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    Slide 1: Personalism

    Dr. Robert Imperato Saint Leo University

    Slide 2:Personalism

    One of the special developments of Christian history is personalism Spirituality has long embraced the notion of the human person as image of God

    Slide 3:Personalism

    Catholic moral theology sees the dignity of the human person at the center of its teaching Catholic dogma uses person to describe God, Christ and Trinitarian teaching

    Slide 4:Personalism and Christian Spirituality

    Image of God in early Christian thought sees humans as imaging God through free will and/or through the capacity to reflect

    Slide 5:Personalism and Christian Spirituality

    Early Christian thought (e.g., Clement of Alexandria) distinguished between image of God which is unchanging and likeness to God which is lost through sin but regained through the grace of Christ and human cooperation

    Slide 6:Thomas Merton and Personalism

    Merton focuses on person as image of God as deeper self that people ignore while attempting to live out a superficial identity Person for Merton is image of God, founded upon Godís creative and sustaining love

    Slide 7:Psychological and Theological Identities

    Psychological identity is who one thinks one is Derives from interaction with others

    Slide 8:Psychological and Theological Identities

    Theological identity is who one is in relation to God Awareness of Godís unconditional love contributes to this Person exists independent of having done or having failed to do anything

    Slide 9:Spiritual Goal

    The work of prayer or meditation is to allow oneís sense of self to be informed by oneís relationship with God This is to ground self awareness in a source of unconditional affirmation

    Slide 10:Prayer

    Prayer or meditation or contemplation include Speaking to God Listening to God, oneís interiority, other people, Scripture, etc. Being with God without any need to ask for anything

    Slide 11:Techniques of Prayer

    Spiritual reading of Scripture or other spiritual books Repetitive prayer, of whatever type, within Christian tradition involves An expression of relationship A quieting of the mind

    Slide 12:Communal Prayer

    Liturgy of the hours is communal recitation of psalms and other prayers This derives from Jewish practice Psalms may express oneís own experience and/or the experience of Jesus, e.g., Psalm 22

    Slide 13:Eucharist

    Eucharist is a prayer that remembers the death and resurrection of Jesus in order to give people a sense of participation in the dying and rising of Jesus