montgomery county fire rescue services l.
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Montgomery County Fire Rescue Services

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Montgomery County Fire Rescue Services - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Montgomery County Fire Rescue Services. MAB Safety and Stretcher Improvements. Padding was added to support struts and stretcher slide next to 3 attendant seats. Padding was added to side of storage cabinet next to seating.

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montgomery county fire rescue services

Montgomery County Fire Rescue Services

MAB Safety and Stretcher Improvements

A panel and padding will be added to prevent possible injury from striking the oxygen liter flow valves

This will also reduce the potential for an oxygen leak from breaking off the liter flow connection during a collision

Panel and padding will be added here

removable rear door head protection aka the bo bump
Removable Rear DoorHead Protectionaka The “Bo Bump”

Held in place by velcro on inside and outside


When using a external electrical source for lighting and/or AC/Heat, the battery charger should also be plugged in to prevent potential battery drain

50 Amp shoreline connector

Battery Charger Connector

External 3 prong twist Electrical Source (1 of 4)

stretcher improvements
Stretcher Improvements

1” Tubing that is ¼” thick and goes completely around the frame of stretcher

Slide adjustment is provided to allow for stretcher flex or bays and slides being out of square

stretcher improvements9
Stretcher Improvements

Stretcher flex when weight is added has been significantly reduced by eliminating the hinge and increasing the tubing thickness to ¼”

Old flex with weight was 3” or greater and new flex is ½” to 1” with 250lb. patient

Cot is still rated at 350 lbs. maximum

curtain for front of the bus
Curtain for front of the bus

This helps eliminate the glare that is caused by the fluorescent lights at night.

The secondary advantage is it can be closed to prevent the media from filming patients inside the bus from the front.