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Pioneer Gravy Media Plan PowerPoint Presentation
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Pioneer Gravy Media Plan

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Pioneer Gravy Media Plan - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Kate Bingham, Rachel Fisher, Amanda Kline, Becky Acker . Pioneer Gravy Media Plan. The Product. Pioneer old-fashioned country gravy mix. Offers “the advantages of a savory taste and aroma, scratch made quality, superb consistency, simple add water only preparation, and menu versatility.”.

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Pioneer Gravy Media Plan

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the product
The Product
  • Pioneer old-fashioned country gravy mix.
  • Offers “the advantages of a savory taste and aroma, scratch made quality, superb consistency, simple add water only preparation, and menu versatility.”
about the client
About the Client.…
  • C.H. Guenther & Son Inc., was founded 150 years ago in San Antonio, Texas
  • They treat each product with family respect, demonstrated in great products from trusted brands like Pioneer
about pioneer
About Pioneer
  • Pioneer’s tagline was once “Making life easier since 1851.”
  • They called their products “easy to prepare mixes for creating hearty home-style baked goods and gravies. Products help busy cooks prepare a meal they can be proud of without spending the day in the kitchen.”
competition for gravy mix
Competition for Gravy Mix
  • Other types of gravy bases: granular, frozen, liquids, powder.
  • Top producers of dry mix are: Heinz, Kitchen Bouquet, Knorr, and Pepperidge Farms.
  • Boston Market liquid gravy is a top competitor.
media objectives
Media Objectives…
  • To deliver to a target audience of women ages 24-44, who attended college and have a household income of $50,000 – 75,000. These women are married and have one or more children, and hold either full or part-time jobs.
  • To provide base advertising nationally with additional local newspaper advertising placed in areas with the greatest opportunity for sales (the West, West Central, and Southeast regions of the United States) as researched with MRI data.
objectives continued
Objectives Continued…
  • To deliver advertising over a six month period, with special emphasis on periods where there is an increase in the consumption of gravy in line with past sales history (the holiday seasons: around Thanksgiving, the end of December.)
  • To obtain a reach of 58 and a frequency of 8.7 nationally.
  • To obtain a reach of 67 and frequency of 10.4 in specific local areas.
media strategy
Media Strategy…
  • Our target consumer is practical, married and has children. Between work and family, this consumer has a very busy lifestyle and is always looking for fast and easy-to-make meals for her family. Considering the target characteristics, we found the best media to reach our target are:
advertising media
Advertising Media…
  • Network TV-Evening: We would advertise in the evening during the news and prime time hours when the working mother is home, and trying to think of quick and easy meals for the rest of the week.
  • Cable TV-Prime Time: We would specifically focus on women-

oriented vehicles in the evening

hours when the women are at

home and watching TV.

advertising media10
Advertising Media…

Women’s Magazines:Women’s magazines would be an effective way to advertise for Pioneer Gravy because they are specifically targeted to our primary audience. They also are very portable. Women can read it at the gym, or while waiting to pick up their child from school. Magazines also have a high RPC (readers per copy).

advertising media11
Advertising Media…
  • Local Newspapers: This would be a good opportunity to include FSI’s (free standing inserts)

such as coupons, and our

co-op promotion for the


vehicle selection
Vehicle Selection…
  • Cable TV:

-Touched By an Angel


-Everybody Loves Raymond

-Will & Grace

  • Network Prime Time:

-Judging Amy

  • Network News :




vehicle selection13
Vehicle Selection…

Magazines :

-Working Mother

-Easy Home Cooking

-Women’s Day

-Family Circle

target regions
Target Regions…
  • West:

- California

  • West Central:


  • Southeastern:

-North Carolina, Virginia, and Georgia

vehicle selection15
Vehicle Selection…
  • Newspapers:
  • L.A. Times
  • Richmond Times Dispatch
  • Charlotte Observer
  • Arizona Republic
  • Atlanta Journal Constitution
budget distribution
Budget Distribution
  • Newspaper Cost: $ 3,642,487
  • Cable Cost : $ 1,990,984
  • Network TV Cost: $ 1,973,702
  • Magazine Cost: $ 2,642,500

Total Cost: $ 10, 249, 674

efficiency of the plan
Efficiency of the Plan…
  • Total GRP’s117
  • GRP’s

(without Newspapers): 84

  • Total Reach 67
  • Reach

(without Newspapers) 58

  • Total Frequency 10.7
  • Frequency

(without Newspapers)8.7