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Mobile Multimedia Applications

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Mobile Multimedia Applications. The information about Nokia Mobile Phones is from the talk Market and Technology Fundamentals for Multi Media Services by Timo Toikkanen at the VIEW Technology Workshop, Hong Kong , August 2002. Wireless Futures. Internet supports e-commerce

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mobile multimedia applications

Mobile Multimedia Applications

The information about Nokia Mobile Phonesis from the talk

Market and Technology Fundamentals for Multi Media ServicesbyTimo Toikkanenat the VIEW Technology Workshop,

Hong Kong, August 2002

wireless futures
Wireless Futures
  • Internet supports e-commerce
  • Wireless Internet will support m-commerce
    • Normal in a few years
  • M-commerce is facilitated by high-rate GSM-like service
    • GPRS/HSCSD (Hi Speed Circuit Switched Data) with a of bitrate 144kbps
  • Need higher bitrate (4G) to avoid the World Wide Wait
  • Mobile palmtop device will be dominant
    • Always internet linked, no distinction between mobile and fixed office
4g networks
4G Networks?
  • Bandwidth of 100Mbit/s
  • Due 2006 – 2010
  • But: Too many 3G standards now, slows development
  • Permanent internet connection (IPv6 address) while mobile
  • All digital, packet switched, with tight security
  • Extends 3G by >10x
  • Not backwards compatible
  • Enables full interactive video services
mobile multimedia computing requires
Mobile Multimedia Computing Requires
  • Powerful multimedia handsets with fast CPUs, bluetooth earpiece, camera, wireless pen
    • Speech recognition, handwriting recognition
  • LCD displays or projection to spectacles
  • More battery power (longer battery life)
    • Energy from shoe by walking
    • Body heat from clothing
video for wireless multimedia
Video for wireless multimedia
  • Quarter size video 10 fps encoded at 20 – 500 kbps requires transmission capacity of 2 - 50 voice conversations
  • Full size video at 30 fps requires 32 GSM channels
  • The World Wide Wait is coming!
wireless multimedia
Wireless & Multimedia

Video Transmission over wireless channels

Video Compression for wireless channels

Video Streaming over wireless channels

Pre and Post Processing techniques for Error Resiliency & Error Concealment

QoS (Quality of Service) in wireless multimedia

Media-Processors in wireless applications and IP Networks

universal access
Universal Access

Any information

Any network

Any device

what is 3g
What is 3G?

3G wireless technology is a global communication technology based on packet-based transmission of digitized voice, data, and video.

It includes multiple competing wireless technologies like

    • Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA) 2000,
    • Universal Mobile Telecommunications Service (UMTS), and
    • wideband CDMA (WCDMA) are found.

3G is capable of delivering data transmission speeds of

  • 144K bit/sec inside a moving vehicle,
  • 384K bit/sec standing or walking, and
  • 2M bit/sec in a fixed location, using packet-based rather than circuit switched technology and permitting global roaming.
all those gs 1g 2g 2 5g 3g
All those Gs: 1G, 2G, 2.5G, 3G
  • 1G: First generation cellular phone technology,
    • analog, Advanced Mobile Phone Service (AMPS)
  • 2G: Second Generation digital technology, voice centric,
  • 2.5G: Second Generation with upgrades for speed, packet focus (e.g. GPRS layered on top of GSM)
    • Data rates from 56 up to 114 Kbps
  • 3G: Third generation, data centric, packet based optimized for high bandwidth, WCDMA and UMTS
what 3g networks mean to the consumer
What 3G Networks mean to the Consumer
  • 3G is video conferencing in a taxi
  • 3G is singing karaoke in a bus
  • 3G is sending images straight from the field to headquarters for analysis
  • 3G is sharing your Japan vocation with your friends from Hong Kong
  • 3G is playing a multi-user role playing game on the bus to work

A New Language of Cell Phones- from 'listen to what I say' to 'see what I mean'

  • Imaging is the next phase of mobile communication evolution
  • Magnitude of appeal parallel to that of mobile voice
  • Imaging is the major catalyst for MMS

At the end of 2002, about half of Nokia mobile phone delivery volumes will be MMS enabled

In 2003, a majority of all new Nokia terminals will have MMS capability

short messaging service sms
Short Messaging Service (SMS)

SMS a service for sending messages of up to 160 characters (224 characters if using a 5-bit mode) to mobile phones that use Global System for Mobile (GSM) communication.

Primarily used in Europe and Asia.

Can be sent to digital phones from a Web site equipped with PC Link or from one digital phone to another.

Typical uses of SMS include:

  • Notifying a mobile phone owner of a voicemail message
  • Notifying a salesperson of an inquiry and contact to call
  • Notifying a doctor of a patient with an emergency problem
  • Notifying a service person of the time and place of their next call
  • Notifying a driver of the address of the next pickup

An SMS gateway is a Web site that lets you enter an SMS message to someone within the cell served by that gateway or that acts as an international gateway for users with roaming capability.

multimedia messaging services
Multimedia Messaging Services

Messaging interface

Photo album

MMS message

MMS delivery

All messaging services including SMS, MMS & e-mail collected under one application

Pictures can be stored in the photo album

MMS messaging can combine text, pictures and audio

The address formats supported are global phone numbers and simple e-mail addresses

learning the sms lesson what is needed for a fast mobile service growth







Easeof Use




& legacy


Learning the SMS lessonWhat is needed for a fast mobile service growth

Widespread adoption of a common and easy to use application

  • creates a big unified market
  • … and a platform
  • feeds its own growth
  • everyone profits
convenient charging model for mms
Convenient Charging Model for MMS
  • It is predicted that MMS charging model follows the one of the existing SMS.
  • This enables secure, familiar and low risk charging from end-user perspective.
  • Preferred billing model: "Sender pays all costs"
  • However MMS supports various charging models, but changes to SMS charging model should be implemented only after a thorough analysis of the effects on the end user behavior.
mms interoperability
MMS Interoperability
  • Ensure MMS interoperability between terminals and network equipment from different manufacturers
  • Allow smooth take-off of MMS
  • Key tasks include
    • facilitation and co-ordination of MMS interoperability testing
    • problem solving and sharing of information regarding findings
  • In addition to following the complete specifications, agree on a minimum subset of features that MMS equipment will support
3 key trends in mobile user i nterfaces
3 key trends in mobile user interfaces

Large color screens –

Evolution of mobile communication from ears to eyes, from voice to imaging

Powerful navigation solutions –

The crucial ergonomics to make advanced functionality easy to use

3rd party SW and content(MMS, Java, XHTML)–

Open platforms and technologies enable developers and consumers to add new functionalities to devices - and unleash collective innovation

nokia user int erface series all available during 2002
Nokia User Interface seriesAll available during 2002

Series 30

Series 40

Series 60

Series 80

Cost driven


Size driven



One-hand operated feature Platform

Two-hand operated feature platform

176 x 208

96 x 65

128 x 128

640 x 200




Nokia OS




Nokia OS




Symbian OS


Personal Java


Symbian OS

comparison of nokia mms phones
Comparison of Nokia MMS Phones