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Supergal Electronics Private Limited Mumbai, INDIA . Presents. First time in Computer Technology which is a 100% Interactive computer program for a practice . Paperless Electronic Notepad.

I am the owner, or an agent authorized to act on behalf of the owner, of the copyrighted work described.
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First time in

Computer Technology

which is a 100% Interactive computer program for a practice


Paperless Electronic Notepad

One of the most innovative and effective Computer Program, for practicing Math in English / Marathi / Hindi / Gujrathi language


Follow the steps given in the presentation and get the real experience of,

Paperless Electronic Notepadwith mathematical tools, signs, symbols and operators.


Step 1 :

Run you EngNP_Senior application file from your downloaded zip file


Run a file EngNP_Senior.exe from the CD to start :


Step 2:Read all the instructions and start working. You may use the trial version software using register later button for using 10 times.


After getting the Verification code number please type the number in the empty box and Click on the Button Verify Number to run the Notepad.

Dial the telephone Numbers or Email for getting the Verification Code Number :

Email on or

Tel. No. 91 (022) 23802634 (Mumbai, India )

or 91 (022) 66311536 (Mumbai, India )


Step 3 :

First, understand How to use the CD. Then click on Interactive Practice and get acquainted with the lessons. Last, start using Continue to use the notepad. Best of luck for using Notepad to make a good practice for solving examples.

menu bar similar to other programs

Step 4:

This is a screen of a notepad as similar as paper notebook. With the help various tools and signs, any one can make really a good practice of math on this notepad. Really thousands of examples can be solved here.

Menu bar similar to other programs.

Step 5 :

View menu contains Tool Box1,Tool Box 2, Lines and Graph paper. Tool box contains various tools, signs and operators. Use them and start solving the examples, no matter for any mistakes. It’s a paperless electronic notepad which is for practice with graph pages.


The buttons are shown at the bottom of the screen. You may add 2 pages. See at the right side of the screen. On the screen the Toolboxes, Graph paper and Button box are shown. A plain paper is also available if required.


On screen a English language standard key board is seen. At a time two keyboards are made available for typing text while for English version there is only one keyboard.


Various music tunes are made available for students to listen as an background music. You may stop it, if not required. You may use any of the tunes as per choice or download the music files...


In a fun zone there are games, animations and tricks. The Stop watch and Conversation utility helps in solving the examples. Students can get relaxation playing games, animation tricks and play Piano.


The Help is available in English as well as local languages also. If you have a problem just click on help menu and get help. Few comments are shown for information.


Here all the Geometrical tools are shown. Every student can use these tools very easily. Printing facility is also available for printing any pages and can be shown to teacher / miss / parents.


See few examples. To practice on this paperless notepad is very easy and no expenses for papers, Compass box etc. Start using as your real notepad but using computer keyboard, math tools, signs, operators with mouse.


See this example.

A ruler is rotated and protractor is used for an angle 50 degree.


One more example. A triangle is drawn and an angle is calculated. Various examples of Geometry, Algebra as well as Arithmetic can be practice on this paperless electronic notepad.


We are sure this notepad must have really boosted your interest in getting good marks.

But of course practice, practice and practice is the only solution to get 100 out of 100 marks in mathematics.

So start practicing by using this innovative paperless electronic notepad.


For more details, Write to us,

Supergal Electronics Pvt. Ltd.,

162/A, Mohan Building,

Ground floor, J. S. S. Road,

Mumbai 400 004


Email Nos. or

Tel. No. 91 (022) 23802634

91 (022) 66311536


Thank you

for viewing our presentation and giving your valuable time.

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