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Moving to your new computer PowerPoint Presentation
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Moving to your new computer

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Moving to your new computer - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Moving to your new computer

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  1. Moving to your new computer Vic Fascio Technology Learning Center for ITS CCSF Technology Learning Center:

  2. What we’ll cover • Clearing your space • Preserving Docs and settings • What ITS will do • What you should preserve • Files • What you may want to preserve • Favorites / Bookmarks • Address books • Other stuff on your hard disk CCSF Technology Learning Center:

  3. Space: What’s arriving • Mid-sized tower case (can stand on or desk or floor) • Flat-panel displays • Only a few inches thick • Light and movable • Keyboard and mouse • Square footage:27” or so feet on each side CCSF Technology Learning Center:

  4. Helping to clear • Staff must be able to place new system • Will remove old computer/monitor • Place machine in area marked with your note • Will not: • Move files, personal effects • Sort through papers CCSF Technology Learning Center:

  5. Clear space • Clear space around present computerOR Clear space for your new computer • Space requirements: 27” - 3 feet square 27”-3’ 27”-3’ CCSF Technology Learning Center:

  6. Clear computer/monitor • Many of us use the computer as • Bookcase • Bulletin board • Curio cabinet • Meal tray • Key holder CCSF Technology Learning Center:

  7. A little cleanup… • Housekeeping • Clear space for/around the computer • Clear off your computer • Speeds up delivery • Organizes your space • Shows consideration for rollout staff CCSF Technology Learning Center:

  8. Why clear your space? • No Cleanup = No Computer • Your materials are too valuable for ITS staff to move • If space is not clearstaff will bypass your desk CCSF Technology Learning Center:

  9. Clarify placement • Tape your computer deployment notification note to the space where you want the computer CCSF Technology Learning Center:

  10. Electrical Power • Each computer comes with a surge protector • Requirements • One active 3-prong plug • Within 6-8 feet of computer location CCSF Technology Learning Center:

  11. Power Problems? • No 3 prong Outlet? • Outlet too far away? • Power overloaded? • Call Buildings and Grounds for work order: 239-3898 CCSF Technology Learning Center:

  12. Summary: Clearing your space Be Prepared! • Clear 27”- 3’ square desk spaceYour papers are too valuable for us to move!! • Remove stuff from computer and monitor • Check on 3 prong outlet 6 feet from computer location • Alert Buildings and Grounds to power problems well ahead of time • Leave note to clarify computer placement Thanks! CCSF Technology Learning Center:

  13. Moving documents and settings • What ITS will do • Move My Documents to Old My Documents on your new computer • Remove your old computer • What you should do • Move anything you want to keep into My Documents • Help documents will be available on the Web for all these areas, off the TLC Web site: CCSF Technology Learning Center:

  14. Documents • Move or copy files into My Documents for ITS to back up for you • OR: Back up your documents onto your own disks • Tips • Move entire folders from other locations • Most My Documents folder will fit on a Zip disk • Don’t wait until the last minute! CCSF Technology Learning Center:

  15. Favorites / Bookmarks • Saved URLs in Internet Explorer and Netscape • Easy to export to a file • Copy into My Documents or your own disk CCSF Technology Learning Center:

  16. Address Books • Address books problematic • Web sites available foradvice (see Word Doc) • Rekeying may be necessary…. • BUT: New Email has a drag-and-drop database for CCSF folks: Point and click to create new addresses and groups CCSF Technology Learning Center:

  17. Address Books: Printing • For outside addresses in your old address book, protect yourself by printing everything out • In pine, go to the Address book and hit % to print to a UNIX printer. You’ll have to print all groups individually with the % command. • Most other address books have a Print entry on the File menu • If not (as in Netscape 4.7x), try File > Export to save the address book as a file • Choose .csv (comma-delimited) • .csv files open in Excel • If not .csv: try tab delimited (can open in Notepad) CCSF Technology Learning Center:

  18. Other settings • C:\Program Files\Netscape\Users holds Netscape settings and mail • If you have Netscape Mail on your Hard Disk, copy this folder to My Documents • Saves settings for multiple users CCSF Technology Learning Center:

  19. Pine email and the fog server • Fog will continue to be available • Pine email overseen by system administrators • Netscape or Outlook IMAP setup keeps mail on server CCSF Technology Learning Center:

  20. Oops! • If you find you’ve forgotten something… • You’ll have a 1 week window to get back to your old PC • Check documents soon on yournew computer CCSF Technology Learning Center:

  21. Summary • ITS saves My Documents to Old My Documents on new computer • Copy everything you want ITS to save to My Documents • Backup anything you want on your own disks • Things to consider: • Files not in My Documents • Bookmarks / Favorites • Email CCSF Technology Learning Center: