how to cope with these difficult stages. 264 pages RIGHTS SOLD in Greece (Polytropon) Alexandra Choukroun I DON’T LOVE MYSELF, AND IT DRIVES ME CRAZY When you feel miserable and weak, when you have hang-ups, your relationship to others is strained. Whether it is a temporary or a permanent situation, you need to accept yourself with more indulgence and have a better vision of the world. Alexandra Choukroun gives advice so as to change our perspectives. 192 pages By the same author: IF YOU LOVE ME, BE UNFAITHFUL Pascal Neveu WHY EVER CHANGE? (Changer? Moi, jamais!) Identity and evolution of personality are two core themes of Pascal Neveu’s study. Through a psychological analysis, he explains how our personality constantly evolves according to our relationships with others. 216 pages Dominique Drillon THE HAPPINESS OF BEING NEUROTIC (Le bonheur d’être névrosé) Neurosis is, according to Freud, a personality disease due to unconscious conflicts between different aspects of the self. One has to learn how to deal with it and make the most of it in every day’s life. An optimistic book indicating how to be happy despite neurosis. 288 pages RIGHTS SOLD in Greece (Polytropon) 9

    10. L’Archipel Fall 2010 Guides Pierrick the Gardener BIO-GARDEN: MY BEST TRICKS (Jardin Bio) How can we turn our garden into a “bio-garden”? Through care to naturals elements (aqua, air, plants and soil), Pierrick reveals the ten essential rules to become a bio-gardener. 176 pages Elise Petter Dr HOUSE, FIRST-AID KIT OF A SERIES-ADDICT Cynical and despising, Gregory House causes admiration or exasperation but no indifference. This non-official companion guide to cult TV series “Dr House” discusses the six first seasons of the show. 176 pages RIGHTS SOLD in Russia (Eksmo) Virginie Michelet NARNIA’S MAGIC WORLD GUIDEBOOK Irish writer C.S. Lewis brought alive the imaginary world of Narnia between 1949 and 1956. Mythological creatures and speaking animals are living in this environment that captivated more than one hundred millions of readers and film fans around the globe. This companion book to the Narnia movies reveals characters and their secrets, and gives the reader all keys to better access Narnia’s world. 360 pages Pierre Ripert EVERYTHING A DAD NEEDS TO KNOW So as to be an ideal dad, one must be able to fish trout, to fix wallpaper and to know dynasties of famous fathers and sons, how to forecast the weather watching birds and appreciate a cigar, how to build an igloo and throw a kite… Meant as a Father’s Day present, this small encyclopaedia describes 100 things to learn so as to become the father every child would dream to have. 160 pages Michel Giffard INTUITION FOR SUCCESS Intuition is a gift that we can use in our professional and personal life. Michel Giffard gives the keys to foster it. Happiness, love, health, money, sex: all themes of success are evoked. Several exercises help apply these tips. 288 pages Pascale de Lomas HOW TO MANIPULATE PARENTS, CHILDREN, COLLEAGUES… WITHOUT GUILT Imagine a marvellous world in which you would master all tools to obtain whatever you want! This guide based on works by psychologists and communication and management experts shows how easy manipulation is and how efficient it can be. 192pages Dominique Chalvin CHALVIN’S 160 LAWS (The Perfect Loser’s Manual) How can one bring one’s company to bankruptcy and ruin one’s professional career! Chalvin gives a double-edged weapon to make one’s way in the business world. 288 pages 10

    11. L’Archipel Fall 2010 Popular Science David Larousserie DOES THE G-SPOT EXIST? AND OTHER MYSTERIES OF SCIENCE (Le Point G existe-t-il ? et 59 autres énigmes irrésolues) Had the dinosaurs cold or warm blood? Where was located the legendary Atlantis? Does the yeti exist? Does the universe come from the nothingness? And what about the G-spot? Are we sure it really exists? David Larousserie discusses 60 mysteries in physics, biology, mathematics that have not been solved yet by science… 304 pages New Frédéric Denhez & Marielle Mayo 100 QUESTIONS TO GENETICISTS Why are some cats fluorescent? Why are mules sterile? Why does the DNA have a double helix aspect? 100 questions about genetics are answered by geneticists. 240 pages By the same author: DO WOMEN HAVE ADAM’S APPLE and others body facts - RIGHTS SOLD in Russia (Eksmo) Philippe de la Cotardière PEDESTRIAN’S GUIDE TO COSMOS (Cosmologie à l’usage du piéton) Studying the sky always fascinated humans. A starry sky is an open window to the unknown. A very accessible guide to planets, stars and meteorological phenomena including latest research on this not so well known cosmos… 264 pages Sexuality Dr Michel Schouman 189 RULES TO MAKE LOVE TO A MAN (Faire l’amour à un homme : les 189 lois ) A sex doctor answers all queries. Women will learn everything they have always wanted to know about men’s pleasure: what positions they prefer? how to give them pleasure? how to help them if they are not self-confident? and what about if they are impotent? But this work also enables men to better know themselves and to experience their sexuality more freely. 176 pages New Margot Saint-Loup 99 FANTASIES THAT DRIVE MEN CRAZY RIGHTS SOLD in Romania (Nemira) 7 SECRETS TO EXPERIENCING PLEASURE EVERY TIME RIGHTS SOLD in Italy (Sperling and Kupfer), Brazil (Ediouro), Spain (Foca), Japan (Kobo Sha), Russia (Eksmo) 177 WAYS TO DRIVE A WOMAN TO SEVENTH HEAVEN 1 million copies sold worldwide: a top seller! RIGHTS SOLD in Italy (Sperling and Kupfer), Denmark (Borgen), Brazil (Ediouro), Spain (Foca), Iceland (PP Forlag), Japan (Kobo Sha), Portugal (Dom Quixote), Latvia (Atena), Poland (Hachette Livre), Russia (Eksmo), Romania (Nemira) 208 NEW WAYS TO MAKE A MAN CRY OUT WITH PLEASURE RIGHTS SOLD in Italy (Sperling and Kupfer), Brazil (Ediouro), Spain (Foca), Island (PP Forlag), Japan (Kobo Sha), Portugal (Dom Quixote), Romania (Nemira), Poland (Hachette Livre), Russia (Eksmo) 11

    12. L’Archipel Fall 2010 Health/Self help Dr Olivier Courtin FEELING BEAUTIFUL AND GOOD ABOUT YOURSELF (Belle et bien dans sa peau) Skin is an extremely complex organ. To keep it beautiful, women have to take care of three major things: genes, body care and way of life. In this book, the director of world famous Clarens company gives them many tools to keep a healthy skin throughout life. 176 pages New Pierre Ripert BETTER LIVE WITH BICARBONATE (Les Bienfaits du bicarbonate) Sodium bicarbonate is a daily product known to facilitate digestion and to reduce the acidity of food. But this natural, healthy and green product can also be used in daily life to wash, scour, clean, cook, freshen… c. 256 pages New Marie-Amélie Picard 20 PRODUCTS THAT HEAL (Ces 20 aliments qui guérissent) Marie-Amélie Picard describes 20 useful fruits, vegetables and spices that can prevent us from being ill and explains how they help solve one’s health disorders. 224 pages RIGHTS SOLD in Poland (Sonia Draga) Kiran Vyas & Marie Borrel HEAL THANKS TO AYURVEDIC MEDICINE Indian traditional medicine stems from ancient texts of this civilization, the Vedas. Ayurveda (which means “science of life”) is based on an energetic vision of the human being. It includes daily hygienic rules, which can favor good health. 192 pages RIGHTS SOLD in Poland (Bauer) Philippe Maslo & Marie Borrel HEAL THANKS TO CHINESE MEDICINE Chinese medicine is probably the oldest in the world. This guide presents main aspects of this medicine, with principles and therapeutic resources we may use every day to prevent or cure most ailments that do not require a doctor. 216 pages RIGHTS SOLD in Poland (Mada) Patrick Bautier and Françoise Dauchy SAVE YOUR ARTERIES (Sauvegardez vos artères) Cardiovascular diseases stem from risks (high blood pressure, cholesterol, tobacco addiction, obesity, diabetes…) whichit is possible to curb efficiently. This guide offers advice to protect arteries: diagnosis and treatments. 232 pages Gérard Pouradier WILL YOU CARE FOR MORE PESTICIDES? (Vous reprendrez bien un peu de pesticides?) 80% of cancer stem from our plates. This essay gathers evidences of dangers linked with pesticides and intensive farming. 240 pages Michel Pascal and Djana Schmidt SPIRITUAL REBIRTH (Le ressourcement spirituel) Here is a new method of self-improvement adapted from ancestral Buddhist techniques. Answering everyday preoccupations, this method offers exercises, positions and visualizations enabling the reader to regain vitality, sleep and to struggle ageing. It gathers methods of meditations. 192 pages 12

    13. L’Archipel Fall 2010 Spirituality / Esotericism Gérard Guasch LIVE THE TAO ENERGY – TRADITION & PRACTICE (Vivre l’énergie du Tao – Tradition et Pratique) This book invites us to an inner discovery of the Way of Tao. Gérard Guasch shows how this Way can help us awaken our energy and bring something new to our life. Some of Guasch’s simple breathing, concentration and meditation techniques have been applied for more than 3000 years! 272 pages New Christian Turpin NOSTRADAMUS DECODED (Nostradamus décodé) The most advanced encryption system, created by Nostradamus to encode dates and historical events is about to reveal its secrets. Christian Turpin shows how Nostradamus let clues in his work so that his temporal encryption system could be decoded. A fascinating work by a specialist. 320 pages New Patrice Serres MYSTERIES OF THE ALPHABETIC ORDER (Les mystères de l’ordre alphabétique) Studying alphabet letters and their order – remained the same through centuries – Patrice Serres demonstrates how, from Mediterranean basin to China, agrarian symbols of time measurement have turned into linguistic signs.312 pages Pierre Chavot DICTIONARY OF GODS, SAINTS AND MEN This thorough dictionary analyzes religion terms and names stemming from all religions. 896 pages Corinne Morel THE DICTIONARY OF SYMBOLS, MYTHS & BELIEFS New edition November 2009. 20,000 copies sold. 960 pages RIGHTS SOLD in Italy (Giunti), Russia (Mir Knigi) THE LITTLE BOOK OF… …SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT (Le petit livre du développement durable) by Xavier de Bayser LET’S BE ZEN TOGETHER (Soyez zen à deux) by Erik Pigani THE LITTLE BOOK OF ZEN LOVE (Le petit zen de l’amour) by Flavia Mazelin Salvi Rights sold in Italy (Armenia) THE LITTLE BOOK OF ZEN HAPPINESS (Le petit zen du bonheur) by Erik Pigani Rights sold in Italy (Armenia) THE LITTLE BOOK OF ZEN AT WORK (Le petit zen au travail) by Flavia Mazelin Salvi Rights sold in Italy (Armenia) THE LITTLE BOOK OF ZEN IN THE GARDEN (Le petit zen au jardin) by Erik Pigani A LITTLE BOOK FOR DADDY A LITTLE BOOK FOR MUMMY ZEN DADDY (Papa zen) by Erik Pigani ZEN MUMMY (Maman zen) by Flavia Accorsi THE NAUGHTY LITTLE BOOK (Le petit livre coquin) by Michèle Gato 365 PRECEPTS BY THE DALAI-LAMA Rights sold in Italy (Armenia), Netherlands (ZNU), Brazil (Verus Editora), Castillan (Luciernaga) THE LITTLE BOOK OF PRAYERS (Le petit livre des prières) edited by Gerald Messadié Rights sold in Italy (Armenia), Brazil (Martins Fontes Editora) THE MOST BEAUTIFUL WORDS IN THE BIBLE Rights sold in Italy (Armenia), Brazil (Martins Fontes Editora) THE LITTLE BOOK OF CATHOLIC SAINTS by Bruno Lagrange Rights sold in Italy (Armenia) THE LITTLE BOOK OF CREATIVITY (Le Petit livre de la Créativité) THE LITTLE BOOK OF SUCCESS (Le Petit livre du Succès) by Ronald Mary BE YIN, by Pascale Senk. Rights sold in Italy (Armenia), Netherlands (ZNU) BE YANG, by Erik Pigani. Rights sold in Italy (Armenia), Netherlands (ZNU) BE ZEN, by Erik Pigani. Rights sold in Italy (Armenia) BE FENG-SHUI, by Danielle Semelle. Rights sold in Italy (Armenia) THE LITTLE BOOK OF HELPFUL TIPS (Le petit livre des trucs) STAYING FIT 24/7 (Gym à toute heure) by Christine Reynolds. Text in English available 13

    14. Spirituality - L’Archipel Fall 2010 THE“BIG BOOK OF PROVERBS” SERIES THE BIG BOOK OF PROVERBS FROM INDIA by Patrice Serres and Jean Rémy Foreword by Jean-Claude Carrière THE BIG BOOK OF TIBETAN PROVERBS by Nicolas Tournadre & Françoise Robin 272 pages. 16-page color section. Rights sold in Russia (Eksmo) THE BIG BOOK OF CARRIBEAN PROVERBS by Raphaël Confiant 272 pages. 20 B&W drawings THE BIG BOOK OF AFRICAN PROVERBS Foreword by Ahmadou Kourouma 318 pages. 20 B&W illustrations THE BIG BOOK OF ARABIC PROVERBS by Jean-Jacques Schmidt 304 pages. 32-page colour section with calligraphies THE BIG BOOK OF CHINESE PROVERBS by Patrice Serres 304 pages. RIGHTS SOLD in Italy (Armenia), Portugal (Pergaminho), Russia (Eksmo) THE BIG BOOK OF JEWISH PROVERBS edited by Victor Malka 272 pages. 32-page color section. RIGHTS SOLD in Slovakia (Ikar), Russia (Eksmo) • SERIES “PRECEPTS OF LIFE” • RUSSIAN WISDOM LIFE PRECETS (Préceptes de vie issus de la sagesse russe) • LIFE’S PRECEPTS OF GREEK PHILOSOPHERS (Préceptes de vie des philosophes grecs) • LIFE PRECEPTS FROM DRUIDIC WISDOM (Préceptes de vie de la sagesse druidique) • Rights sold in Germany (dtv) • CONFUCIUS’ LIFE PRINCIPLES (Préceptes de vie de Confucius) • Rights sold in Russia (Eksmo), Italy (Armenia) • NOBEL PRIZE WINNERS’ WORDS OF PEACE (Paroles de Paix des Prix Nobel) • foreword by Elie Wiesel • Rights sold in Germany (dtv), Portugal (Pergaminho), Italy (Il Punto d'Incontro), Russia (Eksmo) • THE DALAI-LAMA’S PRECEPTS OF LIFE (Préceptes de vie du Dalaï-Lama) • Rights sold in Portugal (Pergaminho), Korea (Ire Publishing), Brazil (Record), Italy (Armenia), Spain (Diagonal), Russia (Eksmo), Latvia (Zvaigzne ABC) • ABBÉ PIERRE’S PRECEPTS OF LIFE (Préceptes de vie de l’Abbé Pierre) • GANDHI’S LIFE PRINCIPLES (Préceptes de vie du Mahatma Gandhi) • Rights sold in Portugal (Pergaminho), Germany (dtv), Spain (Diagonal), Italy (Oscar Mondadori), Korea (Ire Publishing), Czech Republic (Triton) • JEWISH WISDOM LIFE PRECEPTS (Préceptes de vie issus de la sagesse juive) • Rights sold in Germany (dtv), Portugal (Pergaminho), Korea (Ire Publishing), Brazil (Record), Latvia (Zvaigzne ABC) • AMERINDIAN WISDOM PRECEPTS (Préceptes de vie issus de la sagesse amérindienne) • Rights sold in Bulgaria (Miriam), Germany (dtv), Portugal (Pergaminho), Korea (Ire Publishing) • BUDDHIST PRECEPTS OF LIFE (Préceptes de vie) by Dugpa Rimpoché • Rights sold in Italy (Oscar Mondadori), Bulgaria (Miriam), Germany (dtv), Portugal (Pergaminho), Korea (Ire Publishing), Spain (Diagonal), Russia (Eksmo), Latvia (Zvaigzne ABC) New New FORTHCOMING BOOKS (January 2011) MAGHREB : THE BETRAYED REVOLUTIONS by Martine Gozlan TOWARDS A CHEMICAL AND BACTERIOLOGICAL WARFARE? by Daniel Riche & Patrick Binder THE SEVEN KEYS TO LEADERSHIP by Philippe Wattier HOW TO LIVE YOUR LIFE FULLY THANKS TO MEDITATION by Nathalie Ferron 14

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